Meditation Schedule

Meditate for 3 to 10 minutes or less on achieving what you want.
In between the day if there is stress present or knowing before the moment as you spirit or mind knows and think nothing in panic by thought in situation.
Focus all the stressful energy and form it into a sphere in your head and make the energy pass from your body, as if to the ground yourself think of the water or area energy and focus it to use the energy and summon the energy to cause the situation to fix itself as if never a porobable worst case scenario, as if you in stress or not in a stretching exercise think to tense your muscle and thought is release to make the muscles lose their stress, as you aren't stressed anymore by what there is and your energy is not overwhelming of use as energy is soothing by experience realized if by what you see. Using an in drawn breath think what you thought to use and in focus to create, think with a thought to relent the stress as your cool in new concept by a moment. The idea to make better in results, is where you are to think and feel as tense release as you allow the muscles to relax is as you think "relax back".

Think as you are in an idea area that soothes to relax and extending the arm hands linked, think to focus the energy and the area is focus by use to use things in the area by use with an idea to create energy from the heart that is with the energy that is used after you use the idea. Break the moment in link by breathing in and out, then break the link by thinking it broken as their idea is there and as you are where you are and just focus to think "mai relax" to "unclip" and your body energy is auratic feeling that is impressive as if a flare or not and then you can use things to do things. Then think and visualize in the head balance regained and you surge your body to create a semblance of thought to seem calm even in unusual circumstances. As if your in thought, you breathe out and the body is relaxed.
1 hour before going to sleep
Meditate for 3 to 10 minutes or less on what you want to achieve.