The 11:11 cult

This is a vision with explanation only and I am stating it to you, the reader. So its an attempt to explain it as it had happened. On a second thought I will note this to you, they opened all their gates and are done by now so they are no threat to society. What I think though is this, they await a time to rejoice when others realize what they did. They wait for us to utilize the feelings from the gates of energy that they opened. So I think this means they as a culture are unique, seen as a point and just existing with the area or within their own made worlds. The vision explains this point perfectly, so use the idea that is represented if you want to use it. They do not mind as they now live as they want to live, usually in a lap of leisure or idea generating by feel.

"Have you ever seen the 11:11 cult? Like frequently and stuff? I see Confusion. I'm confused, really confused because this means, my visions were not lies. That could mean disaster is approaching of these odd feelings I get. That higher feeling of unision. It means something, and I know it's important. Even if not everyone recognizes it, somethings approaching at 2011 thats bad. I don't know if it depends, but I couldn't see Earth. And yet, these feelings I've had ALL my life. I was born at 7:11 PM. My vision is this, It feels like Earth went through some rejuvination process which lead to new sights, new smells, new existances. So, it's that the people lived on the water. Earth seemed fully capable of habitation."

On 7 the day will darken and on 11 the day wil be disaster. I see that's not the only meaning. There is more but many of my quatrains were unclear as 7 is of unity. For instance, there are 7 colors of the rainbow and 7 supposedly leads up the the quartet 11. On 2011 11/11 11:11, something will happen. Also there is this whole wierd cult dedicated to 11:11 They have been opening so called 'gates' since 1993. Each gate supposedly leads them closer to this 'Oneness' and it's very scary actually. What if this Oneness is really some being feeding off of the collected hopes of humans?

There must be more to this as I was born at 7:11 PM and I constantly see 11:11. On 2011 11/11 11:11 something will happen. I know it, as I have felt it all my life and the oneness is a mental unity I don't really understand. This certain feeling has been with me forever while it's a type of solace. It really makes sense of what has been happening in my life.Maybe there is a reason, maybe my concepts of Ether, Aether, Cosmeria, and Infini have meaning in this sort for matter, for it will be a unity of minds across america, but not just across america.

It will bring the attention of a evil one according to some. This cult will have activated the sixth and seventh gates soon. Supposedly the 11th gate is activated on 2011 11/11 11:11. I feel this Oneness too but where could it be? Its based in another existance, yet the civilization can contact it. I see, but the civilization will only have enough hope and willpower to do this by opening seven gates to weaken the reality. They will also rely on the power of the laylines and the arithmancical number 11 to help contact this being.

The problem persists that the oneness is linked to a bad race as well. Will try to swarm to where the humans are linked. But there is no true evil so obviously this race has a reason, for doing such. For every 1 to two races in universe is hostile. So they would look for opportunities and they might see humans as a risk free victory path.

I met one when they found my unity and tried to destroy me. I immediately closed the gate. Then how can this be stopped? Already five gates were opened and, well: I hope humankind won't be destroyed, though it will cause america to fall. I saw the results, the buildinngs, rundown buildings. I went there mentally to check it, as it was 2012 and there were mysterious problems that appeared and could not be gotten rid of. I brought the newspaper home from the future.

Here is an account I got off from the internet. It's big, it's too big so go to Subj: The Vision; Date: 97-01-01 07:20:06 EST. Look at that article. You have to scroll down a bit.

I wrote a quatrain on that, its "the day of destruction, and the day of return will bring humans to a better state."

Now here is the scary cultist website at and pay attention to the Dictionary link. It's odd, how can they have so many ideas that I have developed? For the process of portals will condemn humans. Oneness, no existance of time, past lives being fragments of a NOW. Process of portals, as in gates and past live are an existance to now.

Yes I know people are linked thruout existance, That's the problem, how can they also know about that? Its a theory on parallel developement. I know, I can sense many parallel universes. All seven of them connected to this one, but one could be encroaching on us. That could be the one that holds that bad race:

Ooh yeah,:it will be like blood 2, the game with strange creatures appearing from nowhere. United states will be in ruins and people gone to cannibalism. Its a game that describes a demilich caleb. I know this though and that its a very unique game.

Maybe I'm a Starchild/Star Borne/Remnant Seed or whatever described in their dictionary describe it. I don't get it though, their views of the colonization of earth and of the memories I have and of the feelings I have. It's the same as there are others like me. I know, but I feel different, I feel more like an independant variable.

How do you believe earth was colonized? Well by other people from other worlds/dimensions. Though evolution did take it's part and I think there is more then one truth to everything. I met some families who agree. In any case. Do you agree that something should be done to stop all eleven of these gates from being opened?

Its the source of the demon war. Demon wars? Well actually the real name is Daemon, not Demon. The demon wars are of people that would betray each other unless they were aware. So, not all Daemons are evil. So I won't be finding solace in 2011 as I saw near that time, the whitehouse will be bombed by supernatural guidance. So say a spell to uncause it. A spell? I'm not that strong enough to distrupt something so big as a chain of 100,000 people opening these gates! So with enough people we can stop them if they say a spell to halt the gates.

Actually more then 100,000, and they have seperate anchors of energy and such. It's all very intricatly planned. Too complex and hard for a simple spell to break by one person. I have to do something! That's why my visions have become cloudier. Everyone's senses, realities, feelings, the matrix of awareness is being rewritten slowly by using a combination of Geomancy, Arithmancy, and Theomancy.

I had a vision; This vision lasts 5 min and light isn't truth though its thought to be.

"The way to the light is the way to the future: I heard myself say a roar of a crowd. I sing a celtic song that was an argument. This song was w/no music, thus I spoke in rhymes of an old action. Then at every other word I heard the crowd repeat the word its always a short moment."

Then the vision ends plus from what I saw there aren't many children. More old than young" What do you think, is it noteworthy? I don't know. I then percieve a new image "a newspaper seen with the year 2014; the destruction of notre dame. Some crazed lunatic bombs the place, destroying the stadium while they practice."

"I see a rebirth not a destruction, I just have a feeling the world will be reborn. I see people living close to the water. On the shore, near caves and all,"

There was this very strange vision, "the road was paved in a non pavement glistening material, the city walls are in silverish dark material. It was like a fort or castle and I don't know what I was doing there, but its a business like the casa bonita restaurant for mexican food. Theres more to this, as outside there's nothing and no one around. The roads are clear and I had cooked the meal itself, I had stated "damn gates." The vision ends there. I recieved more information from the visions that relates to this cult, Thier leaders are bloodred and black in color by aura. Slightly or completely corrupted and bloody, they seek the reformation of the universe. But not all thier leaders are bad as some are likely to enjoy torment are secretly very cruel with a cool surface but maybe violent inside.

There is an explanation to the gates. The gates are the 11 gates as they amplify magic and raw elements. Every time they open the magic gets stronger. When this occurs, it allows magical events to happen, manifesting unusual events. With each gate open there are more terrible events that happen. So be prepared if the gates continue opening. I saw the vision and I usually live the event, most times to feel the event out. The occultists may attempt to stop any people that are against the openings, so be wary. As more gates are opened, the closer we are to this oneness spoken of at the first.

The 11:11 use the 11:11 species to get thier import across as because of them, the 11:11 are likely to cause people to feel that something good or ambiguous will occur as with something of importance. The 11:11 are beings that exist on a higher plane, outside of time. When they influence the 3rd (Physical) plane they must do so in only a split second, or they will waste a lot of time that could be used better. They can manipulate energy through electronic fields and technology, and their most common signatures are number sequences which tell of thier doings by numeric meaning: in particular, '11:11'.

 There are others used too, such as '12:34', '01:01', etc. It's really up to the reciever of these signs to interpret them through their 6th sense. The signs are given for many reasons. That the person is on the right track, as a que to get the person to think about their actions at the current time, that somethings going to happen, to remember what actions need to be taken and such. They are much like keypoints, signalling another stage of importance though the intensity of it varies.
The true nature of the 11:11 is unknown, but some believe them to be light beings. Their purpose is to help seed the world with positive energies and coerce others to take that path. Since they can't stay on the third dimension for long, they use residents of the plane to accomplish their goals, helping them do the same. You can also communicate with them telepathically.
The 9/11 are a presumed sub-sect of the 11:11. They use 'harsher' methods than the peaceful 11:11, relying on sharper tactics. Some might consider their morality in a grey area. Their philosophy on it is that strong adversaries require strong methods to defeat and they do what others wouldn't be able to do because of empathy and morality. The few sacrificed for the many, whether it be in life or experience.

As as a past for the 11:11 I wrote this as when I can't get to sleep, and I see the 11 number I write something, and this is what I came up with. The third races, el/an/ra. The Ra and An race make up most of the 11:11. 

I've read about ra, they contacted to some scientists from virginia university and talked about 'one loving god'. The uniqueness, the oneness as there are some things in quran.

1 = 'ye'c\FCc and me'c\FCc', they're two tribes who will destroy their wall, and one of them is draconians and will start doing something as the wall symbolizes the gatei think.
2 = Deccal he will be the great one and will tell people that he's god or prophet and lots of people will believe him but on his forehead there will be letters of 'blasphemy'.

3= mehdi, it's said that he'll land on damascus, to a minaret and he's the one who will prevent deccal and will start to gather people under a one flag of god el/an/ra.

Again its interesting on 11:11 cult as I came across to a book about the civilization ra as they got in contact with scientists and they recorded these conversations on a tape band by using a medium. So maybe truth sends some vibrations and you can call it coincidence but maybe its not a coincidence. As I was thinking about contacting the aliens and they contacted the scientists. 

The 11:11 could be the An or Ra of this world. Some of thier members are from Ra clan and some are from An clan. Interesting, its amazing that they are really the ones from space. Although we'll be defeated at first unless we take care of ourselves, the magic investigators and users except black magicians. Out of the El/An/Ra, one of them will land to Anatolia.

An civilization is startravellers as they travel galaxies and solar systems and in 2011 they'll find us. The An, they came from Sirius and turned to it from Orion. An useis of chaos, they will lie and use opposite beliefs. They are the one who's shrouded by light which hides chaos. An use truth as lies and lies as truth as they are so opposite minded. They will use spirits as fuel and bodies to possess through the spirit. Some can percieve an image of An as a draconian race. They will land on this world. They'll say they are the ones who should be trusted and they will gather people around them. Because of their chaotic knowledge of magic.

They will act like they are going to teach magic and wisdom. They'll say "We can raise your conciouss and you will be great like us;we are the only hope of mankind to reach a great level" Illuminati will support them because they rule presidents, prime ministers etc. Governments will explain that "A great kind came in the end;they are our supporters. And this is the greatest day of mankind because we will finish fights between us and finally we are going to be United World" But they will be wrong as it leads to greater catastrophe. An will slaughter many of Ra's followers. An is the users of chaos. The An are already here. Draconian people are shambalans.

Ra civilization is of a race that is shrouded in secrets and will tell truth and be believed. Ra use the rage of others to get a win. Albeit they are travellors who bear wisdom by trial. Ra is a clan of galactic council. They were symbolized as "knowers" in religional traditions. The civilization of Ra will come after the An. Ra will work for mankinds rescuement. The Ra are Nephilims and Nephilims are Agarthans/Agarthians. They will try to prevent An. I think ra is the civilization of mehdi an it's symbolized as to be and they're members of a galactic council on saturn's rings. I can believe he's symbolized of returning jesus, el or an, one of them is destructive as tiamat and one tribe will come from the orion maybe to the great pyramid's circle.

El civilization is Elohims. The elightened race that carry secrets that are like wisdom and based off of lies which are truth.  El...they will be the last comers and they will...examine the spirits of mankind and angels will carry God's throne (it's symbolized like this) to the world. And he will examine who's going to be punished from every living person and every person who lived so that would be an amazing day. The day of judgement is the day that the chaos will be decided out. They will use chaos in a good way, yes they have knowledge of unknown.

They are good chaoticists as they bear idea and can make it happen. El is the head of Galactic Council which's established on one of the rings of Saturn. You can effect a directive of El by saying "El do" after you say what you want to happen.

And in the end, This fight of An and Ra will be over with El. Time will be paused and the predictions become true at these days. The world's own uniting point will be turned, The world will itself face things as astral, like raining stars as polar's are changing as north to south, south to north. That means and is symbolized as the sun will rise from west. Ices of antarctica/alaska..ices are melting in 4 years, they will totally be water. There will be a horn voice. This horn voice will end every living thing's life. Then the voice will come again, the united points of every living thing will be moved. 

Eloh will land, (Eloh/Allah/Tengri/Yahweh/God etc.) and this will be a punishment day where followers of nature and light side will be saved because their deeds. But the followers of chaos will be sent to the chaotic hell to make themselves cleaned. The saved ones will be carried to another dimensio, the dimension of dimensions where every thought and want become physical for them. A place like heaven as the naguals will be accepted to the dimension of nirvana and they will be gathered on the Oneness, they will be a part of it's circle. And maybe the ones between light and chaos will be sent to another galaxy to live again.

God is like the head of council, a face of Oneness in physical or non-physical form. As a councelor of oneness. As fingers of a hand, he will land to the world with his throne. Throne symbolizes something, as it's not a throne it's a manner of speech an it's much likely to be his own field like a highest plain. He will be symbolized as to pull the world's complete astral to his plane and every astral thing that lived on the world will be pulled to his plain maybe for decisions about them. Well God will try to judge beings and people where they stand and not pull them to here from Astral as God is in everything. He will open his prescence in everything with turning the living one's uniting point. His judgements can send people places or change their minds.

Skyhawk & Zackal