How to get everything right.

  I use this one technique when everything is going wrong in the world. I will through my body the energy as if to dissipate demons around me as if dissideus in use to cause dissolution and make the image of the words make in right. I then say "I wish to make right to do this right" I then allow the energy to surge and I allow my subconscious to take control. In absolute fear I only have will the energy of the fear and say "I wish things to go correct." I immediately let control go by imagining the words "my subconscious takes control and puts things you don't need in a separate space that you seem" and after you feel that I only have to say what I want to happen and things will no matter what. Only afterwords I find that things or events have been set correct. It doesn't matter so immediately find a good reason, as I see reason not to. This is return to the place if necessary in or over is what I see, unless I see that it isn't a danger anymore for today I see what I was looking for an old soul. As your energy creates by what you feel, instances as thought you can do as you think smart is better or cool an not as is.

  As if
another take off, of it is, to say as you are as you want if you are and you are want by good intention, "I wish to repair or fix the moment to not reflect bad on me." Variants come as the imagination can make a rewrite. I mean if there was a discipline problem there is need of focus. Just wish "I wish to have focus" and suddenly there are greater possibilities through better focus of the mind. The reason for this is to utilize what can be called the wish factor. It can be akiin to wishing upon a star. Though for children under 18, they shouldn't do it for fear of burning it out. If they burn out the ability young then they will never be able to do it again. Unless they have an unknown mage ability, why burn it out? To repair it, try meditating on the words "repair wish factor" for 2 hours or more. The wish factor is known for doing things after the fact for no other reason than being the only universal human ability builtin for communication with the subconscious. Due note: The larger the wish the longer it happens and the longer it takes. For more focused minds the effects come quicker. One rule of effect never be irresponsible with this or it could disappear.

  When things fail around me I find they get bad quickly. I had a natural bad luck. When I invoke this spell it takes effect immediately and sometimes does not let go until a year later. I sometimes tend to panic quickly in large crowds because of the telepath in me. I read the minds of everyone around me the more people around me (about 10 to 20 people). For 5 people I get nervous. I have become an absolute hermit of a person and am in fear of everything doing with people and make more mistakes than a normal genious. When I came to this method it worked like a charm and I lost all my fear and all mistakes I would do disappear.

  Like I have said I make all the right moves even if I make mistakes. As, when I am boosted in mental capacity, I have a 400 + intelligence and am almost childlike at age 25. I have gotten so I fear cars although I myself can buld one myself if I had the parts and the factory. I am very good at dimensional and timetravel magics. I now have to act and imagine every event I want, to happen, at every event and place I find that I go to or it can goes wrong, due to a curse. I got myself through magic to cure myself of dimensia turning it into a greater magus skill of magic, and I cured my heart problems through meditation, for my fear of mobility, I am turning it into the ability of kinetic control, for my fear of medicine and autistic problem, I am turning it into the condition which keeps the power coming and me being able to use it. I had blindness and turned it into true sight of permanance or effect. I even developed a telepathic shield for myself. There's still more to come for me. I come to call myself a druid. I still need to learn and remember more of their customs.

Druid Skyhawk