How to read Atlantean

   Most true Atleantian is glyphs ar early sigils or energy focused glyphs that represent what they mean without meaning as their glyphs whereas its spoken counterpart is old Latin is unreadable, this I think is used for sea elven. This is explained in the atleantian dictionary which is here. The burrows otherwise the hollows that they dug in the earth then they that they were places, were revealed by the energy and none knew this place resembles except the walls are gold. Its a fact that they are now relocated from that when their ideal was in use with their atleantian source of energy. Once I learned about it I said all about liches then I was free. Then made my way from their place never to return to the desolated or abandoned places I visited on earth including what portrays more of their history or pictures. For a atleantian prince that is amazing. So let time then go on.

   For some as you are unaware, the dictionary or use made is not human biomass which is human energy or body mass or flab energy. Misused for the animation movie is what you can say is created language yet they can exist or have what I call exists or existing people or beings that exist by free will as some alternative. That is te 13th dimension by nightmare "cacthing" known as they were, as tough is though a pile of dust on idea to destroy by disentegrative point. As a creeper or the creator activity that is what made you aware there is their religions. This is more accurate understood as arts to attack or use things with at as there is no good or evil there is only the sometime known ideal.

  The symbolism is what is created meaning by the creation that is there. I think to read the other unspoken runes and no gestures used, unless not observed by those you wanted to see something this was all false to begin with to my senses so I thought something more primitive. Then freed myself from the control spell set by a group that despised me for my work so I think I know was all I said then my words began to change. Then I thought back to my moment that I think was there then my subconscious created that instead of what the group wanted me to see. The statement would be So I think I know what is there or what this is about, I think you are aware if you are aware, learning as your awareness is in learning alpha mode. So think to look as you sense whats there by feel or ideal expressed, otherwise you think then you know what is there by what you drink.

  So I think I escaped from the now prison atlantis, so I can look at ancient druidic sign language with the point that the thief language document is what shows a different variety of speech. So if you read the glyphs, you would understand the warnings or area writing that this exists in different forms different places. If you want to try to interpret the symbols when you see the glyphs at least in your mind as thought on a wall, think of the action or activity then the relation feel with your mind to see as you are capable what is there with your heart and gut to translate. Allow the meaning to come clear to you after meditation. Some won't believe because hillucinations are hallicination by a hill of beans or energy with smoke inhalation that is hard to the body by plastic burning or cigarettes, you make it hard so think to understand it, think it not too difficult, find a similarity and pattern in it by feel, then try to understand it by a use or by what it is that you sense.

  As this is thought with the point as I saw things to make this idea easier to understand, I went and tried to say and think "translatio" or "translet" while thinking of the idea to translate and when doing so the meaning became clear, then is the point if you say this the meaning will be clearer. This is spell is used to translate any language to an understood one. Some glyphs are: a bird in flight means migration or mass movement, movement or move by area activity.  An upright bird in white, surrounded by a circle means to be everlasting peace. An upward white bird means peace. This is what you think by now not what you consider with life, that I think so I went aboard an atleantian ship in my mind then I think I discovered I was back in my body but I left a body behind.

  The similar symbols that match everlasting peace are the same meaning, like an upward Y with a middle line thru it and circle surrounding meaning peace with undestructive intentions. The downward pointed Y with a line through things that are done, seen with a peaceful intent and a circle means surrounding. Mayan means peace with so Mayene is known as destructive. This I think is the point I translated across the area then made my escape from atlantis in the area called the burrows that is now gone.

  Mayeria seems as destructive is not incest, intention and Odin by devisings or Vulcan disturbing by idea that is crease or make. See as your able to understand this idea you can create, Gul'eam is the god there by torment or feel to not reveal is by thought spoken or creative in feel is creature in the area.As your anility is assault your ably use in your, ability to energy creates by disadvantage. This I think is the point that exists for some yet is ignored or dismissed by many because of the childish nature so bear with it.

  Terese Willians "Witherspoon" from 1912 created this idea to what you say, as feel is focus he got what he wanted as height noting by notoriety. Non worship came to them as energy, so they could claim the energy with use by the creator Mayena. Dead by a bug spider bite, wrenched free by a victim of concept to pulled air from uder a car that use caused by a forest of nean the grove. That is imagination with dead yet alive trees from "Mayene" energy, called once to aim or create with love to Druids. Creature is kreature that is the better feel for better as though "teppercorn tepperborn teppermorn" ably done idea, so what you see what you say is what you find by what use there is by idea.

   Seyan "Seiya" Anne that is Sega Maeria thought, though if done as a meaning to due or the create change ideal is what you feel. The Mayene rightward spiral means change, by idea adaption or seeming similar meanings. The Buyar leftward spiral is chaos by thinking a different meaning with energy different but energy consists as you want, Caos is a failure, thought  by destruction, an idea unusal in size but nothing interesting is disturbance. Put a place circle around the area or use some leftward spiral and you get a singularity as Maiyer or black hole as it means channeled void. A twisted together line or vine in two places is menace or  bind, genetic makeup or body in which allows symbolizing a body change. A twisted together thought in line wait in one place means twist, change, notorious or twisted by meanness as changed by Egwene "Egwene Egal Maencrae". The four elements with the alternate elements are the other element that exists things for the use.

  A Debora rightward spiral with Diagno right angle line means Able make. An arm or line at a right angle means by right arm or means strength. A circle surrounding any picture means neverend, shield. A circle by itself means circle, cycle or  pattern. There is no true translation except the feeling  you get from it with intuition.  The best way to get an accurate translation is to get  a  consensus. Better the meaning will be clear, with more minds to see. This is the idea of Atlantian history at More runes are at

Some glyphs I remembered:

Change, Adaption or puddle

A failure, Of destruction, Chaos, Disturbance or a puddle

Peace or Cease

  Peace with undestructive measures, seen is ideal or use isn't intruded upon noticed

Migration, Movement free, Move free

Everlasting peace
Not in forbidden use

  Bind not seen if dismissing this use is not gone, seeing the use is seeing by idea. Seeable genetic makeup as feel, sight with focus by body use is focus. Seeing sight is creative issue or focus if there is a use. This sigil uses things that are ignoring the purpose yet focus creates the point.

  A thought twist with change is thought feel or idea, thought to create is useful idea in idea by use idea. Change by things already in done, so you see if notoriety is create by thought this is wrong not right or by incisive thought not in feel. Notorious in light or wreck your hands seen by feel, so try to repair what you see is better the area you are interacting is represented. So you see yet write you are, sane to the body so think not cause the mind to go sane not insane are writing acting you are insane. So when you try to act or use the techniques, your insane if corrupted by body area. That is what this rune or sigil does.


  Right arm, Protective created strength as you draw it, as might be considered is what you think. That as the area is by use creates now that is energy to cause, you to seem as you want when you think to see or seem as you thought.

Make or Maien
The Maiden

  Correction is the point not to make is the proven condition, area you see as thought you realize is use as unaffection to you. As you end up working with, as you are what you feel in the end as unaffected.

  See ye are as you seem in life your not there, as if you realize what is there you see or feel what you realize. This works with te wrong or right thing to create, the right moment as you see the use. See now or later as your energy is energy by incredible scope.

  That as this may be if the different meanings in change, as you say not a number per different times. This can be seen as unobserved area energy. Demon self idea is conceit to in activity "Mauedir", as you fix attacker by idea in feel by idea. That is their way to say your wrong.

  As in were in if your not in were allowable. As if thought questioning. That is the danger of thinking, as tea sigil is creative use for what. You realize unrealized in unrealized moments, because this works on an uncondition or then. This can get you as you are awake, you are aware as immunity.

The four elements

  The 4 elements are rarely seen except when you think to see them. Na is Earth or trust, Ma is Water or flow, Shi is Fire or surrender, Va is Air or faith. If I may I will use sky as Ya for space. These are the sounds of the elements as es or val, is, me, en, em or earth, water, fire, air, space. Amongst their interchanges are mixtures such as mud along with a different element seeming ice or water with cold airflow, gravity otherwise air earth, air fire or heat, fire water thats steam due to fire or heat that doesn't quit till it goes out, some lava or earth fire.

  Due note: Faith is simply the acknowledgement that there is something vaster than your individuated aspect of self. Trust is the belief that not only is there something bigger than you or what you have, that bigger something has your back. These five elements operate with each other & transform to another element. Two stones which are earth element, when create friction ignite fire. Water put on this fire will transform seen with use to air. The space or sink is where this occurs. There is a sound or shape for each element in nature by you or by your feel.