Extra ability Curiculum

 I bet you to try these methods out but its extra curriculum of ability, you don't have to. Try the method to get an effect that accounts for an ability that is working. Some of these are not made for public.

  Wall-walking : Think to walk the walls or do what you want then your body finds the right way to create or you do. See this is what you create to use as you are aware, to create or the creator is create with energy your focus not anger is creating in the moment to use. In or out a walk is theory by a will, so as focus you feel as you will the idea you walk up or near the side as you imagine if you thought to feel in or use energy this is to walk or see to not get or you see the idea.  As this is interest so you are allowed, see by experiment or use unless unplausible. Say so you this use by feel to create better results.

  There is use or no more to do with idea no fear so this will trick anyone with use by healing energies, they can claim it if they want to see as your aware so as you are if you are aware you can seem as this is with no em possible area or use as though use were not usable. To walk the wall or get into somwhere, see as your aware to see or seem off. So the key is imagined as the third eye causes as though an open door, so you don't fit trans-dimensional on or think as you create some area idea. Say so you still are able to open a door, an use is the emphatic emphasized energy key use there is the theory. See if that time exists in light intwined or creativity, so you see by imagining thus for the door to open this opening is done by feel. See by fee thats "faery" effect to open or feel to close so think this is what you see, with area thought by the crown chakra or you really weren't supposed to unless necessary this stops.

  That you see by thought is with an idea, that didn't always work or think then this can. Walk is use by imagine or thought to go up walls by imagining your center of gravity, as being drawn towards the alternate surface (anything other than the ground) or imagine that your feet are adhesively stuck to the surface that doesn't glue the hands. This is if focus can see to create wreckage or things not working or thought is working, till later when you decide the idea stops or ceases. So applicable will you repair or not see to create much with it. This can seem to see use if you are aware that something, still you imagine or stop moving as you are so touch doesn't create "youch".

  See as work is because in your mind you fixed idea use, so your body causes by aura influence this is use by feel. See as you use things your energy is imaginable or feel is creativity, by some area idea so yo are as you decide yourself to be. This is usage  of the gravity that you can control, think of some area use as you imagine some event then thought is to create do as thought, this is using some event as a source to make an inapplicable point that is unlogical then this stops. See made in use by thought is creative, seer or steer use then use in attitude. Use the hands only if necessary.

  Try to feel the spirit of the wall then think to climb or cause the arm to unextend itself if no tree climbing by thinking of the climbing object, think of a tree or wall to climb by use your natural agility and special ability to climb the tree limbs and the wall moves under you. Then move forward at a fast speed and use your feet to do the climbing. Think and feel the wall or tree, as to be on the idea and then walk switching your center of gravity is adjusted by thought and move is naturally done.
  This might help. Think is to think and do it first by hand and feet to get a feel of it. This I have yet to see but its described as is, so I would take several tries. Think of gravity and as behind the walls is an energy force known as the zeo G effect as its to switch your gravity force to that as a tree or wall. By the use there is no optional idea as the use of focus, as think use of your subconscious as your thought is energy and the body created energy is moving up the surface wall or wherever. Thought is energy to the subconscious, the idea to create au natural movement in the mode to create upward energy flow.

  What else might help? Use of the zeo effect to walk on the cieling from the wall and by use I mean try to walk on the wall or tree and switch your gravity center by feel of the electrons speeding up as to generate gravity that pulls you, and pulses outward in a process called to geo gravity. To test this I would try to jump or walk on ice drifts. Snow drifts will work. Think of the snow drift as having its own gravity and you walk on it. This can hurt as you come back down as if a lot, so climb as natural as it is the moment you can fall on your back.

 Element Separation : Separate two or more elements (such as sand and dirt, or whatever else you may need - Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide for suffocating a person, air and fire for putting out flame, cold and area air with material for ice effects). Simply imagine the two elemental molecules moving apart. Simply put its separate water from air or moist area to do so and create more water. This might leave you abit busy or not work as you would want.

 Consuming force : To hold spirit particle energy and have it encompass the trouble by a thought touch. This form of attack is as to be near and touch the aura to cause your energy to spread through the target to disrupt the body from within till it dissolves to dust or nothingness. At least it can deform, at most it will destroy the touched foe.

 Spirit mold touching : It actually is a mold of energy that forms into your will and with permission it forms into anything you willed, want or by whatever need of theatrics, at any distance. This is the point to get across, to do if you seem to interfere with the body and the spirit endured forms with a bond to you then it can go through a physical result. Spirit particles are the particles that make up the spirit that are also called reiatsu.

 Flight : To fly as if buoyed up in the air by spirit willed particles and your will is the direction the feeling is the force. This is not easy, but is possible, sometimes by meditating on the thought of 'flight by mind direction and idea.'

 Bender : The spirit command is 'InBend' and this effects anything to be into infinite forms of what you think or feel what it should be by applied spirit particle and pseudo electricity added in. This can form the object to any length. And back again with Pseudo cold energy or pseudo electricity with a trance and the thought of, 'restrict'. Think or will, 'release' to remove the restrict.

 The air effect : By usage of swirling atoms of air, focusing the air into being a wind that is circular where you focus the circular wind going in a direction for an example, or visualize normal air and air atoms you form strength if you hold it around you or assault if you force it through and around your fist and projected at others. This effectively disrupts someone, or makes them unconscious. The unconscious state is undone and the person awakens and it is noticed after a few hours.

 Pseudo electricity : It forms by will on a fist to become electrical energy at will to electrify the target. Usually from the air or the electrical source nearby.

 Pseudo fire : Its fire and at the moment it forms, helped by spirit will and  with particles of heat energy. Think heat there is heat. As pirit is as spirit fire its foxfire in an enrgy focus in its freer form and could be considered spirit flame or become as weak as particle flame. Which acts like faery fire and fox fire but can actually burn if the will is destructive that formed it. This has been known to burn anything. Another name is 'psido flame' and is actually known for the spirit flame its projected as.

 Pseudo ice : Ice and cold that forms by will and not a process can describe it, it forms to the persons will backed by spirit energy and maybe a particle force or energy thats felt as though a electrical form.

 Psuedo water : This water is formed from thee particles in the air, coerced by spirit energy direct by will response into forming to in your will. As though it were from the air itself. Its noticeable that pseudo water is not exactly usable, except to keep you alive and possibly to short out things as in machines. And this water can cause rust given enough time, more rapidly than normal.Its other possible uses are the effect of making changes to a current or stream of consciousness.

 Pseudo earth : It is the earth effect thats formed and can smother. This effect is from particles that are formed in or of something. This can choke a fire or act as a water seal. This can be formed into any form through spirit molding. A pure spirit backed by electricity or particles and sometimes in the formation of an object. Such as, rock or something useful to the will by design of desire. If used you can mold the true earth or smell the earth where their isn't. This has been known to choke victims or similar by particle formation in the throat. Sedimentation is very easy within this force.

 Pseudo air : Anything formed from trace particles, which is breathable unless in solid invisible form. This can be an object formed back into particles and has reformation therein, which has felt mass and is unseen except by psychic nature being detected. At which times it reforms with earth nearby. Possible with this is to make a barrier of air, from dirt particles as its to use the air to force back someone or something that be near it. Not too easy is the floating platform of air.

 Parce force: To parce, or cause an energy processing of the force that is near, as of the nature of matter or something similar, then you can form an object into being as though something else. This is done by particle energy emittance at a certain rate that molds your energy and causes the object or the person to do as you will via touch.

 Forced evolution : That is your ability to adapt things being used to activate abilities quicker. By thinking of what you want of an ability and acting as though it were there. Stating in your words the effect that you want, makes an enforcement to that effect, and when stating the intention effect is an end, you cause the will of it and the end is an end in thought. Making it manifest your thought.

 Say you wanted to manifest something. Think of an effect and you can create a point to exist. As existant thought imagine use appearing where you want or being in the place of something as thought reveals,  your body is your own with less weight, and state the result as to see thought to exist.

 Stating of the result can be done by hand signing a hex sigil, to cause what you want instead of saying the result. This is a form of advanced sign language for magic energy working. As each sigil is acting as though your will and speech. Any sign language is more powerful than just speaking it.

 Expect the ability to appear, when you are relaxed and are trying to get the effect or it just happens, as of 1 minute to 1 week from the point of trying this technique. This ability comes from the sudden evolution, that is at the level of manipulating genes that are activated and deactivated. This is creating the idea you want, in effect from the ability of genetics. It can be redundant or useful, but it can lead to faster coping. The least you can do is gain ability by trying it to do certain things, thought impossible. The most is gaining characteristic traits of other races and people, as in dragon or elven ability or someone you know.

 It happens to the degree that it is expected to happen. Yes ya will learn when ya make a mistake, one usually doesn't make mistakes with this, unless he or she wanted to. And, even then the effect is to want the counter to it, if its badly done. You can learn how to improve yourself by imagining the change, and the change will occur if it was meant to, how it was imagined.

 How is this different if from just doing the effect, imagining or thinking of the idea that is what you want to happen and stating the intent in some way to cause it? Well, this is using that, as a process to create a genetic change to make ability easier. And energy working or magic is made to effect change and this is reflected by causing the body to gain ability. Where causing a reaction through the willing of an idea, and is that which you want to occur is the base point of energy working magic. It is merely focusing your mind on something to cause a difference or effect that you want. So, this is forced evolution that is furthering along the path of effect.

 There might be siding in idea to this as well. When you try to gain and think energy to create energy, think an idea as healing animals or other beings ability, an so does their eating habits and inevitable form come upon you after a few weeks. You can hold off on eating like the being that you want to become, by deciding not to eat like the being after you will yourself to stop eating. Also your formshift an thought to the beings in form is in thought, think and things not likely to happen will happen and unless thought. There with anger or high emotion thats sustained, let the shadows take the emotion and your thought ends the effect.

 Due note: This is not a replacement to the actual evolution, as its merely speeding up the process of evolution. To make something happen thats not actually normal and glean the necessary things that are almost immediately needed. Otherwise the trick won't work with everyone, and its likely to cause havoc if the ability is used after a period of time.

 Controlled height growth : This is to think acquire and go. To think about it, then acquire personal energy, by not doing unneccessary things and go with the flow of energy thought, and you can control your height growth and better yet cause it. This is a form of forced evolution. The spirit command phrase be 'Aur car', that sometimes makes it so you can acquire info and it can act as energy.

 An in Temporal considerance : Do an idea to indenendant ideal. Dependance action is not to be desired, with no defending by having a defense as a procedure, use a ward thought on as if a circle then use a motive after. To be all you are, to be able and all of a persons desire. Then be desirous but understood to help out. But try not to be greedy. This gets you considerance for your act and stuff by you seeking it or acting like your seeking it out. Then the person possibly will pay you for your help or you pay to be allowed. This works with a good heart, especially if you act as if you don't have enough.

 Its a subconscious belief practice, this is as if to have things by an easy subconscious connection through use of body commands. Use is by the method an I describe it, as of the moment that you think. You don't do this if the idea isn't needed. Acknowledge truth and you can create, and resolve what you think is incorrect by flaws in a mirror as reolution can free you. Then you think to set an object, to do an effect, as with your spirit. So to set a belief to separate your spirit and let your body run itself but not into walls. By being there, where you are needed. The spirit will use the subconcious to give it power and its form is manifested as another person you need to be where you are.

 This form needs to practice by use and you may have to use an idea to pick up or drop objects. Clothes are there as if your with things, as clothese that is clothes as things are will with energy as you need them are with you is what you wear. Some can do this easily by chi energy in focus, some cannot be devised as this isn't so easy, but this makes things as what they can seem is done as if a self-fulfilling prophecy. Some tend to think to do is to be like some people be, but with doing things. You can do certain amount of things with this form that is out by what is of that spirit you separated from when travelling with the subconscious.

 Travelling with view as action is the subconscious, as anything is use by the belief in practice and is telepathic art by what is when it isn't and things you think you want. They are what you think and will happen, unless you don't think it necessary. This is a point to the idea, as if to do if in thought your an idea and if as your idea is thought as an art. If you want further explanation, as pointed out facts are what you intend as you thought and you get resources back from results. As then its in the use that can cause by the mention, that brings up thought or not and this isn't done.

  There is a point you act normally, as if its difficult and you stop out of psychic sense, from what is there will appear with your will and focus is this is without any religion unless you count the religion of the earth. As there is only one thing to see with this in nothing, separate and equal as you can see the different religions here. Suggestions are not to happen, that shouldn't happen in what is what in religious moment as this can even seem discounted in view and not observed.

 To cancel it out, just rejoin the spirit as you rejoin in by link with the body. So you move your object. To be an able bodied person, the subconscious body is to have the strength of atomic actions in movement within a structure. This is the strength of the atom itself, Mostly the subconscious body is for the strike, also with the possibility of getting things done and the motion of subtle effect. The power of the object is the atomic structure in the object, as we do things we are able to do as if it is the atomic structure or not.

 Tugesen Tugetsu gets done with the spirit command of, 'tzu em am in'. Its a spiritual in weapon to make of effect, thats powered by any idea. Tzugetsu is making a person somewhat forgetful in procedure, but not always do you forget for the idea or action. Its to forget as of every now and then. To make an idea into becoming a solid form, and feel like it was linked to something or somebody. Then you may feel it could hurt the person, or thing if you want to hurt with the object or idea. The price of this is forgetfulness. It could cause paralyses or unmoving nature.

 Buffet Buffer : To cause your food and drink to become the container of energy. This can be used to infuse other peoples energy. And with other peoples food and drink. Basically hold or touch the perishable in nature that you intend to infuse. Then cause the energy to be redirected to the item. Simply will the energy to be there and it is. You may contain any programming with the energy to the perishable, or think as things are well not to create if unnecessary.

 Eating/drinking it is possible to cause bad effects to yourself, if the effect was bad. Cleansing the food, is possible with cooking it and cleansing the drink is possible by sending a charge through the drink, either by microwave or holding the drink container and thinking energy to pass through it. This could unintentionally cause it to get worse, too. So if a thought, as opportunity to make it better comes from things in use and vibes by emanting vibration sensation with the area is an area bad in a feel by drain in thought use with making of energy in will and out area and leave it alone for a few minutes this done, as if by willing the effect in life.

 To use a wielded energy as this in structured energy in the cells that makes by a thought in an idea different in idea as if to create pathes that use is light and dark that is passion to do and deliver. To cause your effect, where funds are coming in as though an influx energy flow. And then their is an outflux as of a designated target that receives the energy as things are used your use is a point. This is to make an active energy flow by thought by administration your an entity in energy transfer, as if you forgot you remember this is the funds actually used in a point with thought a point is as with thought. You think in a wandflick as this makes and as a point a thought spell use is create as do is do not use. There is a thought by use with use by use in thought, as that use is thought your use is a thought and yet if forbidden your use isn't as this is a point of accredence.

  Each dollar or thing used in credit is returned as credit in the act of making, the credit back is as you use the money you get double money energy back. As you know, and realize you don't spend too much in mind as you don't mind too much the trick you do is not spend as if you decide to not do things with the credit card. There is no point that is possible, if in mind you can do things to get things. This is a concept and this is where things, are somewhat necessary or not and this stops.

 Another way is to think the funds being there. Feel the funds are right to be there. Think to have self effect, for better effect 'Should have I, have known it, ought to have known it. What you have should be, What you are to be should be.' Once done, let it be complete with the thought concept, at least by mind and then use it. By stating the intended idea you want to get done or will the intent.