Chi mastery

   With the mastery of lifeforce you gain ability to work and manipulate everything as you want with a little bit of effort. Its efficient enough to work a form into another form, or cause a solution from a problem by controlling reality. This is a self done technique to improve the mind and body without much excercise and allot of meditation. Chi is the female life force alongside Han as the male lifeforce as yang/ying, described here, in the Yin Yang Han Chi document. With this lifeforce is an advanced focus technique to make an easy usage of the elements. As you atttempt this, relax and feel the energy of yourself form inside, from the heart, for Han and the Hara (below the navel), for the Chi, as its a lifeforce for use and coax it to being felt by memory, want, negative or happy feeling. When its pooled inside, use it as desired through a focus method of directing your thoughts at the target area, person or thing and thinking the energy is released at the target. This is where I leave so enjoy yourself. I think if you use chi to work then your life energy rises as well or you might stop summoning ghosts by feel. Chi is focus so think then you create or the creator can by user feel. Chi is use by focus. Chi is use to your senses by feel. If you think to area feel you create. So chi is your energy. This is your focus.

   If you think with a purpose, and find something to in act use and can seem fixed. Think in to not chi bind unless necessary and then think about what you do you can cause the person to seem better, or controlled and use is as if their own idea from what you suggest or not. This is as a result that you can use things to get better, you can create a better result and that is an end to create with as a point to do. No satanism ever occurred by this idea, only the action that you think would occur with chakra energy.

   As that is to release the effect, this is to think and this is as is a do or not and at the end your done. As you act yourself or not, this is in an act that is natural energy to you as you aren't seeming to do what this is where you are done. As you quit making scenes, and act in thought and your finished. Think and use is to focus out, and think what you want as if to seem by a do in what is accepted and your okay.

   This is to create a point and that seems to create what is put, as if an attribute this is to make with a thought. This is where they can act and think they use, as this is what there is with concentration, taught motion and use are focus and they are no longer naturally bound. As if they think free and act natural, as a thought to do occurs nearby. Taken as thought is not but a concept, as this is making that as a view and this can fix or seem of use this is there not here. Stop and not bother, as not to do if this is not much in use. This can or cannot seem, as if "or not" to use justefy to justify and think or not with energy in use. This is by life in observed view, and not to happen if you see no use and things you do are a thing in the past.

   This can use things in a ji room setup and provided for to create with supernatural activity, and ji is the use of ghost activity name the spirit and that is drawing it out as you doing or not and think the ghast as if a ghost away or think the idea drawn ghost away. Think and do as it can wait to create by what the intent is projected forth, and with chi this causes the ghost to leave and now use of action you can get better thought.

   This is use in action and came from the basis of ju as you work with create with use, and by what you abide and thought you have in life makes want as need is by what you thought within desire. This is the idea of a ghost in an activity, a spell can be used as 'Justific' is use to cure with the ghost. Tastifei is a point to taste something, as thought is on the food or drink from the air as if you ate edible food in use.

   This uses Kungfu or human effort to gain ability, where wushu is martial arts. Kungfu is in anything, ae the theory of thinking in which the person goes over all the facts till they gain an opinion, sometimes through actions. To begin, focus in yourself, and awaken an inner awareness by meditation with a mantra of "kum-jala" and think on "bring awareness". Try for ten minutes until you feel awake, if you feel aware after this feel your lifeforce and think on the want of what you desire, to achieve and start the move of energy or have an idea for it to do as you release it with your focused thoughts. The lifeforce you exert will effect your trial of movement with how you want when you think of it. So when you work, you do ten to a hundred percent better or more with production with a standing meditation. That is focus your mind and work at something while holding your lifeforce somewhere that you can collect it. And directing it by thought or feel to make effect as you work. This can replace food and sleep need as you focus on it.

   Next with a motion, that in use is kungfu that is easy compared to thinking on what you know and expanding on it using study, with the lifeforce being focused. This will expand your knowledge and intelligence with added sharpness by very little trying. The way to enhance the effect is to meditate on it being there and strengthened, enough times per week. Then, you will strengthen the chi and han in a heart enrgy healing use that creates an generates effects and be able to use the lifeforce. Possibly with the weapon or item of which you use at the same time you focus your energy through the item, as its used. This is called, "Aura of glory", and its considered awe inspiring. The "force focus" is to hold out your hand or focus on a point in the air and feel the focused lifeforce to push forth from there as one with the moment and with added emotion and intent with this there might be a push away effect except for the strong willed thought drawing the person back. This force focused is possible to emulate any element. Its possibly a force of chaos. Emulate the element by focusing the force of your mind, as you think of what you want to copy and manifest. This can make water appear by thought of water being projected with the force you 'gathered'.

   The ability to channel lifeforce into a force ball and toss it forth could be useful after you get away from the person or to assasinate someone. Feel the force of your body to allow life to gather and push out the hand or fingers to send a part, of the energy toward the victim or air and cause any effect by stating the words, or feeling it happen when the victim is affected. To focus Chi or Han, and think something will happen or state what will occur, makes the lifeforce cause the happenstance. It only happens, if there's enough of it though and if the temperature be right. As for air being the target it can be used for the causing of air effects as barriers, portals or other such as practicing.  If you feel tired, then send chi energy to the brain, for at least two seconds. This is part of natural ritual. The ability to do a rite of effect and magic (chi or han) by speaking it at least once. If your life force is up enough then this becomes natural ritual in truth.

In cases of problems as angry or unconvinced crowds. To convince the crowd or person try to focus lifeforce with feelings of hardness or conviction and project forward. Sometimes stating the words that you want them to do, or be effected by.

  Life emissions can be you focusing a chi ball or life energy into a ball form and then have the chi ball emit a beam of light or other elements at the target with a thought that it will. Add Han if you want the stronger element that repels and attracts what you need. By giving focused chi, you can restore health and make one younger. Giving focused han, you can draw life and energize the target. To much emitting can age you a little bit at a time. Giving a focused chi and han emission will give a balance to the emitting element. It depends on how much you put with the other.

To keep yourself young, focus the lifeforce to remake the body younger in a standing meditation or standing trance, stating the mantra of "yeut" (yee-lut), as long as you want. You may use normal meditation ae pretzel stance or some comfortable stance as desired.

 Time shifting the area in its motions, by slowing down or speeding up time, is by use of Green energy of chi or yin and just the pink color of han or yang. This technique can be done by use of the arms spread wide and somewhat to the side and summoning the energy in the order as described. Also possible is the Light green of chi yang. To summon the han or chi by colors, think of the idea color or let your subconscious pick the right shade and then focus the energy to the whole body. Again, the han energy comes from the heart area and the chi energy comes from the hara thats below the navel.

 This is where you summon the pink energy by imagining it surrounding the body and the area. Then summon the green energy to interact with the pink energy where you want it slowed down and the time should slow down around you in the area you intended to be slow. Possible, is the memory and experience lapse. This is where you lapse in memory or lose memory and track of time for a period of time. To speed time up, summon light green energy to surround your body and be in the area you want effected. Then summon the pink energy that interacts with the light green energy and think positive thoughts. This will speed time up in the area. Add extra green energy and you time slip forward. Add extra pink energy and you time slip backward.

 Time restoration restores lost memories and experience from time slipping. This is summoning through thinking about it, brown and red energy or brown, green, red and black energy. Think it surrounds you and it restores you from your time erasure. Time erasure can happen as you time slip backward. Time erasure is permenant memory lapse.

  The aura chart describes aura and meanings with others for the purpose of aura manipulation. Once you master this, then you will truly be a master of Chi and Han.


Sources from: Everyday experience
Terry Goodkind books of the sword of truth series
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