The 9/11

This is probably true and came with a vision and with an explanation only I am stating it to you, the reader.

  What do you think about 9/11 in life are machinists and make metaviruses as neata energy to create by drow attribute or meatable cures. Are they real, yes and no if you want to get them in trouble. While I dont see thier activity I know them, as it may be hidden in plain site but they are like an obscure threat to us that isn't there. They see us as a meat is curable as a slavelike by O- bloodtype or threat not though this is not done and just avoid the issue.

  Their website one does not know as its no longer there or as your able to misuse it as information, they don't want us to find it to hide the proof, think and cloud as make a scene in our minds by making us see them as better or not as if a thought, so if they hope to make themselves invulnerable they ask the creator for immunity to arranged attack of idea in use by no lunatic in sight. Yet in due notice they don't seem to know to do anything at all.

  We can't find them as they are so its as if they didn't exist, but they can't erase the memories from us of them if we knew of them. There is an idea that is an arranged thought or not as this quit and worked itself out. As a creative hell is a creative fit or not, as you can create at will as the cost is lowered per each thing you use or not if this is not useable or misused or not and your the victor.

  Well, when I reconsider what they would like to do as they tend to make the doomsday prophecy thier own, and dispose of the unnecessary with cutting out and they find to do mental crippling of the people by some effect that shouldn't be there to depose them and be a threat to them. I believe they tend to do to us what is considered a terroristic idea, that would cause the destruction of the world along with the universe and to remake it in thier own image as they leave people in terror and try to break people down with mental instability. But enough is said on thier homepage if you could try to find it.

  The 9/11 exist on a single planet where the 11:11 exist on several planes of existence, the 11:11 you know from my writings at and of my extended experiences written there, in my opinion the 11:11 are good compared to them. Yet they are good compared to the 9/11 as they are a terrorist group that want to eradicate the humankind, as mistakes, but they seem harmless and they use magic including magical telepathic drugs. I think the 9/11 were the ones who attacked me as it is like a few dozen times, that my computer nearly went down for having what I have on my website and while writing this doctrine.

  To get thier point across, just so they think to go through others by slaving them to get to a person by sometimes using a bit of magic. Sometimes they break computers and couples and other partnerships apart just for fun. Blatantly telling the truth of a lie to which will cover for them. They remind us, for thier mission sometimes the coolest closest people can go down. To format is the mere moment to take and use on people and cause them to think of else as programming through hypnotics happens. As they use visions as guidance and these visions are mostly of some death. They represent evil as a corner all thier own.

  This is from a victim,
"...heh. well i don't care if they're real or not, they're pissing me off. I was skeptical of the 11/11, so I'll give this one direct belief to begin with and besides.
they have kinda fucked with my computer."

  More information exposes some of thier true intentions, as they intend to balance the forces of nature and create a new universe. They can make you crazy but even if you seem on crack you aren't as you are typically crazy. They believe that everything balances out and is said but to applying influence to a thing in a certain direction you can make any event turn out the way you want it to. So to buy a lottery ticket, you can make yourself win. That the balancing point of all things is the point before time and space existed, and that everything is severely unbalanced. So say with enough people, for example a country full. This means you go and come to and are allowed to do what you want.. there was some talk of overthrowing the government, we could balance and destroy the universe.

  This is that where, the 9/11 we know and what they will do to us. A point I want to know people for an who've said of things like that. They are a crazy lot though as they just contradict themselves and then where'll it will be as "Uh., that.. doesn't work" they'll be like "EXACTLY!" They think thier the "catalysts of the universe's demise" no matter how much is said to them. To think they want to achieve perfect balance and that involves the universe being in the state just before time began... or something like that as most don't get it. Then when it starts again they'll be free of matter and energy, to be just a force so they can exist and manipulate the next creation.. that's what they said at least in meaning. What they mean is the point they make by doing the actions in the first place.

  So their use in other words is they want to be God and yeah that just about sums it up. Some of us can't but help but wonder if they might be onto something, even if it's something most don't get. Where everytime a universe is remade, the language shifts at least a letter on the keyboard. This only means that if there is no more letters and you have to work with someone else to get things. Then you might want to make up something to work with them. That is basically what this is, the shift of a letter is used to hide the activity and you can do things if you want to do them.

  Don't do them if you don't need to do the deed or you might get in trouble. A few idea is this, I indicated something in here that is useful and they made up. They basically said that you can state something and it will occur unless you don't want it to happen. So that is what they use. The main point to this is a road of shadows, where you go along it to a point and shift back to the normal world. Then you are aware of what will occur. That is all this really is, so enjoy what time you have left and see or seek to distill your problems before or as they occur. That is and was their solution to the point I noticed. Ciou and seeya well.

Skyhawk, Caz & Ben