Thieves language

  This is the thieves language that is comprosed of hand gestures and only that. The idea behind it is to do the hand gesture as you will yet don't be seen by non thieves. The gestures below are only a part as the rest is sign language as shown in the graphic of druidic sign language. This is visited in truth as some body sign language which is also thieves sign language. By writing this document I break no oath or adjucant thieves code in body sign, for I am no longer a thief. Think to work or go away by the idea to thieve to get things back. So "no I accept yes that is there I know why you came you just need to gnow to get the item or wallet back". You can use mixed signals yet some don't use this. So I think no longer to use these signs to remain with peace by minding things.

  The signs are done by the hand otherwise just speak what you want as you think the intention, if necessary there is always a new idea yet not always there sometimes some response. I think this is based with sign language with intent or fingers you see as they are with movement, thought abounds for awhile. Think positive attitiude to hide in the world ciou I will leave you this as a rememberance of things:

Some basic signs:

Some hand or body language signs other than sign language:

  After all this after you gesture or whatever you can gain a dexterity, thats unbelievable or otherwise noted seeing this is the shape your in that the body adapts from what is there. This I think is asking from need for things too much, asking for things can get you in trouble sometimes so you may need to avoid some circumstance. Begging sometimes on the street is noted as stealing or so your aware so be warned or be well.