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General chaos info

  The latin name of the chaos is chao and the Atleantian name is kao or xio, this is an idea of chaos as is space plus ether and is also Strife Earth. Chaos is the basic concept of change and all that comes with it, formed partially from too much collected activity energy and otherwise energy that is focused death and decay energy. The higher the energy in the cells and aura, the more you can do and the more chaos in the body. So think "not" and you don't do things with chaos.

  See if you think to project the chaos into iron or iron particles as you do things, iron doesn't really break down unless heated. See it is also a raw primordial energy that does what you want, while it breaks things down and as it's in the body as cell energy that was from too much going on activity of some sort, as there was always some chaos in thought in life you can focus with calmness in chaos. Chaos warps and changes anything that touches it or whatever chaos energy touches. As if energy is persistent in use and not in use is not too much.

  So, you can use it to morph things, warp effects, or as a shield to bend attacks while corrupting the caster. This chaos can be directed by use of an object, as the object serves as a philter (energy focus) or focus to do as you will and not let you be touched by the chaos directly, but the object can go bad on you if you do too much or go too far with it as just as you could go crazy and insane if you used your own body as the focus for chaos without a seal. It can also make /others/ that you use it /against/ go insane. Including those around your target when they try to figure it out. So it can have unintentional effects as well. 

  What else is there to elaborate on, if they use it, someone is more than likely going to go insane. Most insanity is bad. Yet where does death come from, the already killed and destructive energy as chaos. It forms to your will and makes the desired action, causing disaster to those you despise for drawing chaos makes an disaster offshoot like in a controlled reaction.
The warning in this is that to use a filter in order to direct it at other things you will make those things go insane, or things around them go insane, and it is still a possibly to have it backlash even though you're using a filter, because even if it has only a few TINY twinges of error, it poses the risk of backfiring strongly.

  Use of an object of iron as the containment philter to do your idea focus with is smart, this uses the idea that iron will control is it in a more effeciently done object focus and you can be assured no backlashes. With no bad effects of will leakage the iron strains the chaos. The end result is to 'kill' the chaos leaving order to do as you want before it can kill the object. That this makes some sense after thinking on it and if the containment is scratched after its use is for chaos it can leak out on your will. If your will leaks then the chaos will in as thought out moments are what follows the set example in as of a pattern and out in a point to do, as a activity in a point to do as considered thought is point ofview shift with the area seeming with the released energy viewed in focus in interesting thought.

  Find the use and you can use the thought, this is as if your in the thought that that energy is a life force. This is spare energy in a moments notice shaped as will and by will forms the ball that as a shaped formation used as a source construct. Think on the need as think to use the source and the construct will create as a creative purpose as a philosphical use you focus in on the thought spoken to create or seem manifestation with the idea you feel is necessary. This is as if you or the idea item, is in form and in shape by your will alone, that if you find interest in love of relation as a thought to chat and do else as something is there to do or to do other idea in life. As now however the focus on the chaos, brings resolve to seem pure emotion control in what you do by life and its little interactions by reiterations.

  There is life in a purpose and that is what can cause activity, this is counted as energy where this is used as an ideal energy. So think as the life you imbue is energy in an action. Your use can recollect the energy as a shapeable force or energy source that acts, as according to will this in direction by thought as thinking is with life. Think and the moment  becomes clear in action and only degradation and dissolving is with death energy, thought from the act of thinking death is to get the energy from the cellular degradation. This thought then is with focus, to your use in by activity in action.

Like you can bleed to something an if a concept there is a point if blood will bleed, to consider or think cool water is in your body and that uses the chaos as a source and as your body gets a drink so will the chaos disappear in dissipates energy that is converted to purpose. So in recap, the effect of chaos is to be more crazed and insane of more of that use that is but once insane then the idea is you won't always get out of the idea. Thus if you use chaos you can see a destructive end or use the destruction to do things. To focus chi and achieve. It can disrupt the event pattern into pieces causing chaos with interference of decay from the energy burst of the particle like an atom if allowed to do things.

  Is there an element of order to contain the chaos? Yes, raw or pure iron is to take the essence and energy of the raw iron to contain the magic of chaos as well to channel the chaos through the raw iron, it ceases the destructive effect by 'ordering' it to your idea through its structure and your brainwave that is picked up as instruction. There is a paradox effect through pure iron to cause a control of the chaotic disruptiveness but you have to start with pure chaos. Chaos tends to work till a point then it breaks down anything it uses and corrupts everything near it in the process. It causes a crazy fit in this point that ends after one comes to their senses or is rocked about by chaotic events. If you want to come to your senses try going through a doorframe in the mind to somewhere else that is to you nearly the same place. As you touch the air on the other side in your mind then sanity returns. As per se to do activity reduces the chaos, in deed. So some try to stop chaos, and do activity to restrain themselves from any action until the chaotic idea disappears. This works, but not always to do as you would wish. As the chaos is recognizable by some sort of work and thus we gnow the event building up and up and up. So the amount of chaos is the amount of a moment. The amount known to have happen.

  I have experimented with the chaos, it was like a disease that wanted more of itself and that describes it so I was sure to cleanse the object after. It went to convert more of environment to itself- not as a sentient, but like a floating rust rusting much metal to make more. According to this idea so far 'As chaos is due it will do.' So I have cleansed it with wind; as I thought it appropriate. So this is the reason to use an object, as lets just say that the object through telekinetics will do what you want and cause the chaos to do what it will an was directed. The object again, in the idea of telekinetics, orders it the chaos to do your will or idea. I found you can use by yielding chaos to a better effect. Only when the emergency is over will chaos release its hold and you become yourself. The reason this works is because the chaos is the basic force behind everything. With chaos, order becomes from the need to balance. Order is chaos with a structured mask. Since chaos is the base of everything, and you only need to know that all knowledge is within its grasp.

  Some could see chaos as a self contained world where normal activity is done, an with some extraordinary stuff as its due to be done to whom its directed at with the action that is of events and these events can cause chaotic idea to cause more chaos by powering it. You see, to use chaos you can become destabilized and irrepressable to people. Much as you want to do this but this gets in the way and you could feel the idea of some craziness for weak wills. You see an you have done so or had a moment to think about as a sign of chaos. As chaos sometime is an event of events that are not associatable an that happen alongside more of each other for human terms. In nonhuman terms it is of idea of an event that happens with no apparent order, where the chaotic energy can cause us to be of some mind to lose it if your not careful. There are chaotic visions that may seem normal but pinpoint out wrongs and things, that would be driving you crazy as you sometimes can do nothing about it. It can make a consideration of the events that is to come as a pleasure whether they are good or bad.

  Some go mad then, as I almost thought I did as some would from the idea of the visions it can not only induce. Once you use chaos then you can't just stop unless its necessary as I found. So to keep sane, use some order with the chaos as some even use it without. To reflect the true idea of chaos is to say 'by use we feed the rage of it, as if the angel of death but we don't always acknowledge it'. If the uses of chaos is to keep it stable it is like building a structure that fixes the flaws. But as long as its used it keeps together and builds up once stopped it breaks up. A 'oer' by use is idea where this is if we become of it. So we, if we know it is, if it is use is a use depending on itself. An to do an act may bring speech and the act may bring reflections in everyday possibility.

  So to use it with some ordered idea is like destabilizing it except in a negative manner in a paradox. That's why we have the paradox machine. It stops that effect. To use a paradox can be to neutralize the destabilizing effect that is of interest as it does keep it positive. The same thing anything is used in an activity, the element is applied in the manner you wish it as if the control is sufficient you an you can say that if use is enough then it will break something. There is also the event that powers the chaos and it seems like it goes on and on. To stop this event stops the chaos an as the feed of the chaos stops, again, more disruption may occur. As always it builds up things but may seem positive. As it brings up discordance by effect in motion. To be in the mention of chaos in a text or speech may cause a bleed through and in its case is to act as accordant that would be of idea to strengthen it.

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Paradox machine and chaotic math

  Some could use the paradox machine to counteract the chaotic effect. It works by chaos math to represent the actions. This chaos math depicts any acton/reaction as you would live to seduce or effect a so called "life". Where the action is to touch a person in the face, the reactions are to fight back, reflect or not react. Three unknown reactions will probably be run, deflect or duck. Finally the three unlooked for reactions are to learn to fight and as a resolve, dismiss it or die. There are other actions with reactions to go by feel. With chaos its seeming a consequence. So you do have an effect on the outcome or result. See by thinking of the point to create, then use the intent to create an end result, you create the point you think about or need to happen.

  The paradox of Chaos actually has rules, but as there's no rules that's the point. To see chaos you have to look beyond yourself, as we are creatures built upon the rules of logical thinking once you discard all rules you can see it, but the process causes insanity that stays forever. Because it can either be to use chaos in a paradox and is to be cancelling out the events that are bad or to use chaos in a paradox may make it more stable but it is to be applied by pure chaos where the stability is a good illusion. Its a good one, but an illusion where the stability is the illusion, so you are capable by what you do you can be unsurprised at the result.

  The result and cause is omni or all you think sometimes as the omni result is the chaos that is producing omniscent idea and way of life. Because your constantly to try to see the end or the result through events as in prediction. So to use chaos in an paradox is to see multiple events of an idea in your mind all near at once, so use it sparingly. This is what can cause insanity. Craziness comes from trying to use the idea coming from the multiple events, where craziness is not caring but doing. Chaos here is the event with other events, that can cause discord but in the singular idea its possibly a positive event and together the events are inconsistent with thought. But, its an acceptable input or can lead to an acceptable input.

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Experimenters and results by feel

     Some experimenters of chaos have done the use of thinking their intent and other things, such as stating the result to ensure their safety and create what they want as a need. As this one person used their own body and put a chaos seal on it that consisted of the element of iron. As it is strong to use on the emotion's. His first seal leaked, because it did not use iron essence and it caused madness in my family. Iron worked to seal it, now its contained until he say otherwise. What the family did, was meanness, ect..more than usual. He is using it and has contained it with essence of iron instead. He was unsafe and consequences were had. Magic exists for the good of our use and is dependant on its user for results, good is self-defined. Thinking of a likeness for this moment you see is what caused this result you might say. So think of another idea to do and it could resolve itself.

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Deadly dissolvation by magic
By Chris and Shizuka

   Deadly chaotic disorder is the result of chaotic energy, this is with energy that results effects on the body caused in thought and is by disuse and a deadly or corruptive area effect on the tissue in use. Unless dissolved by fire or cleaned and otherwise, this is flushed out and coverted from a point by a metamagic changing a disease to something else. The problem that worsens is with energy and relieved by curative energy removal in the end x causes the disinteresting materialistic dissolvation in the stomach and heart of the internal body of structure.

   This is a disease with a cure set by a plant, and use is in the point you do in the effort. Think to create by assumed forms and anything you do with herbs. This is unavoidably unaddictive, as a point is at the end. This ends the effect that was cast by a Dr Roboto in a secret lab in use that set forth on a concept with the wrong path you are on the right path. As you are on drugs used, and its effective with the dosage by usage. Sorta like a phony gas effect is what I wrote one day I was bored as if this was thought as natural energy not used, tis was done that is the effect by were to break down the dirt and grime by focus and applied activity. This creative approach is what creates what you can call interest, this is until disinterest hits you by repetition.

   As if they allowed it or not in use and thought isn't drained, energywise this is as they are as if a point Lords by use. As a point and with ideal, Chaos and need is something to do by felt desire or think to create. Thought and as you are the supplier, this is a point your use is set by the feel in "wat" is dissatisfaction. Thinking and what you seem in the act is by wat you or your acts create by spell to do else. There is an energy that if you use an egg, and the egge is deadly with disease tapped by thought in use.

   This was gotten with intent by magic from a heart disease formed from worms, this is just as the dog had it and the person got weaker after the area was used for magical essence. Otherwise its a dietary issue that was explained, set by weight and use is the inner energy by activity with a body tattoo you can imagine. There is a natural idea as if you were what you were thinking, stop as if you are lead to believe everything this is as you want some idea done. Think and if it is you don't want things, then its a point to use or completed operation. That is unless this is necessary and you don't want what isn't likable.

  This is energy that is curable, as you toss it and to the trash as a thought to sacrifice. As you are done you leave the area or stay if you own by rent, think or a house is available to buy as this is to avoid contaminating the area as it allows people breaks and by chaos in the body till it dies from it as your possibly braindead too as well. That gives the point of things as if you need it to seem in focus, as this was in an ancient man that the corpse once split open released from a pharoah. This is the mummies curse that went in the blood on a drink via red dust particles, and as it only actually activates on the death of the person this was totally unnoticable except to the person whose memories and activity made them aware of it or you can release it by energy put in an object somewhere as a collectors idea like an unwanted stray animal to kill it instead of you. This is a way to keep your effects from harming you yourself.
  This is an advanced stage of horrendous wilting spell, that is what created the effect to not have it as this was set by what you described and metaphysics. Think with metaphysics and the badly prepared belladona plant disappears, with the dispersed essence that caused it. This can also make this maybe release plant essence, its essence of the disease thought by energy sent with it as a source to outer space that removes its influence. Also the plant that caused it can cure you of it if prepared right.

   The point is energy is a lose to create a win type idea. The preparation is covered by the effect you channel a thought, as if some day this was from some point that the spirit can create to show what you think or with use by focus is by thought. Theory and use you can use is what you come up with or thought by use is created, as its created is by thou prepared as the spirit knows what it is as it is created by necessity. There is energy as this creates things, as you are aware and thought exists as you need the point don't need it you don't have to do it as your done and read as inference.
  Think and what you know is cool to use. Now that we've covered channeling, let's take a look at the concept of spirit guides. There is no other way to to remain cool. As this is not unlike channelling. Spirit guides can channel for you, as you need to know things you will and this in particular is a good use as you are free and you know what you see to do. You are a part of a shamans awareness connected by spirit, as a point this is were the spirit can think for you with the higher consciousness and this is known as witchcraft that consciouses are linked. As your energy is knowing, your aware and awake as energy is a thought from the area and ideal that the person's aura is leaking. There is a point that energy is awareness, this is from the spirit and as you were aware and know what to do then do it.
  Spirit awareness with a spirit bond and anis in another name, as if the brain is what is directed by the spirit as the left side of the brain is the sensing part is what is done and the right side is what sees as identified is what is necessary then as it remains it is gone if it is a point and witches consciouses. This is where a spirit guide is an entity from beyond the corporeal world that you make contact with directly within your mind to help you on your travels both within the spiritual realm as well as through life's vast wealth of experiences.  The mind is a powerful tool not only for its deductive capabilities, but also for its ability to communicate with things that exist beyond the periphery of the five senses.  One of the most important communications a human being can have with the other side is the relationship one creates with the spirit guide.

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Chaos spell

   Chaos can be used to control any other spell. Chaos can do this because all its energies can come from chaos or be emulated/copied by chaos. So, it could in effect act like any source of energy for as long as it is needed. To wield raw chaos one must have a positive backbone dedicated to neutrality. When chaos is used, expect things to break down.

   As Chaos can be used to cause destruction, as its a destructive force, forcing things to break down and as they work the chaotic destructive energy is released to effect your will. So chaos is infused with everything, to borrow from it is to add to it. If one gets too much chaos, which is pure insanity, they could go berserk at an unknown point in time. That could go on for a long time. Until you block out chaos by using imagined iron particles to do just so.

   Using chaos is true excillerance of control of the most basic powers of the universe. To measure chaos, just look around you and note the damage and corruption in the area. The level of chaotic damage is concurrent to how much chaos is in the area, as an activity that occurs and is to happen. Chaos is undetectable at any point of time except to yourself and when the damage is obvious. When practicing, before you do a chaotic spell, counterbalance the corruptive effects by doing five positive things for yourself or others if they ask, to cleanse yourself, and use a philter (energy focus) to focus the chaos as to avoid using your body as the focus.

   This philter can be a crystal or object that is chosen for the job. Cleanse the philter after chaos use. To cleanse it, imagine the idea of a waterfall flowing from your third eye to wash away the chaos in the philter, possibly running it under flowing water. Stating the effect for chaos to do, like 'cleanse yourself' after focusing chaotic energy an to be used, is to make the bad and corrupt things about someone or something to be broken down, in efforts.

   One thing to remember is the amount of structure you put into a chaos spell, the more usable the spell is although the less it does and more the inflexibility it is. There are degrees of chaos in levels for spell use. A useful level is to give the chaos energy a single directive in your mind. Like you are wanting an object and there was no way in your mind for you to gain it. So chaos gets it, although it might be damaged. So think and you are prepared, this is as you know it will not always work out with chaos.

   So structure the chaos spell to get you that object. Think or say "I want that object in my mind. Get it to me any way you can, chaos." Also, there is a way to do it that is simpler, just imagine the result or have the effect in mind and state the effect as intent. Other ways include, thinking of the object and stating or willing the words, 'Get the object to me'. And also, stating 'chaos be my will', and stating what you want will get you your desires, sometimes.

   Chaos by itself is unusable. Structured chaos is an ordered spell that has no structure at its heart but an external structure that directs the chaotic heart surrounding it. Remove that structure and you have nothing. However, it is a perfect unlimited storage device. All that is necessary is to know how to read patterns.

   Every action throughout the universe is written, as a stored pattern, in the Akasha records. Having seen or heard the pattern described is like a computer pattern match, that will flush out the idea in a form of knowledge after description of the event, or seeing it for your self. The way of it is to focus on using the general chaos, to gain insight of event. Think you know and you do, this is just as the creator causes you to know.

   It will appear, as a symbol, that you will understand. There is a 40% chance that the pattern match will occur and knowledge will appear as if you knew it already. If there is no pattern, then it has not been done before. One thing I noticed, when you don't try to understand what you do, it won't either as it is structured by the need at hand, and as your will is the intent that goes along with the state of mind that you are in. Chaos uses your mind as a template to form the moments you desire. Think of the idea, and it will form if you need it to be there.

  Negative energies are slightly different than chaotic energies but may feed the chaos. Negative energies are the collected hate and negative feelings that somehow get collected in one area directed by several people and generated by them. When you want to break down that hate to control things like chaos better, all you have to do is get to the heart of the matter that causes the hate through understanding. There is allot more hate in the world than there is understanding. So spread understanding by knowledge that is knowable, you can solve the misunderstandings that way.

   It is sometimes due to the misunderstanding of people. I think partly bad training and education are a cause of this misunderstanding. Look at the people around you. Notice some ugliness and hard faces? Thats hatred due to the fact that they couldn't do it but someone else could. Don't try to talk to them, because they will only try to push you away and ignore you when they can get away with it. If they can't get away with it, they will try to buy you off. Hatred does not break down easily with understanding, it breaks down with acceptance of the self. Think of a way and you know the point, that occured things and the spirit is what reveals this.

  Now, for understanding. Understanding occurs through tolerance of the situation along with talking to people about the problems they are having and this helps your focus to do things even with chaos. Some prejudiced people don't ever lose their hate because of bad training with unenlightenment or enlightenment of mind in the wrong direction. Sometimes when there is nothing left to feel, there is hate. You can use this hate though, this is used by thinking of the hate and avoiding what you hate.

   It still is a tool to use though never intentionally to inflict it on anyone. Only use it with a detached idea of mind toward elation of the usage of hate so you can dismiss it later if you need to. When a person does not feel any emotion, there is a social or mental problem therein that person's mind. If there is an attachment to hate then there is an idea, leading to grudges where people would never find a reason to get rid of it except temporarily or when they truly accept themselves.

  People are lazy bums by nature, so they won't get rid of hatreds unless there is a reason. As when someone hates something, they might not do that thing and just because, there are reasons, that are often decided by the person, and it doesn't mean that people will listen to them. Why would they change? Because of social strictures. This uses structures of social area to create with, this is set by what you do to measure your success in the public view. Such as in a game of social structures, that measures your skill in what you do.

   Social society would force a person to adapt no matter what their mindset is unless their resistant. When a social situation occurs, there is definitely a change in a person as if they were a different person entirely. This is the reason for masks. People wear masks that disguise the hatred they bear along with the other emotions. The expression is, don't ruffle people's feathers, or you could get short end of the stick. The person would unleash their hatred right on you, given the right moment.

   So, getting to that hate, of having the mask, is to make it dissolve and simply getting through that mask. Have them talk things out and accept themselves. A mask that is a disguise that people mentally wear to be accepted by society. Define yourself by your rules not by societies rules and only act as if you had a mask, but never have one in truth. This uses the idea you have to create a point, and that point is a point you remember, sometimes this is by emotional feel.

   Doing this, one doesn't have to worry about ever gaining a prejudice from blindness. Having a moment to except the mask like this is to deflect people whom you dislike but allow tolerate. This is called social acceptance. Wherein you are the actor that has to fool everyone else to keep the unlikeables away from you and be able to shift with the flow. When you wear this actor's mask, don't push people away unless you are antisocial.

   When you have the uncomfortable feeling that someone's detected your true self, then that person was meant to know you. Afterward, you only have to get the issues they have on you out in the open to talk to them for mutual understanding of each other's perspective and gain acceptance of each other. During this chat, get them to admit your faults they think you have. When you have all the information you need, observe yourself and note it out loud when your doing that action they speak of. After a while, you will stop doing that action. Thus, the tension is gone that proclaims anger. Whatever you do after this, try not to speak and this is to allow all the anger to dissipate. Show those people that you can change before you speak to them again. There will be allot of energy left over to fuel you positively.

  However, chaos can control the mask. This is by stating or thinking. "Chaos, control the mask." Directed at the person. Then you get control of the person's act and how they react with the mask. An alternative command is, 'Chaos, let me control the mask.' This allows you to control anything of the person's mask. Thinking of how they should react will make them act that way.

  To steal someone's spell is to make focus on chaos and feel yourself flow with chaos. Be with chaos and wait for them to start their spell. When they start their spell, start talking and sounding almost like them and you've disrupted them. Another way is to join with chaos and wait for their spell. When the spell is started, slip into the spellcasters mind using the stream of chaos and convince them that the magic isn't theirs, as you mentally think to them "since the magic isn't yours, give it to me. Afterward, forget you did this." Add a "I won't kill you." if you mean to insinuate things. Or, think to the energy of the spellcaster that you can trace, thinking to it 'I am the spellcaster, do my will'. This is just an example but you can do it any way you want to create a point or action by idea that's expressed or thought.

   They will either die on the spot with the death idea, because of the suggestion. Resist it totally. Do as you want. Or, give the magic to you. Now, slip out through riding the chaos flow in their minds. This works best of very strong and focused spellcasters. If you want them to die, suggest to the now attacking mage the words 'death to yourself'. This procedure is known by a person named impotens, that did it and it is riding the mind through chaos power. One can never do this to one who knows about it. You would probably get worse suggestions back. So think of your own thing, and you get sometimes a better result.

   As to never be stupid with this technique. If one suggested the thought of "work with me" as they cast the spell at you they will never kill you no matter what they do, but they will find a way to train or work with you instead. Some indication of this due to a laboratory experiment. It doesn't work with everybody.

  The way to yield chaos and survive an impossible situation is a rather unique one. It is simply this, Focus on force called chaos and say "Chaos be my will and help me survive!" Do this and allow yourself to give in to chaos's will. When chaos beckons to do something in a death or deadly situation. Make certain you do it. If in any other situation, make the judgments call about that choice. You must use morality with the choice decision. As, sometimes you could lose friends without knowing it. To free yourself from chaos. State, "As chaos set the pattern, my will is my own."

  Generally, chaos will preserve the situation. It will usually swing the fates to allow you to get the best result according to the moral you follow. It will use every tool that is necessary to accomplish your goals. Know yourself before you do this. What you will gain is the control and manipulation of everything around you. This is possible because chaos is part of the base force behind everything. To cast something that binds someone against their will is to lose your power. To heal some must ask 3 times to get acceptance before trying to.

  Chaos confusion can cause destructive confusion near the target enough to distract the opponent. This will be a disturbance somewhere where the caster wants it, so badly to be effective, plus it can take any form the practitioner wants. Call this to happen by thinking of chaos and funnelling its forces, imagining a wand formed of energy to be in hand and pointed, to release toward the target and breakdowns near the target or even with the target will happen.

   If your targeted, use your will to null the effect or risk being dazed for six or more seconds. How long you focus the funnelled chaos into being near the person, by thought of it being near said target is how long the chaos confusion will last six times each second.

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The rules of chaos

Rules of chaos happen if too many things occur an is shown in Terry Goodkinds "Sword of Truth" series .

  1. The first rule of chaos, think to use effective force made by expedience and change, this is honed with proficiency to make effect to proficiency, mixing doesn't make a match except for some cases.
  2. The second chaos rule, you can't deter what is not deterrable or turnable, although deterrance can make a concept that is useful when thought about.
  3. The third rule of chaos, most rules are in effect except by a undeterrable force and only because of belief, you don't have to do it and peace can deter the motion.
  4. The fourth rule of chaos, make hazard where its allowed or hold off, and do the good intention and best action, mention it and it stops.
  5. The fifth rule of chaos, good is a definition of an idea with the case of varying grades of expertise to give pause or effect, and get applause. This is with desire or fame and used to deter the moment of conception, or it can be of positive nature to do positive acts of self-desire. This is to help others with achievements or do respectful balancing actions.
  6. The sixth rule of chaos, demonstrations are necessary to give an idea for consideration, what you see is possible to recreate the event with and make a better understanding in two forms, destructive for a reproving action, and attraction to cause promotion and achievement.
  7. The seventh rule of chaos, disrespectful behavior and chaotic harmony gets the ambitious going and makes more havoc or play until not needed by others. So do things using activity as a fuel for self concern; that allows for gaining cold deliberation of power and invention with intervention.
  8. The eigth rule of chaos, self-disposition create havoc or thought as in illogic or logical things. Self-respect creates a consistent balance that conserves by useful activity to balance things out. Useful with conservation of energy.
  9. The ninth rule of chaos, the efficient action is to think of yourself first and others second for improvements; use grudge campaign to achieve very bad results.
  10. The tenth rule of chaos, bad is defined as expertise to prove an ability and create fear, wherefore you can think to do evil in the name of good; money isn't the root of all evil as you need income somehow to live, its what people do with it that counts. Think before you speak and you should be fine.
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Chaos meditation (sight and memory style)

  An alternative is to use chaotic meditation, Chaotic meditation is to raise emotion or hope to meditate with and not try to think of much to clear your mind. Also to think of what you have to achieve in orderly thoughts. Then using unordered murky or disruptive memories of which you unrelate mentally with, by using a switch labelled bad memory on/off and feel the disbelief of the memories to be in effect by you. Then turn off the switch for suspension of disbelief. This is a shock treatment. As once your dazed, try to be startled or snapped out of it on meditation end by thinking.

  By "The art of creative thinking" to become calm with the release of tension by remembering the soothing chaos. To avoid suicide tendency, make yourself not see the memories as memories but as moments that are dismissed or emotional detachement will occur with numbness and sometime madness. Best if the chaotic meditation is possible to be used with other meditations.

  To use the above with chaotic conditioning, use two different idea to effect a pause and reconsideration, to fix a thought in the head by stating a chaotic (out of the air) or normal thought to make forgettance of the other idea that was suspected or thought on before. This works similiar to hypnotism but is different as you need no hypnotism to make it work.

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Chaotic Puppeteering

   Reality life waves, are chaotic events and how they interact with another event. They hold the power to change anything they touch by each wave being a decision. The reality point is an anchor event. The event that doesn't change and yet you can feel peace and calm. There are many reality points and each has the difference and power to bring people together or keep things working. There can be many versatile decisions that lead up to one. In each versatile decision, there is a point that decisions control the waves and lead to a new reality point. There can be many reality wave decisions that can be different and still lead up to a reality point.

   Puppeteering uses the waves of realty as though they were chaotic strings, and the idea from those waves, in the form of visions. To cause an idea from impression on some others subconscious, by 'touching' these chaos strings, and its considered chaotic puppeteering. You touch them, by imagining the black strings being touched and held as they are attached to the target, with your energy being sent on and as you think of what you want to happen, it will occur to the person. In actions they find themselves doing things. This uses a form of black magic and takes practice and basic knowledge of the reality life waves.

   With these impressions, there are many events from them, as the chaos can loosely be defined as an event with many chaotic events. And, the basic idea is that the mind notices the idea, that rings out from them and causes you to be aware of the events that signify themselves, by feel its very easy. In meditation, its easier or in stance its somewhat easy. This is where the events are what causes our mind to expand in thought and thinking ability. Where, you review mentally the signified events, one by one. So, you basically can pull the strings of someone, if you wanted to control them. As, you can understand what they are doing.

   Due note: As you can touch the chaos strings, think of an idea to send effective energy through them, you may also pull on them, as you imagine the strings being tugged and pulled on. This gets the persons attention and may cause them to come find you.

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The 8 ways of chaos

  This be a philosophy of chaos, in and of itself comprosing of  eight ways. In the eight ways of chaos, it seems that that particular rune or symbol was put for a easy other than the idea that one can go many ways but mostly to stop it; to continue, the "eight ways to chaos" are not the only eight ways, but a distinct set. The idea is to use one of the eight ways before you attempt mastery over chaos itself. I am refining, but to the eight arrows there may be fire, water, earth, wind, void, light, electricity and iron, which is the element of order in my opinion, but is necessary for full mastery.

For one who wants to master one thing, it is good to master the way to combat your way and be well rounded, as well as have a defense when it is used. Such is definitely true when the element (chaos) is constantly trying to madden and destroy in and of itself. Such the essence of iron and the theoretical (or possibly existent) element of 'order' are similar, linked or one. One may say he or she uses an order element when it is really iron. I don't see a problem with that way, but classification isn't important at this level, as one must find their own ways when at the level to begin use of chaos. As a simple theory, we could make it up and it could be taken as truth an made true as if in the mind. It has to make sense or it won't be taken as truth. The chaos or energy would cause it if it was stated. As it corrects if you do your use with it.

Thinking to work with 100% chaos there is to be with a 10% amount of iron to hold it. (That's conservative, as less iron has prevented leak, but 1., how hard is it to get actual iron, even if from steel, and 2., you want to be safe in case your scanning of the amounts were incorrect.)

  Experimentations were being conducted with steel, as that was proven to work even better. The basics are important. As action, reaction. As when you agree in ultima, which is of the entirety of the multiverse and creation. Encompassing all reality. that the action does not have any force, there is no force behind the reaction and thus the chaotic conflict does not occur, but it follows the persons will by intent. This is just one truth proving that humans manipulate their own reality.

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On chaos (advanced)

This is written by a mostly insane person, fiendish not but in some idea. Now sane and not doing chaos.

  I recommend no one makes any use of chaos energy, particularly without the help of someone experienced in it's use. That being said, there is a lot of theory, and more so philosophy on chaos. Chaos is many things, as it is an energy, an idea and more. Chaos is a liberator, as well as a bondsman. Chaos is not good, and it is not evil. Chaos is everything and in of everything. Usage is of expedience and expenditure is of use.

  There is chaos from positive actions, such as too many non destructive actions, and chaos from negative actions, such as too many disruptive or disturbing destructive actions. Where the positive chaos is capable of changing things, the negative chaos is also destroying things that it gets near from its 'influence'. So there is often some destructive activity and some positive activity, so its almost always slightly destructive.

The idea of chaos is a somewhat confusing and consuming energy, its confusion may often be considered insanity. Often mistaken for being innately evil, (similarly to dark energy), it can be naturally destructive but because it lacks an entity behind it, it is obviously not evil, though it may seem so. It is fair to say that it is easier to use chaos for evil than for good, as it is easier to use it for destruction than it is to use it for production. Chaos left alone will often attempt to grow, as well as chaos stimulated by your focus on it, so be careful.

Taken from the words of Spellhawk, chaos is best controlled with iron or iron's essence. (Iron essence can, compared to chaos, be called "order", as it is one of the few and best defenses to chaos energy.) Ironically, a person who is or wishes to be skilled with use of chaos energy itself must first, among other things, be able to manipulate iron's energy and essence in order to control chaos. Normally, by the time a person feels it is their time to begin learning such a volatile element as chaos, they will already be experienced enough to easily make use of iron and it's energy to control the chaos they intend to store or otherwise use.

Chaos is undoubtedly best kept in things not in contact with the human body. I have personally created a chaos seal over my chakra using iron essence. An eight star cut physically, with an iron-essence cylinder holding a large amount of chaos energy, feeding off my chakra. This caused my aura to eventually become essentially polluted (though 'polluted' is a rather unfair term) with chaos energy. This is not safe, nor recommended, and the consequences are unknown for an average person's use. An iron pendant or ring is a fairly good place to store chaos energy for later use.

Chaos energy, though corruptive and volatile, is an excellent source of energy for anything from construct to 'Troll's Strength', though it is obviously not recommended to use chaos energy on your very body.

Chaos can cause insanity, as does chaos energy. When creating a seal or item to hold chaos energy, the best idea is undoubtedly to make it iron, or at the very least use iron essence. I have witnessed using a normal-energy cylinder seal to hold chaos energy, and it leaked and caused low-level madness in nearby humans, such as family and friends, until the seal was fixed.

Chaos affects many things. The main one obviously being other energy, when it corrupts and overtakes it often. Chaos will not always do this, particularly if there is no mental stimulation from a human or other being. Telepathy is affected by chaos by adding stressing thoughts and causing instability and minor madness, as well as inability to think correctly, whether that is judgment-wise or focus-wise. Chaos has a large effect on empathy as well, particularly strong-receiver empaths. This is often more powerful than on telepathy, or the mind, as it causes insanely stirred emotions, stress and other emotional chaos.

Chaos is a powerful tool, like dynamite, but even worse. I do not recommend it's use for nearly anyone, but if you get to the level where you begin to use it, I recommend the following:

1. Get help from someone experienced before beginning.
  2. Be careful for yourself, and especially those around you.

The insane don't usually see how they could be insane. As some won't see it no matter how many times it is explained to them unless they're willing to self-observe. Some good idea on chaos though maybe as chaos is to be byperdant or expenditure byproduct used by thinking it does things and it reacts to happen your idea. If it's the same thing, you can do it at will. As it takes but is a sometimes very little amount, but uses some raw force of power.

  Anything that would require power before requires much less when in a use of chaos. It seems to be an increasing energy, not bound to the idea that energy basically decreases when used. And you accept the price for service of slight insanity. The consequences come when you are foolish or make mistakes with it. I have experienced so, and so am so so refined.

Something to think about and take as you will:

Do light and chaos mix? Do the energies of light and chaos mix? Does pure illumination mix with pure destruction? I think so as light is built off the destruction of particles as they release emanation. The concept may seem simple; elements combine. Right? Yes just, do. You make them, they do it, you have something new.

Chaos and light are different and the same. Every element has the potential for an odd mix, but chaos and light, seemingly opposites, based on the incorrect assumption that chaos is innately evil, make an excellent team. I'm not at liberty to discuss everything, and I mean that. Coherency isn't always my thing, and I'm definitely not going to try to become coherent enough for the average person to understand, but draw your own conclusions and increase your strength.

He who uses chaos and he that brings light in one vessel; an amazing concept that can be unsane, and the power of which is overwhelming. (Starcraft pun?) To continue, I believe this makes for the extension of the individual's energy to make for what could be considered an angel of chaos. A shining metal suit, a helmet, a sword, shield and wings of an angel. Not the Satanic forces in disguise, but a servant of the Most High making use of the embodied recreation of his shattered spirit; this power is the limit of corruption in such a co-dwelling. The Spirit said, the guard of the vessel, protecting from the scum that fell so long ago, that followed the long lost Star that made the most fatal decision in history.

Beautiful and sad- the stars sing of it, the men preach it, the world evidences it, and our lives are intertwined in it. The epic saga of the universe itself, from the beginning to end.

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Chaos reavers (Chaotic demons)

  Similar to demons in stature, they can appear to be made of reddened flesh and muscle or even to black organic crystals. Caused from people who use chaos and sometime die or a convert their bodies into chaotic idea. In the killing state they are as ferocious as beasts from the blood and chaos lust. In their usual form they stand upright, curved black horns stick from their head though they have minor control over their appearance and some can shape-shift. Some remain in clans and some are solitary, much like a tribal society. They have a genius intelligence and live for the excitement of carnage and chaos. They bring change through events to renew planes in a state of stagnation. Mostly they work behind the scenes to work a world into war then watch at the sidelines or join the front line. 
  Urges to kill come to them as if a calling from the bottom of the soul because it relieves the chaos. The Reavers would kill a friend as soon as an enemy if they became non-useful as the belief that all is recycled within the universe to begin anew, and they are just planting the seeds of rebirth through blood. They rely heavily on instinct and can slip through planes on will. Most manage to control the blood lust through will, it's less a thought of 'losing control' than of rightful events they make to pass. The world is placated and thus the cycle is not moving, so their function is to help it move. Extremely violent.

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Chaos Angels

  An angel that comes from the land of chaos and serves chaos. They primarily use raw primordial chaos. This is to get results. These angels have tendency to do things on a whim and get upset at any slights in their direction. They serve the God/dess of chaos, for their own purposes. They have no morals for their actions and they tend to act as guardians. They are formed out of chaos and in a shape that the chaos deity decides. They have black wings and very high energy. Thus, they can be told apart by the level of chaos in the area and from angels that have white wings.

  That shape is formed using the chaos as a creative use in mind is molding the use as essence with the human soul. The chosen soul is usually chosen by the chaos deity that wants to award the lucky person. When formed, they can change their shape to any other form by will. All diseases disappear from them, that they picked up at a moment the time blinks and power fluctuates some area. This is when they shapeshift. When they enjoy themselves now however your use can consult and control by the consciouness of the reality, there is nothing that is wrong as think you can do as you think want you do correct. There is usually more chaos in the area than usual. They love chaos the most, so they stir it up in the area to get even more enjoyment. Mostly, they target those who break the laws of the land.

  To kill a chaos angel, makes you replace them and with yours and their memories. This death causes you to become the chaos angel. So, be warned, you won't die from the process. It might be very painful though. Otherwise, they can devolve the target to the point of unintellible incoherence and not being understood. They control chaos reavers and they can create kaos fear in anyone they target. When a chaos angel sings, they can cause events by making a chaos wave.

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Kaos fear

  Kaos fear is a condition of chaos fear set by spell effects on a person called upon or there at the moment. As if you fear it, you wanna remove it or ignore it. So you either remove the chaos or fear it, again due to an effect of a chaotic spell done at you. The second idea is they could love it, due to an effect of it. One might hope it doesn't backfire and make a crazy enemy tear your face off. So their calmed of the fear by talking about it. This relieves the fear by using psychology on the victim, even if it is yourself. The effect can be amplified too, of wanting more of it in those very bad.

  Clearing misconceptions by clearing mistaken ideal, that is the chaos of the moment and mis creation energy dissipates away sometimes with this mp3 that's downloadable here and this is used to clear the chaos where then there is fear no longer. So you wish to understand or think to work with others or yourself. Don't actually agree to do this if you don't need the stress that this causes. The point then is the moment that you know if you work with the area and you notice things. This is the area that points things out, this is not always the point and that is going right to the idea.

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Kaos bomb

  This is an advanced kaos fear effect. Kaos bomb is a condition of chaos fear set by spell effects on a person called upon and sent by an idea, that's thought about or its there at the moment you want them to be effected. This is cast by thinking about a point to inflict and think of the person, then hold your thumb and middle finger together and make a tossing moment. That is when you release the middle and thumb finger and the cast is done. This just an example. As though if you fear it, you wanna remove it or ignore it. So you either remove the chaos or fear it and then you create less fear in others that oppose you, again due to an effect of a chaotic spell done at you or near the person. The second idea is they could love it, due to an effect of it.

  One might hope it doesn't backfire and make a crazy enemy tear your face off. So their calmed of the fear by talking about things and things are through. This relieves the fear by using psychology on the victim, even if it is yourself that's effected. The effect can be amplified too, simply put of wanting more of it in those very bad. Think and feel the effect dissipate with a point, this is to get away from the effect. If you think then you stop the effect from forming, and the point is done with by fellowship or feel.

  Clearing misconceptions by clearing mistaken ideal, this works even with the kaos bomb and that is the chaos of the moment and mis creation energy dissipates away sometimes with this mp3 that's downloadable here and this is used to clear the chaos where then there is fear no longer. So you wish to understand or think to work with others or yourself first. Don't actually agree to do this if you don't need the stress that this causes. The point then is the moment that you know if you work with the area and you notice things. This is the area that points things out, not always the point that is going right to the idea.

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More advanced technique

  Advanced focusing; So the technique is advanced focusing, I think in order to do this idea, you may need to breath in and out as you think of what you intend to create. See there you go with that idea. Oh btw if you focus energy from around yourself to your body, the energy will be cleansed and stored as usable to your cells. The higher the energy the more decaying death energy and if you focus that energy then you can break down things or stop things from working right.

  That energy is chaos as mentioned above, btw.. chaos magic according to 'chaos magicians' is basically the ability to use any magical practice that you choose to believe in at the time. if you think it works, it works. Anything can be a focus object as long as it holds the right significance for the person whose intent is being cast. So whatever you thing, goes along with this idea.

  However the more energy you have, the more you can focus and perceive things. So go figure. This actually works, and that is the second part of advanced focusing. You can't break down iron though, so project it into iron particles and you unage and create with a point. This also allows you to lower the death and decay in the cells. That means you won't age as fast. That's interesting, right?

  There is a price to this, of course, when you attempt this if you don't do exercise you might gain in weight and that creates less effect. That's because you tend to raise your metabolism by the attempt. Interesting though. The iron is any iron or imaginary iron. Its a fascinating point where you either hold off and drink and not eat or you could eat everything in sight. So this can be that point you avoid passing out, if you drink water.

  I have seen similar things in NARUTO he called it nature energy and he focused it by sitting still. That's where I got the idea..except you only appear as yourself. How long should I sit? If you can draw the energy and feel it, you can do this moving better. See you don't necessarily have to sit. Well actually, you imagine your storing the death and decay into iron or iron particles.

  You might feel sleepy, that is what happened as I imagined the thing. Its another effect of doing that. It is taking chaos out of the system and also making my head spin a little. Sometimes after you wake up, things will get easier. So do it in spurts, if you want to keep the head spinning down. Also think to drink water, if you think water particles are absorbed from the moisture in the air. Think heat energy is creating what you want and if there is any noticeable coldness you know it is creating.

  If this is with the use of the hands, this includes use of your two spiritual hands, then you mold or shape an effect. You can create anything with this effect, where you are literally drawing in energy and creating the point you think with the hands. This causes the effect of nausea and head spinning to lessen. This is why it is an almost forbidden technique, the dizziness that is there by feel. Think to use it if you need the idea.

  Don't do this technique unless you drink something, if you want to avoid feeling disoriented. This is a point of idea that you create by the spirit. The soul is stored energy information and conscious by the feel. So think and you know what to do. If you think to create with this technique, then you can make whatever you want by the point you feel is necessary. This is a point done by feel. So if you focus chaos energy on your weight, then cause weightloss. This isn't really allot of weight lost, yet its enough to make the effects you attempt easier.

  Combine that with the water energy particles, then you created weight loss the easy way. Without it, you are likely to keep maintaing your body weight, so to speak your intent is to create your intent. This is a known fact of life, that uses the power of words and if you write it down you create with words what you intend by the power of suggestion with the subconscious mind. This is the effect of using scripts, so think to not do things and the scripted event stops.

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Skyhawk, Caz, Ben and ad hoc Jordan