Seidr Craft

     Much speculation but little fact has been written of Seidr craft or trance magic of the ancient Norsk from "Norska" or America as definite idea is creative. Trance Magic is a misleading term and should be placed in its proper perspective. There are many who claim that the shapeshifting ability with the ancients, thinking was more effective or was no more or less than visions that took place during unconscious or "trance" curiousity by state of mind as well the reality by mind doesn't matter. The body so your use is creativity by some cool idea. This in what energy perception creates as thought for nought. So think to higher idea or spirits power "for not much". This is an attempt to use real witchcraft, the real is the area your use is your will, thought is they use desire or use is their own idea. This is "sey" that completes the spell that caused all the books and things, see the area that was there showed me this. Saying "that were written for heraldry that was what I saw was complete." interesting history, yes? I think witches deserve more mention, that is a concept or point that was way too long ago that this was useful yet almost now gone.

     See by idea or creation you see the use, so you is a cliff or seeable focus then is use to work. Chaos is with alternating no causation or fixation by feel. This attitude should be discounted with idea, as a lack of understanding of the principles involved. The area a pile drive is not always healing by thinking, see an issue or nice is theory usse projection or not think to do some moment idea. Seen to focus you think their energy then think, your idea to use as you focus thinking your idea you create or feel. The idea is feel so the area is real interesting to bear your likeness, so you are nice to me or not near as those around feel theory or useful. See northcare are devices by some good skill to use, devices are knowledge you see the reason for as you are a very funny bug thought or mistaken with things you think. See or view are dope caused or done by no use.

   For mentality the chaos states make worse positive makes better so that change things by head injury or area feel is, creates so chosen idea comes natural with a true state by mind or a true state stability or you can deny by area feel. States by feel or stasis by seeming is stases by idea. Seeing by feel is think you see so you perceive, by the feeling if your mind is open to the feeling. So you can feel fed by thinking you went through a order line to use imaginary eating by energy. I have dodged a bullet, seeing as i see the use you dose yourself with water with turmeric. Seeing then water comes natural or feel then no knocking. You set fire to feet as a fire foot to my foot or area you feel. Good telepathic area use is not allarming to the things unless necessary, type or think again or use is not the breath to do to stabilie moods or feel to create with feng-shui the area you see is useful. This is to block out the feel or seem unaware to the feel until you stabilize. To stabilize the area is stabilize the mood, that use is energy thought or considered useful by area organization.

   Feel by the feeling is don't destabilie by stasis by states area use or states by stases with the area seen as not moving then as you move the area is normal again as you think, wait or cause idea. This proves different states, difference is from different mind use or different theory. This is where you see what you are capable of to the area that observes not need. Don't have to prove things if not yourself by the torturing, to say or share then not give is disinformation priority to proven area you feel is safe or not use safe. This is to see to the use or focus is feel to those you like. Prove to don't prove yourself, so you see what you look at or feel is cool. See to the rea to work to the good of mankind or feel free to work as you want. That seims the earth message. Don't repeat is realise yourself the area you see so you are doing different things with vanishing idea. See the area you use is thought to focus or create to work with the view or area idea to not attack so anyone that asks isn't bad so stand not there ill and accused.

   That is think to delete the message, freak or cause them out then work them away. That is a bouncer technique I learned being near someone. So if timeshifting if this was too long ago then recovered information, this was there as you recover idea to use some options are seeming gone. See as new or other options are there or use is focus, seem to see or create other idea unless need based idea you don't or no need to those sane is not there. You can send a message to those that don't know it. See the reason to the area you use now? You see no need from someone you don't bother them. Otherwise allow as they ask you to do things that they can't do for themselves or not. Thus problems are solvable or disappear as they solve themselves.

   The use is your own so give or not take if the area isn't there to use. So you see i believe this message is use or there is no more need to the area you see by the use you perceive. Seeing the area you creatively use or focus is usable area to the area you see, seeming by what is done with so think calm to seem cool or be good to what is requested. Not as giving by thought isn't stinking by what is wanted as activity so what is request is not killing so be nice. So roach untransformation is unformation to see a different energy form, so think to respect people other than bugs. Sometimes use is other than bugs as with idea you cause death to create life as other than insectoidal form. Realize what is there to not repeat as not have repeats done. This repeating causes ever bigger insectoidal life.

   This takes in energy from the death nearby then dies off themselves. Its in done by feel yet you do have what it takes to get things done, seem or you don't have what things are needed to get results. This can be used against thieves or murders that occur to prevent violence as or before things occur. I do know that so thanks to all that hel;ped with this. So the area feel is formation from the clear lake waters. Lets say I see the dirty world as I wondered to the area, where not here to attack or kill anyone with intent so the last plce is not here. Seen as then I came to wander as I was actually drowned there when I saw the lake. So show improvement by writing text if what you see is true, you get cool or useful idea as good poder or brownie points where nice things done show respect. The use trace is trance to the feel so you feel, what is there that the subconscious allows you to realize by focus. The use trance is the trace effect or create by focus to see or think the area feel that is gnosis to yourself by conscious subconscious energy effect.


   Bad poder is poison to or from the area or old turkish "potion" to the area or chaos use by fairer ruled by your rules or use undecent, nevermind as bad or not as you want peace so unless you want no bone. Good poder or bone basis is character judgement use, uses the area to create with idea to see decent use with idea. The area is user free basis that means your use is your freedom. That is what you see to use is use to the person or yourself. As you see that is science as a sign of a prick that was creating these. See the cords by feel are life or your thought is

   Seeing is believing yet nothing exists so you say you are till you want the idea. Bloodletting out you see the use of this. As you see the area use by fact, use is not user friendly if thought is usually for you with not to be with ever condoning. Yes if instruction is introduction you can pay for it or see what you want or feel. Accept yourself for nothing or what you do as this is. As the right moment is the correct idea done if no damages, do as you see necessary interaction as use is telepathic communication creative situation gun type as this is assumed by feel. Poder is no resolve, by the fact you mention poder not that poder is a ghoul.

   As you are or were this is realizing the use or are aware you know by what you feel, this is what you feel you sense so you know by what you are aware to use then use is create. See as resolve is situation thought to not effect, the problem disappears as you think your thought so your any mention is "enfolding table" able. See there is therapy as anything you use is use to relate or relax, seeing or sense separate entities to disrupt them or allow them. Seeing to create till no use I found this was the area useful or not useful, think for what you are or feel is area impersonation. Think for the created point or suggestion by feel, the stopping point is thought so use is the creator or no this is so bon see this is yes nothing is wrong.

   Say to use thought don't use it to create with things so suggest is menton you don't to not do the idea with. As you order use is delivered by non other than me. Soleism is to believe in the solar energy, so su is sudo user is release superuser or use by organization to create better use. See as a god is there idea to use as you disuse or use them in you displace the area energy to not. So you create or you get as you don't need this think unsuo or as suspected your not suspecting unusual behavior, see as you are if you see use then you can get better user feel.

   As motion uses energy to create. See though rage is not so bad, no natural area is your energy leavetaking with the area on seeable scales soon. So you see this use is incredible or felt use. Think heal if you want healing as you sense the area not to do if otherwise. Experience or expedience counts. So be nice is niceness use for feel. Think stop as some use by focus by last part is concept consumerism by focus or use is focus to feel. See the temple use is devilic use, your the use if the people want or is not as you due see the sense. Think you answer or your sense is use. As though you think a blue swirl to cause gaia effect. So you think of a red swirl to create with blood energy.

   As you focus don't really want it you sense as supernatural need the need is focus or revert as uh you don't really want it, so no us so no use unless you want to get it. Don't really want to ever unaccost to me, see as yes or no is not want or cause to repay the idea. Don't mention it as hit as if the area you don't want neither it is use seeing what isn't there. As you see things you can get idea. So this is the end for me till I pressure or recover as I saw or so I will let some I see I won't always like to explore is to be refused. So this is use you see. Not that your thinking unless you are responsible. Now it is done.

   See sense is "not to hit me not neither at the time of expenses", you see some use you get is feel or no use as anything wrong is something right somewhere or time you use wisely. The area stops by pressurizing to use or no pressure as creating your idea thing. So whatever isn't going to effect you is not there to effect you. So your not effected if your thought to not be effected or not thinking your effected. See or scale use, this is the scale trick, now let things be or think to the scale the weight to cause as you touch on a touch to shift the weight down. The area energy or solar sun light causes nulle weight as you think to not gain weight or lose weight. Oh ok whatever is the point the body feels weird, then starts lowering as you think to raise the body in height to stop or start the effect. Still no problem is no more worry.

   This creates the spell effect seeming or being as its if this is usually near people, if they want you there or nothing as not taken and its already done and its not done by you then its as if done by yourself or not to cancel the idea effect if a problem or just one and thats if allowable. If your evil as non evil, then evil is no more as if unrealistic thats too many and otherwise different as different places different people. There are uses or useful idea, the use is thought think your useful then thought completes things by this or not.

   See in or use is instance as you are strong slender. So you see the real reason is focus energy to create strength or feel is where you think to seem strong. This strength only is lasting till you don't think this will. Seen a banana creating the creativity is also with fruit, so think to cause less weight by less eating so more fruit less weight or not as water is drunk. Natural fruit essence is more weight loss to the body to sustain near a lower weight think to use less, so lower weight is lower energy or greater spell ability by activity.

   See I am not nazi I am creativity yet I sometimes act to use energy to the fixed peace sign. See the area reasoning before getting fruit, as the fruit can seem treated before or as you grow the fruit. So you see to create with water or less food is cool. See as the instance is not weight gain so you use some instance, as no lower weight or thought by your feel to your use is use to lower the weight that is used up. See to imagine some good instance or create you use down the weight to create a weight loss that seems instant dieting. Not many can use this or paralysis is what is use to see waking or not create as thought to use the idea. A seem is thought or a real witchcraft area by named moment in physical time or to stop this is thoughts are pathetic so "not use" is fine.

   Energy is uses by the point "this not too much as the area is allowing or not", seen or use is I can but I don't understand as you see this your subconscious releases you, see the area think not there then you seem somewhere else as you are somewhere else after, so you understand "unless" the feel necessary with idea. Fixing things as you think things work with a tap. There you go so clean is near, by use with a clearin claris lake "clearis" water. So they that use clearis water clear their idea or area to the thought or point. This water erases the bad as the lake resides in the 5th dimension as the other respect.

   Yjay is the nord word for the ground awakening or tree burial. Yjay is the nord the brightest star yjah that creates as you lose your head to focus energy. Then think shift or away. So your nuiyari or nuitarist if you allow neutral activist disinterest is chaotic death or chaotic chaot life. So work with chaos or work with order for chaos to dispelleth things by idea. What you see is the influence by others, this is by yourself or with a distance effect. See that causes good or bad feel. Seeing time use is what you see is interest from what you see or feel.

   Seen as use is focul points so your view is creative uses. However the fairy tale is use by some feel. Your conscious is your guide. Yet whenn you focus you create. So if use your focus. Seen as a chance your feel is your life. Your focus is your own idea. Ypur area is your feel so feel to create as life is there. Life if blood or food by chance. Your use is what you ask or offer. Offer is what you think to create if chance or seen as no there by offchance. So your hance is your own willing. So you see the chance you chance is created by the feeling you send or have with others. So you see the feel your use is offers. So you see what you said you see to feel or create what you sense. This the last of my will.

   See the will or think the creator to create, greater chance is effect by feeling the area use. Seen by the area you see by your feel. So by the area Odin is the will, your idea is the point things are as they seem. I wonder what I did wrong to get me here. Yet I will remember or think the area to do what is normal. So now I see things clearly I will leave, then or now as I am no longer here to play vampire. I am now gone away to my realm named for my own namesake. I am now aware of my mistake. So say my name if you remember the name. As I will now disappear your probably now lying in your own coffin without realizing it. So you see this was my plan, don't mess with this or the building will explode ciao.

   This is a written note left on a door: "See as you were or create your cool yet so I am too, ciao is my were word to alter things as the third eye causes normal happy feel. Shown or used is cool. Stolen is not so used as hot is the steal. This is my new idea. Focus the mind to create the area were feel, then feel to draw energy to create the area energy to work with some or the area is stimulation. So if something is cool or some idea arterial, wrong is disliked then you can get punishment or likes. With disharmony by energy feel. With disharmony by energy feel. The area is arterial by feel, fix is thought use is conditions. Think is not illness. That is whaiting or feel to area use. Such as motor running, this is disruptives to body feel so a dark influence. Whatting is creating the feel before the moment you see the actual point that was made as if the politics are non useful.

   The fake is there by idea or not use for a gods age as you see the area your use is focusing to feel cool to calm to feel better to create or not use your will. This is my last living work. As of this date 1412 AD, you can see i am well aware of the area to your state you see. I say this create as you will think as you want so your will is focus. You create what you think is necessary to do what you want. That if focus is gravity or giving by thought born by a being named for vampires or tjat, as nobody will ever change this clearified seeing causes you some idea. See I can so you can try to fix what you are before you focus on someone to kill that can't fix you unless the creator suffices, artifices or fixes.

   See to sights or activity don't use chaos activity with positive thoughts for positivity. When you think to create you think to create as you use ash. Yjah is though yjah in as use is focus. I am aware of yh or yjah so you should notice the area this is before deciding this. See the reason? Yes I am waiting on some idea that someone arrived, no conditions exist so I am gone or written yet this does as he wants say or see nothing as wrong or done. See the area you are in or create, think the area you create for yourself so you can see the area you will observe. See the point now that is what I thought.

   You died by caring for area the point you saw was meaning. So you see what I did look me up. I am leaving this as a written history lesson. See tht was interesting as I only visited once. So think your free from area influence. Thus your not so bad off. Good skill is poditive or positive by cool idea. Meant by feel. Yes is cool not always possible. Or not as nothing done except to do disruptives to evil or worse idea." Vlad. So say as that is true. Vladimir that guy has a control goat that is with an earth faery goat.

   A fiery elemental of ail earth is a control goat. Seeming is thinking some idea to create, as the projection you focus is what you think is seen or felt as its been there as the captain was there. See the banking there is what you consider unnatural. I saw the area before yet shifted you to somewhere safer the real area looked destroyed. Its as if I've been to thete where noone was there. That is the space that appears with nothing till you think there is formed by the energy ef enerhy matrix.

There is nothing more worrisome than a person that works with nothing to get things yet gets nots nothing in by use. So I will supply the funds after this if this is necessary. I will appear like an idea yet Odona I will be called. So I will say or say you will, then things seem or not seem where you want or you are if you want them. Seeing as this is focusing your area is area, so think unusual for good poder as poder is thinking exception to the kind. Thus good poder is what you see as useful information with use by the feel.

See the area or feel you create? See that is what you see before you walk into the area, to connect think the door is more than I often do yet I came there to leave to my own area. See or use the point you have or create sanity for yourself. Completed for yourself is the area you use to disappear or appear where you want. So there that was then this is now as the area shifts you to your own area or time. See to use idea or agree with what you want, seeing to your area your use is what you think to use. Yet you see the place think of the place as you desrcribe the area to yourself. See this really stinks so you may want to leave so you may wonder whats next think to the sun to show what you want to know as you see or focus to realize.

Trance states

   The idea by use is idea you realize that if not there you won't be effected. So done is finished up or use by some area motion. Finally your use is nothing more, the area is usually quiet so things are either shift created or focus shifting. This is te last point, see what you find as you see what is usually secret is now relenting or revealed. This is the nature of siedr created craft. So you remember think to see what isn't there. Then things became or become appearant. Seeing the trick is not always the way to use something. So you create right don't is the key word, to your secret area that your garden is aware to create. The garen effect was this yet he went places in the area. The garden is what you see yet is what you make. Yet you see this isn't there to visit. This is where you are. See the reason to the psyche trick is to make you think things, then your mind can create the area as true. This is just like a self-fulfilling prophecy. So think heaven doesn't exist then the area won't exist you think is there, as this not a memory this is some "abberal ambigale" trick think to create yet you won't get things unuseful.      The area you see is some focus to create with so listen to trance music. Trance is only the first of the states required for learning to effect a "sending". The trance condition is necessary for novice or this is journeymen  or mastery use in order to learn, think the effect the creator will do things to effective concept.

   Seeing the sight you notice the area effect doesn't effect you. See as seeable is use as the most effective use is thought, yet not notice with the people that would use this to get you in trouble. So think with the Seidr magic but it isn't the whole of the craft.  Blocking out "real world" distractions is the idea that came before the occulancy or separate the area to not see what isn't there. This is secrepantic, see the use before the means to use as you are aware by the feel to create as you think. This the area that use changes the means by math with language so you see this is think a need as realistic you are the area is what you think. The area you see there is I think wizard "seeding evil with good" energy, sight from an area that you perceptively in theory use to control by feel. So you think an idea to write down by resolution with resolve, then bury the idea as gold to cleanse the area as you see the area is useful. See to feel you see or thought you are the use in the use you worded.

   This is ghoul that is use that traps a person, then uses them as energy so the person with the right words can disrupt by them. "Necrol" are a spell thats useful to disrupt the ghouls presence, that could control the body or feel fter if thought to control so this is not actually the source some use the source is your idea by feel so you create by creator. I mean this thinking is controlling a ghoul that is your use unless you decide, see or think is that is, isn't or is well. This is not to give energy to it so the creator is unlimited, that blocks out the ghouls influence to use your own idea to allow magic or create better results. See to use some cool idea is cool thought given to the feel. "By idea to create" in use is the user feel focusing theory by concept is what you work to create use with congress or especially other area use, and unseidr is notwithstandard there you create with the area as you will to create or shocking surprise is what you sense or are controlled by it in the sense. Almighty is the area you feel idea from or from the use is the fact you thought you created with feel.

   Some are seen near or this is a paramount skill as some see this as a great skill to have. Yet the area you sense, seen this is with little or greater by bidden area feel. Think by some with use or creativity or compassion for compassion for created non use, seeing the area as you are if use to avoid what you hate or evasive use see to not be there. So use by focus to create as you think to create some idea, or not seem as you are to be effected no more. Without a point this can create helled or faeryform this is from spirits, the little one can create with or the can be accomplished in use. See as you are so there is no reaction to the shadow realms or this, think to use a spell as you state or focus to see by the mirror. This is the thought creates, non by use is focusing as you imagine a mirror or focus creates your idea yet this is not by mirror. It is useful to clear the mind and enhance the shaman's ability to focus and visualize the desired conditions.

   Ideally your creator is thought so judicious, seeing good the practitioner should be able to achieve a trance by area feel. Think to state by will alone or not so bad off you've given it up, just normal you can create yet once not right you stop. Seeing the use is seeing the area, think nonmalicious a music use then the equipment to cause or stop, think, control or see the use the operator uses or release. So you notice as they are disarrayed by what you thought to not hear, so you are leaving the operator to their own idea or demise as their not deoriented as disoriented. The creator can defeat anything so no worries as you think yourself free. Free by use is motion to determine free area feel, see or use is creative feeling or not use. See the point to this is magic practice yet no practice is needed, as the practicioner uses what the creator thinks as cool or create as you think or will. See the area use before the area dissolves around you. So you see your free think to free your in bound body before it goes in. Then wait as I set the place to dissolve to the area feel or effect right as you shift away.

  To attain the mental dispelling necessary for this feat sometimes requires years of practice.  However think to use, the area is not with the use by theory the use of certain techniques is possible. See most novices can develop a basic trance state within weeks of beginning their training.  The techniques include repetitive or nonrepetitive sound, visual focus devices and a variety of herbal or water substances. So think to the focus point, focus to some idea then feel to the area or think energy to some place to have. Seen the thought of the chamber not the same beneath so think to react by some point, as stable or seeing instability or not as the area by thought is activity so thought to erupt creates or stop to focus create something by feel.

  A few of the less dangerous techniques are included here and possible until you don't need to die. As you think to do unlimited spells in idea you can as can is possible to use fed. We've seen the key, use is obvious so the creative feel is no more. See the area is dangerous, the thought is what you see to use the right reaction. See what follows after some point is idea. The imagination works to allow the creativity with the creator or seeable, HUO is Hydrogen with reactive energy ore or user energy is oxygen activity with results to the thought you think creates as a person is theory.

     As with all disciplines Seidr magic has many levels of expertise. In the most basic level the practitioner is able to project images into the minds of susceptible individuals that are interpreted first as dreams and later as real events. In more advanced students the projected image takes on a physical reality and in the adept can become a true reality. There is advanced stages of what you think, as you think the idea gone it disappears until your the idea is dissipated by thought to realization in use.  The substance of our world and the extradimensional worlds that surround it are more or less mutable.   That is, we can by focusing will, cause both apparent and real changes in the fabric of our existence.  Most practitioners begin with little or no ability to shape or shapeshift.   Their arena is limited to the space inside their minds.    Now, that is a wide space indeed, but nothing when  the true vastness of reality is considered.  The true art of Seidr lies in the ability to create shapes in your head and impress them on the outside world.

      Before attempting Seidr techniques you must be aware of a few simple but important conditions.   First, it isn't a game.  It isn't Dungeons and Dragons and it isn't comic books.    Its  an ancient tradition with very real power.  Second, its dangerousto the extreme for the unprepared.   Even in the lightest trance state you are open to outside influences.  Without the proper protection you can receive mental and emotional injury and in deeper states the damage can be physical.   Always work in a protected area preferably a circle.   Third, forget all the crap you've learned from the New Agers.   Don't open yourself without purpose.  Don't expect every being you meet to be benevolent and don't blindly go to the light.    Fourth, white isn't always good, black isn't always bad and red is always dangerous though not of necessity hostile.  Fifth, if you want to learn Seidr to work woe on someone, its a lot simpler to slash their tires or pour coke on their keyboard.   This is work.

The Basics: (This text assumes some knowledge of magic tools and principles. Otherwise you shouldn't try this so don't assume.)

     The novice should always work in a protected circle.   It can be as simple as a circle drawn in red chalk on your basement floor to as complex as you want it to be but use it.  Dedicate or consecrate it each time you use it unless you happen to live in an established temple located on a major ley line convergenceand then its still a good idea to referesh both design and intent. Now think and use the energy to touch the feet and harmony will suffice for what effort is balance in life to transfer what you think as you touch the tools in thought with energy as what you think is transferred as energy. This charges the tools and use is thought as a transferrest attempt to seem as you need. Use your life before you lose your life, think as you want and you gather energy to your hands and think to the tools. As energy is configured, by your thought in the tool this changes the tools nature and resistance is there. Think to use as energy to resist and deny effects, on yourself including thoughts as you imagine you leave you are not there as if you aren't in trouble. Gather your tools and trace the circle either clockwise or counter-clockwise as you desire while standing inside. Not in thought do you try to memory trace, the circle till your desire is undertstood. As in innocent by thought your aura, this in good conscience is clean and your use is known. As proven good as nothing, you can seem or feel things that make effect as you believe what is isn't if turned against you.

    The desire is an idea to not use a concept and not gain what result you think as nothing happens where nothing is.  Most of the left-hand right-hand influence in magic is a recent Christian oriented invention.  The idea you see is what can seem of use, as you are a point or as you see and are to use a point to create a point on a different face. The same goes for inverted or reversed runes.  It really doesn't matter.  The Runes are complex enough to express any concept we are able to comprehend without flipping them about. Consider that all of the runes can be expressed using three lines. The circle should be large enough for you to lie down with arms extended without overlapping the edge and to accommodate any tools you have with you.   Around the inside edge inscribe no less than three, preferably nine, Yr runes (AKA Elhaz) pointing outward from the center.   If you're not familiar with runes, take the time to learn and meditate on Fe, Thur, Ass, Yr, Sol and Ehwaz.  These six runes will get you through most situations but a working knowledge of all the runes is to be desired.   A chart with the most basic of attributes is available  here. While drawing the circle, chant your intent.   Use words to the effect that the circle you create is a haven against harm and a safe resting place for your body while you're gone.

      Once the circle is completed, don't cross it for any reason until you've finished your ritual. The idea is simple, trust and seem to create, the idea is to use and now what is the true possible extent by the spirit. That knows before the point is due or not. This includes reaching outside to pickup a tool you forgot or having someone hand you an item. As in an idea your summoning is to consider a possible area, by thought and your focus is in use by trust energy. Seem in thought if you think, and your use not if nothing exists. As your ability increases by practice, thought and felt energy to use are unique with conscious. If you have to break the circle, stop everything and start over. As you assume, don't assume as you think or try to do what is unnecessary. Unless, what you think is in a polite way to speak that is a point and part of the body, that you seem to dwell in or not as you think to seem someplace. Danger to a fox or animal is not always danger to us.

    Think as you want you feel what you do as you think and do nothing till you consider, what is important and your use is a part of magic as you think of something and use is the must do or not do response. This is a point to use in thought as you think, bodily harm is what you think and your thought is heard or nothing is done, to persecute you if your thought is heard by the badly reactive due to the idea you find. Now and then if use is thought and use is things to fix or utilize, as useful for the effort in what you consider in life. This is the circle in life to fix and use things as you find things, as if use is enough and if use is concept or thought moment is thought awareness. Think and feel that you got an idea or figure out what you think, as this is the beginning of life and the birth of life or the end as you think is a thing out of the point you see and your a satisfied customer.

     Recels, a form of incense and thought of herbs to burn, as wormwood is import and are an important tool of the Seidr worker. As though a thought is different everytime, your view is a different view by smoke inhaling or not as the thought is useful to due or not. As thought is incence to the part you like, you can influence as your thought is llight and your mind is right. A point in use is combat to think and conclude a thought, actually can save your life as if to make a concept in use. A faring forth recel has a base of mugwort and/or wormwood with additional ingredients added for specific effect. (see the dangerous herb page before using these)  For example, add pine or cedar if your destination is a wilderness setting while sweeter fragrances would be used for working passion or love spells.

    For more information on the properties of herbs view the related pages available from the main menu.  The recel is burned after the circle is formed and while you add the finishing touches.    Its important to have a clear mental picture of exactly what you intend to accomplish during any Seidr working and to use whatever symbols you need to accomplish your task.  In this respect a working knowledge of Runecraft is very helpful.   You can use that knowledge to inscribe your circle with the necessary protection and direction you need.  Its not essential but highly recommended.

     Your first efforts should always be toward the singular end of making contact with your fylgja.  The fylgja is similar to but not exactly the same as an animal totem or spirit guide.  It is more than either of these in that it is as much a part of you as it is of the outside.   Some practitioners think of it as the animal shape of your soul. Think in a useful idea to get a pattern of thought fixed and you never actually do anything wrong. This is as thought as I am considering you influencing the idea people have to use. Think as I consider it one of many shapes and attributes of my spiritual lineage using the area energy and cause in idea to make or create a shape at will. Think in a tome and the arcane you do is what you create by what thought you seem to make work with energy as an act is done. 

    Regardless of what shape it might assume, never think of it as a servant. Think as you do things, to make and create what it is of use in what life time is in creating for the purpose. That is heart felt as gut instinct, think in thought use by use. It is a much more intimate relationship.  Always treat it with respect and never place it in danger. By what you create and use as form, think and the subconscious creates what your form is that you intend to seem. Thought is in form as the thought is the second idea as second sight to create what your use is as you make. Each form is unique, as your form is by unique area energy. The form of each individual's fylgja will be unique but certain basic forms are common.  Thought in form is a thought in progress, whatever you think the form will do or not do as to create is to think of likes and dislikes. Wolf, fox, cat, hawk, boar, bear and horse are the most likely forms you will encounter as the thoughts that you have draw the form.

   As to the instinct by intuition, as your thought is your own, use is to think progress and you create progess as the same is for think no danger and you get no danger. As if you forget what shouldn't be and dismiss the thought. Except you don't forget as thought exists of the thing wherever the idea can exist but others exist and virtually any animal form is possible. Think the idea and as you do you create the thought as existent is power now as energy in form. The occasional wyrm or dragon and seemingly human forms do manifest but these are unusual and should be considered most fortuitous.  With this in mind, novices should always include the Ehwaz rune in the construction of their circle. Ability is use as your thought focus is mention, that focuses by mention and what concept act is thought is what changes things.

   Act to use or not to use and you throw off the person that uses you as though a link is broken. Ability is energy as power thought to creation, conscience and every thought to form is a creation of art in the creator conscious creation. This rune is specific for shapeshifting and contacting your fylgja. As you ask you get answers if in the idea, don't be annoying with the thought perceived in and by what you think. As if a concept that you are invisible that you your thought is your own and as yet, use in thought is a concept in thought that comes to you as if by focus and hte energy creates the idea that you think to know by feelings to the earth and the earth responds as if you made a request and or not as nothing is done.

   Your thought is whatever you wish, as to manifest is simply what you try and think to create. As you direct the idea, your thought is what changes the thing you think to. As use is known, your idea is as thought. To defend is to think you defend till you don't need to by a thought sense or not as your higher self says not to, think peace and not is nothing done as this is a possibility or not as to not is to not create. Think bad and you are not always bad, as you are and you will seem right in mind. As think to see and imitated idea can be seen and or not as the right moves. Your use is energy and action to create the right point, thought in use and music to correct is what you think as if you knew what will happen and your thought is what exists.

     When the circle is drawn and your inscriptions complete lie down in the center with your working tools close by.   With eyes closed visualize a forest path beginning at the edge of your circle.   It is dark and waves of mist billow and shift as you rise from you sleeping body.   The scent of herb smoke lingers and you can see a glowing red line where you circle holds back the shadows.  Fix in your mind your vitki name and persona.  (Never give your real name while faring.  Your fylgja will know you and no one else needs to.)  Step away from your body and onto the path.  As you walk you will likely hear strange sounds from the shadows.  Pay no attention to the rustles and growls.   Just keep your feet on the path. This use the personal Fygilia as this is an idea energy form, this is with a gifted sense made from people and not realized till they are wanting to realize their own gift. The moment you realize, is the moment you think and shift in form as you think a form you can shift a form.

   Thus if you use energy to create, this is with idea from machine you might become what you think by feel. So if you feel a mood, you can create a correction by feel with the music that is there. You make them feel so there, think and whatever you do create a more positive idea to seem use. Think a feel and you make a feel that by feeling your in thought exists by outward creation, as if there was results there you serve as the need is there and desire by service is over. If you think a thinking person to change and calm down, you can get a relaxed frame of mind to create what you think in repose by response, as if by what you think you are what you think in accord which is agreement in energy spirit.

    Act in accord to their wise idea and seem, as what you seem to need or want there in thought. As wishes are granted as seeming to be done right. Things transfigured in mind can change the body if the person seems to do. Act like the form by traits or attributes, think the shape and the form changes to what you will as if a wish was done. "Axt" is the thought rune of time that comes to mind in accord to the person's wishes and otherwise when you are in accord to their spirit, think the need and you get a result or as the persons mind will is your understanding. Their will creates the rune, as by your hand tracing the necessary rune. As you feel your need for the rune, this in rune is a result of energy to create an energy body. As an inner body made to be done, as you are thought you can redirect by will their energy as you think the use your will is created.

   As though changed from within, think you did it to them without them noticing and they won't care. If you think you need and act nothing will get you out, act yourself and toward her as you think responsible or if to him. You act calm and soothe the respect, as peace in mind is calm in heart and the spirit soothes things. Think as an idea occurs to use the idea around, you as your thought is time created. As you feel no need for what thing as the thing use or not, think and need in the creation dissipates as dissipated by thought. This goes away in what you think, ask if on purpose or not as if you think in focus and thought to hide your form. This is what as what creates yourself unseen is your will and cast as if by their energy from others. As you think what you consider, this goes away or ignores you by dismissal.

    This is your higher self in defense, to create or make as you think necessary. Sooner or later you will meet another creature pacing the path toward you. The fey heart is a gift of the nordic gods as you will the idea the fey ability is heightened and will is unlimited. This will most likely be your fylgja. This is the concept to bear as you think this over, it is there where you are in ability you can get an idea to think and create as you think or do as you seem.  Assume as you want, where you will hear it speak your true name inside your head. As you think, you consider and as you feel you can create. As though thought were right, and do as need be as if thought is better and you are right to create with as thought. Think and you do as you want and as you are good you can draw good results, and as you are bad or bad off you can get bad results.

    If you hear anything other than your true name, trace the Yr rune in the air in front of you and push it toward the creature.   Baneful creatures will be forced off the path but that doesn't mean you can trust those that are unaffected. Treatment of magical animals is important as if they were blessed treat them well and they will treat you better.  Treat them as you would any stranger in strange surroundings.   To be certain that you have indeed found your fylgja, return to your circle.  A true fylgja will follow and enter the circle with you.  Others will be stopped by the circle's protection.  From that time it will dwell within you until you have need to send it faring. 

     From the trance state you can send lesser thought forms to carry messages or to deliver spells.  Those sensitive to such things will see them as birds or bats if they fly and various small animals if they travel on the ground.  For more important or difficult tasks you will need to ride your fylgja.  Again from inside the prepared circle burn the recels and chant your purpose.  Feel the hide of your inner animal move like smoke to the edge of the circle and take solid form.   Then move quickly into the mist shrouded shadows and make your way to your destination.  

     Remember that although some individuals can see your spirit shape, most will only perceive you in the conscious dream state released by will and upper fox.  But in thought your in dismissal, denial is whether or not they consciously remember the meeting it will have an effect on them.  Focus on the idea you think, as you are a way to a will and you create the unique trace on will by sigil as a drawn or traced line in the air by whatever your will uses. Thought energy in a rune is to look, create and will or not as nothing exists by what you will by the spirit.

     In the beginning you should keep your forays close to your physical location. As you explore, you already explored and your use is your own, as your idea is what you think in form from small area essence in use. At least until you learn to manage your new body. As you know the dimension by what you think, fear no more and you are in aura you observe by what you sense and you feel things there you know what you expect and see. As your spirit shows you in what your mind is shown by spirit, think and feel if you are with awareness you can create what you think into existence.

   So if you think you know and can create you won't be effected, as your in not and theire minds respond as will be done. This causes you to not be effected by what you know, if you want to be effected you shall as need is here or there is no response. The idea to respond is direct response to control and in mind in media and doesn't effect you otherwise. As you don't think to seem somewhere, you aren't as you don't care disappear to where thee are safe.

   Time things as you will and you get time to effect, as felt and that if you do makes what you want while it is rare to become lost while faring, it can happen. Think your a fox shapeshifter standing on two legs and you are as you are in reality and outside of time and as you imagine the fox shapeshifter doing things the fox being does things on what you think or intent. Thus, you can create what you want and manifest, as an idea comes to use the energy that creates as created by the creators will. Bring weakness to bring desist by feel, with a point or if a point and in release the weakness after they due or do as they need.

   Think as you want and you will create better ideal to seem real or not. This is the thought to create, as you think necessity and your will is what is not always done in life. There is a point and area in place, as where you want you can get places. Think of the area and you are there to seem if useful. As if thought is battle, then your defense is a in point in mind idea. Now think of a point and use your own will, and not think except by the feel in energy. Thought to effect sometime in a felt concept by desire, this is what you thought and now your will is your own in a creative plan in the creators own idea.

   Also try to avoid movement that seems to be sharply downward into the earth. The foxin magic can form your will from fox as a thought, think as you feel free love as free feeling is energy that flows into the air. You can charge things as you change things, danger sense is danger as awareness to cause a good idea by aura. Unless not needed and maybe you can create better results, as from defenses or warding away by no need in thought. Think to create none purpose into reason, as your will is your release and nonsense is with meaning if action is a thought. If in you feel your need is your own out there as if things are living consciences. As living things or not thou, so seem to need be as treatise is one realization as there are many. 

    This is in reality taking you into the lower realms and into the domain of some very dangerous creatures.  The Swart Alfr or Dark Elves are seldom friendly to human visitors.  Unless you have very good reason or something to trade with them, stay out of their realm.  You will also find that time runs differently in the lower in use realms so you may return to your body and find that hours or days have passed.  These are a few idea to try as possible uses and trances. Examples are served by use thought with "us" in mind.  Upward movement will generally be difficult for beginners but once achieved is usually less dangerous. If caught your will is your wisdom, and you free by what you feel as you see or do.   Still there are creatures on all levels that serve self first.  Be careful as things like shark teeth, this is strange effect to unextreme feel that is with unusual feel are not always unusual yet strange effect varied with no pain or no varui.


This use is not classified as magic, as this is use or thinking is a work in progress now doable or done. Release from words by your thought, seen as the creator does to fulfil or nots to create. Seeable results are your doing as necessary, "as en in em" see the creator can do that this also does release. So I set the condition to seem free from pain as sometime repair is done with life. Seem the point to see as to give or not as you hold the point till you think to release, if request from the view they get what they want or you see some use.

Copyright (C) 1996/2006 Jon McClenny
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