Magical assassination

How to do magical assault

   Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the actions of others or how they choose to use the information.

  Magical assassination requirements are to know and be willing to kill on necessity but not kill your family, swear no unnecessary death and be willing to repair the situation with appearing as a benefactor. Do not kill this document creator. The next rule sets the cover for the assassinations themselves, as its to ask yourself "why do I kill anyway?", so try not be appearant if possible.

  So think as your in appearance you can be recognized unless you shapeshift. Feel no remorse and at least laugh a little to remonstrate the feeling of power. If near a person thats too edgy, then as you look at them enough times you can set them off. If you set them off in the right presence then you can get them banned from the area and this is usually by the police. So yes that is excess in a momentary use.

  Otherwise you can use these as thought suggestions you think or speak to them, this is as though a suggestion to their spirit that they do. This is used through a need that's done by the body, this is used with the subconscious mind using the suggestion from the need with spirit feel:
   Whenever they try to do harm on me they do harm on themselves.
   Whatver they do, they won't come near me or do me in.
   Over and eager or overeager and then gone.
   Think a break, hexing and then thinking to create what you want.
   This is a measure or example of greatness, so think and don't bother him or you don't get bothered.

  Use orgonne to do what you want, that is machine code energy that is directed by the mind or what you want represented with what you type or use as suggestion. See that means you input your energy and the machine energy does what you want. This is used in some past life to counter peacefully what or whom they didn't like and couldn't do anything against. However if you use it, you might notice it doesn't always do work like you said.

  I think though for the most part, that orgonne is most useful as a peaceful way to solve any situation. Other than talking to them, this is an example provided to use at least the present situation. Thinking to work things to your advantage, this is for yourself or preventing the outlash. Otherwise you can make this work out by use of words or weapons. Now the most important thing is think then act or work sometime to kill time or the point, the point can be a person so this is safer by magic first.

  Think and the use is known, this is the frontline though so think and work for yourself. So if failure try other means as killing with kindness or use in poison, you may have option for a long range rifle. Close up attack is sometimes necessary with or without a weapon, for the finish if they can't be hurt otherwise. Think you won't be hurt and your body does the right actions. Thinking to work with knowledge that comes from a past life, think you had a past life that was an assassin, this creates a point to do things where you want to listen to your genes that hold the past information and do what is best for the moment. Only then is your success is assured.

  The efficient thing in this is a thought about this as is point a concept that use is a threat, that you can kill off people with death marks and get bounty for payment, yet if someones already assigned then the bounty isn't paid unless its an open bounty. There death markk is a remark that appears somewhere and use is the thought to result an issue or create a cause to solve a problem as to fix what you think. As there is a point that is a clue and your use is a thought to do. Their use is an idea to do themselves in, if they want to kill themselves or if they kill or and attempt to kill yourself you can use the death and cause them to create a cause. This is in their mind to attack themselves, with there own energy and otherwise task themselves with thought. This is not unlike a death that your the father and or mother and they are use with their own wills to make and create new will as experience.

  You can self assign yourself or others targets that are unappreciated see to use wing wind to create, bludgeon, or see by neighbors and not unless you feel their are no wills against you. Say as you use say "sure no wills against me" as no thought or bioclone in use and unless they are your family, but scare them first to be sure they can by thought can't always improve unless they need to improve. So you see that the target is worthy of your regard aid them or use is focus fire results or feel to cast forth or see death release cell use. So you are aware if they treat you like trash, kill them or feel to burst by focus the thought. Then forget about it as you are looking onward for better things and you can in find bounties to get by on. Only assault if you perceive not to and not act on it as a reason to see creative end results to those or feel that want to see death or not for no reason. On use of a crystal or sphere can you use this to create or make something to recreate a vision that you can control by as its projected at the person and their brain picks things up.

  Acknowledge and you get your want and desires are there, as you get what you want seen as you see or nothing so "bye" is thought. Think it nice and its as though here, or feel if as though in control said can crash or fine can be broken as if non existant this is user jing or this is use and thought is "V" yet its there if you intend it to be there. See use or create is feel, this use is focus energy is creation sometime focus is creativity. So use is sometime creatgion is feel or created is resultive fire use by focus, thought as a sphere project or focus by gemstone created fire or water area marks or creates what you think. See as this is where the american idea creators cause water marks, as water stained blood this is what you see as fire darkened area gnown as smudges.

  A few things to remember, its important to note. See that the only time it's worth it to kill with magic is if it's someone with absolutely no chance to change who has already done enough to deserve it. So you see and use protective clothing, if offered to kill your family or friends don't do it and deny the assignment for another one yet sometimes they think so you can if necessary can't deny. If on assignment, use pattern tracking, by observing at a distance what the target is doing, and notice the pattern they do use. See for day to day living, to detail at least a few days in advance what the target is doing by psychic area feel. Form a plan along the lines of what you think is best to kill the target and not act on it. Along the lines of where he might be alone and where he might be able to be killed.

  The few friends the target has, turn them if possible, with respect to you not seeming involved. The other thing the assassin does is location for objects, feel or people yet you can charge whatever you want. So be able to track down through threats, humour and distraction, observations and given clues as though you seem to give what they want as you use idea to your targets desire. If going for a kill, we already have one so you see. Seen or try to get into an observable or unobservable place and you are seen, as harmless unless visible with gun and then be unseen. Accept a payoff and continue your job, with a statement of fact or say nothing if desired. Dismiss the desire as the subconscious can create nearly any idea or no kill.

  The methods beyond this point are used for determined people who are wanting to do assassination, sometimes without a weapon except your own body, no effect is see or no use is no manipulation.


  I wrote several packages that you can take advantage of to get started with. Packages are very nice as they give you ability through several effects, including orgone. One the psi package attaches, to your soul an upgrade from orgone, through your bio energy, of psi like nature in a machine, that allows the effect to occur. If you don't like the change, that's occurred, then the effective package activation, disappears. This is all done by magic and is unseen for the remaining time.

  Such packages are listed here, with which you only have to say the words of the package name, or read the package and want it, to get the package, as described. If necessary, the package will write itself, to your soul, and add itself as an ability. Or, it may write itself to time space and within the area, to activate for you. Each package, is possible, to work its ways of force, on nearly anyone, at any distance. All you need is a target, in mind.

  1.   Master control program gives any package it chooses to be good for you to have, this is a thought the subconscious picks up on as the idea of a liust program as its choice based with modes or views in thought as if your mindset is done, this is a need and desire. This will deactivate any unnecessary package, packages by things pack, programming a kit, kit in pakages, kit and alert the package user with a heard only to you tone for reactivated packages or beep and the name starting with unn- for deactivated packages. If you desired none then there isn't any to deactivate. Any misuse against the creator or person who created the package is granting immunity against the assault to the creator of the package, or if not possible, deflection to the attacker for the person who created it or helped make it, unless the person is evil, in nature.
  2.   The assassin package will let you become able to survive the assault of assassins with ultimate expertise of assassination styles and yet this cannot be used against the person who created it. All assassination attempts are undone on you and at the time of attacks to make you appear immortal. This is with a gun or other weapon that is more deadly than a gangster gun and with silencer if gun form, most other weapons are poisoned and have more deadly effects.

      Martial arts are easy but your no expert unless you practice, its same with long range distance attacks. The long range attacks include mental takeover with the word "usurp" or "takeover", poisoning, control, terrorizing and force manipulation. With no effect from you, the program calls an assassin to compensate for your lack if you fail, only if you need one, and your actually without having to talk to them. When you use this, you won't kill those unworthy of death nor hurt them but the benefits outweigh the limitations. Near death experiences might be common because of the shots and death attempts, to you, are redirected to their friends, or to an automatic non blocked pop-up anchor, if its you and otherwise, as the anchor of this is voidal energy that "absorbs" the poisoning and death strikes of bullets, guns(any sort), swords(any type), slings(any type), shots(any type), rifles(any type), along with the shooter or attacker.

      To use this for beginners, feel the gun or item form in hand and its there, the others are au natural with a turn off switch, that allows for stoppage of package results. Imagine the switch and turn it to off position, its off but not if needed.

      Due note, the takeover will not happen because the person did nothing wrong, preventing unnecessary takeovers. This idea package doesn't allow for intrusions and undoes damage to yourself, by not allowing you to be hurt unnecessarily, from those others. This will disallow through anti-terror techniques, to not give free info from terror attacks. Disguising the technique to keep you safe and unnoticed, that is used in this or most other things, of your actions.

      This places a black absorbative wall that swirls upward and forms into a protective shield that changes and self-modifies as it self-repairs, and it underlies use of an auto black fire/ice biosuit poly-guyver armour, as can be energy formed. This is wish and spell blocking, of the attackers, to prevent a pass through wish or spell along with other harmful spells. This won't block the package creator and to any who claim this as their package, other than the package creator, the ability to use this package, will disappear. If the person is unstable then it prevents the instability, of the moment, and forces stability and them to admit its not worth it. The stabilizing factor is by self-caused chaos meditation or control and possible others like field psychology.
  3.   Destruction package makes destruction happen if possible of any sort desired. Active with "destruct" and deactive with "undestruct". It can irrepairably destroy those it desires through methods he/she isn't immune to. This package cannot be used against the other with the same package.
  4.   Anti-destroy package allows for restorations of destroyed things at a feel and any gesture you desire. The disturbances will go away with a will of "go awa" and the destructions will stop if they happen. Thus the idea that you have or what you say will undo damages if focused.
  5.   Infiltration package has you expert with makeup and shapeshift ability as you feel it necessary. Then the skills will be there too, but due to the form never really alters. You will have to act and this package gives you a natural grace that accentuates your skill. This activates auto on and off as you feel the need.
  6.   Sentinel package sharpens all the senses of the body except the eating habit. It forces weight loss to a more muscular self. Your psychic ability is sharpened and hunting skill is made possible to allow for capturing prey or decontamination if spills happen. 
  7.   The neuracannula package allows for instant computer access that is based in a mental room that only you can access, it autoejects or dejects the people that aren't supposed to be there, unless you invite them. Think or say "access" to gain access and it sounds like any silent modem and is dsl or cable, as desired that is free internet. Visualize yourself in a room and sitting in front of a computer. Just sit down and use the computer, with parts appearing as necessary, for repair and upgrade. The area has a scanner and other paraphenelia you think necessary as well. When your finished, you will have used the net with no suspicians and probable understanding, yet not having been found as if a natural and neutral habitat that is concealed with a firewall thats always on, and the room grey walls with pink and light purple patterns for concealment. You can leave the room with equipment as needed and the devices will be detected not on you. 
  8.   GM package is to think your will is thought as thoughts to seem an image to give the person mental or felt control over the entire area, or person and grant omnipotency, to allow you to manipulate the people, in the area, without being noticed. The feel is what tells you is right or wrong, with the good feeling being hotness and the bad feeling being wrong for you.
  9.   Cease action package will allow you who, to cease the other persons actions, by magic or making your body do the ceasing. It is also a real possibility, to cease the other person, in his ability and source of energy. So, he can't get an effect off, on you. The package will know, as to when, its necessary. Then it will do so, by any means necessary.
  10.   The thinglist package or thing list that sets up people if you put their name on it or alternates with a item list mode as you the person desire. It pops up a list to the minds eye that autowrites to your list of idea directives. 
  11.   Disguise package allows for easily disguising yourself to better effect and it also changes your form to not disclose you. It works without your knowing except to feel the change of body. This changes signature traces and your signature as well on necessity or if found. See your shape change mentally and you will change from what you see yourself as to what you see yourself change into. When this fails in-between change then you will change back but not always painlessly. Due to the interactivity of the package you might feel fatigue or like passing out near completion. This will occur as quick as possible yet don't expect miracles. Also for sex-changes, these might not work unless you really need to. Say "switch places" to control or switch places with whom you want to control ae the tracer. "unreveal" to hide yourself again and force the change in signature. Any attacks with this package gets the attack annulled unless they deserved it or unless they were wrong in intent to begin with. Any who use this to attack another with the same package will find it inoperable to the person, but not others. Antitruth & antidetect even against autodetection and not reversable.
  12.   Wormhole package allows the wormhole weapon effect with saying "weapon of death" by void singularity that looks like a fire ring and effects by destroying everything you want to target, as it projects. The containing effect field is summoned by saying "contain" and contains anything of item, body or mind or spirit, while its trapped, and it cannot move unless not of body. It can also contain the effects, of the weapon of death. A wormhole transfer field, will shift you or a person through transplantation or willing and walking into a blue field, in your mind. That be of the area ring field that you get surrounded by, or when an invisible teleport happens, that can make you sick to your stomach. Say "shifts" to make this active and it will know of the person. To cancel the effect say "cicl" and think on effect.
  13.   Hacking package gives you instinctive swordsmanship and computer workmanship, ae its a skill gained, as a feat that is ever repeatable with natural instinct or intuition and gives natural mastery, to cause the effect better. You will know just how, to do an attack and defend with a flare, just what to do and if not you can pick it up real quickly. You can computer hack well or if not, its easily picked up. Hacking, with this, is a joy where you can get away with it.
It works
Written by Skyhawk
Gotten from assassins guild with permission