Religions -n- Faiths

 These are Various religions, magical religions and Faiths that one can follow, as they so desire or want.

Normal Religion
The Druidic faith
The Wiccan Religion
The Magic Religion
Magic Faith
Earth Religion
Aborigines Faith
The Religion of Action
Dark Daoism
Creative Religion
Material Spiritualism

The normal religion

  Seek the point to work with the thought you know. I believe magic still rules this. The normal religion is theism or belief in one god, where you see then act to work with another sometimes to work with a deity. Otherwise create by thought with what you have that uses faith of some ideal, this seems ideal with some enlightement that is the normal ideal with what is there. This chart below has religion charted out by the ideal thats represented. This works as a point for reference. I think then to use the chart, you can trace the religions from whence thought to have started. Just click on the image to see the full image. This is really what you think not what you do by now. If overemotional think as a focus to not be emotion as the emotion can overcome you. If you think to be emotional think not to be emotional. This allows you to remain sane under pressure. So look over the chart if interested ideal is use. Otherwise there's Pantheism, think then do or he or she creates. As an aspect of this things you do are what you consider. So in any religion, think no harm comes to you and you won't get anywhere near the harm that could exist. Yet sometime you have to face your fears. So think and you know that nothing will hurt you if given a reason or you leave them alone. That is all there is to this.

  Pantheism suits your religious and spiritual views by suitable answers with works of computer science or art where this is other things that are concept of my blog or other ideal with a point. Based on your answers, you're a deeply spiritual person with a profound respect for Mother Earth. You believe that everything is a manifestation of the Divine, especially the Earth itself. Pantheism literally means "all is the creator that is us or everything is the creator that manifests". You respect nature and you feel deeply spiritual when hiking, swimming in a sea or lake or exploring the outdoors. You feel "in tune" with the earth and you have a strong love for animals and maybe even plants. You consider yourself a spiritual person and you strive to respect that divinity within everyone and everything you come across, this really means your able to associate with anything. So you can create with what is there or wish things to exist by manifest, this is like polytheism where were the gods or not created otherwise. This is where you think the creator creates what is possible. This where were the manipulators of energy by thinking we can create.

  They sometimes think: The creator yes is like some god that is a creator, so he or she has servants. Multiple gods or subcreators with objects, plants that are a living creator conscious, lesser by creators that are people, we all are a god yet we are equal by now so we can realize by information or ideal thats thought. So I think then so you know by now he or she could be those that want him or her to seem them. This is the creator effect you can work with, by thought we think or work with the ideal that manifests so with those you think then you sometimes can know. This is what I call the ol'aberratio effect. So you think then you can know. I know what I think about this so I am sure your right. You can think ahead with thought to see the future. Find your way as you see to work. Then see your own way home to work with future by sighting. This is the manifest to the point their making anyway, so some expect you to seem better than before by now. This is how their mind thought works.

Religion chart
The magic religion

   This is used as the religion where you treat magic by thought with nothingness as though a god and your serving with magic and doing what you want. Magic itself has a conscious that works with you, anyway you want. Its with ancient rules and imposes what it thinks is right, when you want it to. This religion treats the magic by conscious as though it were a source of energy. If you decide to use it, you may perceive a blue or deep blue energy that is everywhere in the background. This is the mana or 'life' energy. It is in anything and can act on anything you decide to influence.

   Without things, people die earlier and tend to forget things. So, with this religion, people don't express the religion of magic, except by just doing it. With this religion, you don't express your faith, you just do it. This religion of magic will do to alleviate the possible eternal torment. This torment is caused by not having any religion set for yourself. So, by using magic as a god source of energy, you count as having a religion or not by feel is what we don't need to do.

   With the mana energy, you get elongated life and very interesting results, everytime you think about using magic and casting it forth. This is to think of the magic 'blue' energy and think of what you want. Making a spell is simply using ritual or stating and willing your intent. Then from area sighted, you have options of using candles or imagining act the candles being lit and then performing the ritual. A ritual can be use of candles and then stating a spell or intended words that make the magic do the effect.

   This is through you and things you use as a source, unless things that exist aren't a source this is where the spirit is the source. This means things go back to the source. However if by use when enough magic is too much magic, done is done then use is less or then you have black energy. One thing to worry over by now, some say things are the karma. Well solar energy is where you build up or not, otherwise using water as the source with action or activity is thought to live as you wish. Sooner or later you can pay off the debt. Some say the point, payback with debts are a bitch. So think the payoff easy then the debt is unless not payable. Just take responsibility for each ideal you wish to remain accountable for now really we take responsibility for what we think we are. 


   The Seven principles with spiritualism starts with a brief introduction are believe in yourself trust with what you do. Think for yourself, thinking to create with the point. Thinking to create by the feeling you see to work with by the feel. The study and application of a spiritual philosophy is a key to establishing a Spiritualist way of life and within the membership of the SNU it is introduced through the 7 Principles of Spiritualism. Though the SNU chooses to set down the principles behind Spiritualism for its members, they are not intended to be binding rules or the basis of a dogma but to provide each individual, particularly those who are new to spiritualism, a point or foundation for developing a personal philosophy. the other parts by ideal with spiritualism are here with this site by the feel.

  Some might think wow what a day to live, what an extraordinary time we are living in. Actually we are just memories our cosmic mind manipulates, as though a cosmic moment where this cosmic Moment is unique and unprecedented with all creation. I know that sounds rather grandiose, but the beings of Light don't judge so we do if we want to judge with the realms. These are created by illumined truth that have said that statement doesn't even begin to describe, the magnitude of what is happening with the planet at this time. Because I am going to write about some things that can truly boggle one's mind, I want to affirm to you that I do not ever share any information from the company as the heavens are stars with some potential planets that I have not confirmed, through my own personal experiences, this is to be true beyond point a doubt is not there by feel unless you think this is there or our way is done.

   This is the creation faith. There is a point in existence that you get tired of religion and religious spiel. This is a self-practice to make a better way of life. This spiritual faith makes it where there is no actual needed church with annoying lectures or need to worship. There is no unnecessary doctrine. Its this, faith that the spirit is the source of life and effects and allows us to cope to the point that we can do anything with faith, including spirit effects. Any restriction is up to us that we want to have. There is no preacher to tell us what we want but we do have to follow what rules suit us. What you think will free you. This was my last life religion. The religion by feel i think i called the faith.

   Thinking to create is not always creation by your feel, we decide what we want and we do things to achieve it. This allows any result of the moment. Self-practice is for better results. This is where we take up the responsibility for our own actions. So, try to stay out of trouble by having a good explanation or excuse. Always remember, laugh off the problem and deal with it as it is necessary. This reduces stress and allows us to relax better. I think this is the point you think for yourself by the feeling oh you create. So think again when reading things such as this, as this ends when you think this does or you believe something else. Concept is like this is not our life we're in our own way. Really we are just using responsibility to create better points.

  This is what you think then consider with creative area energy some peace by minding your own ideal or edginess for a lack by time. I think so you see we create our own god or goddess by believing the god or goddess we name is there. So why not a goddess or god with brownie points or things, that are possible to create use with negative or positive ideal that we can dismiss with things that are done or not bother except maybe to freely ascend or transcend by feel. That is ascend is higher states, transcending is thinking to send energy to a body that is thought created by your ideal with the spirit agreeing. This is like "I am agreeing whether or not you agree or agree by disagreeing because I want to do so".

  The earth in spiritualism can eat the demonic spirit, think of the earth as a mother and call upon her name of "mother". Then you create by the feel with one of earth's many variations represented by vibration state. This is where the planet can serve the same idea, think of the point that you create by feel and calm down. Think its not okay to hit others by what you feel. Then the earth or planet spirit will create no hit on you, this is as you get something in return of a moment or request to earth or the planet that your on at the moment.

  The idea is this, that earth has a grudge and its because of the things we do to the planet. We can gain reprieve by undoing what we did to it. However because of this grudge, it could be a grudge set by another or not anything at all. Don't feel the need of the planet, you don't get the effect as you don't feel the effect of the grudge. So once again, think of the moment or idea to generate, think of the planet that does the idea as a manifest. This is where you think the name, think the request and get a point or request and this is sometimes all by spiritualism.

  This is where you can think of the idea to manifest and your idea comes to seem found by feel, sometimes the need is derived by a hit to the eye that sees the desire from the place. However there is this variation level of vibration, that is representing the planets that exist. So you can visit the livable planets outside this atmosphere. Think yourself there and your there by feel. This is how you can explore the universe by feel, this is with the point that you have.

  Think of the idea to work with the point, then you can do nearly anything. Then as long as you have the point by point idea you want to do. Then your okay. The zen world is where this is represented, this is with a point by point time. This is also where if you have the funds, then you can do nearly anything unless you don't need it. There is a way to create with the earth or the planet, think of your need and then think of the idea to manifest.

  Then you create by the third eye generated by the pinneal gland, that's activated by thinking blood flows to the organ. The soul of the body, if there is one, creates the psychic organ's consciousness. The planet I am on is with rocks, soil, trees and shrubbery and a little water. So I think I can create with the area and generate with the water there. This creates life that exists by feel. So when we actually get there, if we ever get there, then we may find life exists.

  This is done by the time we find things out by spiritualism, this is where the earth or planet is our mother and we are the deities that serve her or him. So think what you like and we can exist anything, this is by the will of the vibration consciousness with the planet were on. If you think were on another planet, then we can create where we are by feel. The will of the planet does the trick. This is the trick of the third eye using spiritualism, if you can use the trick then you can create with what you have.

  Due note: If you leave the earth's atmosphere you leave the planets sphere of influence, so your basically on your own. This in spiritual terms means that you can get what you want if you think individually, so think you can do things and even if hard thinking its easy makes things easy to do. This is her in idea, the point you think things and the point you get results. This is where you think the result, this is set as an end result created by the third eye and the end result is possible. Now you know Loki's power, the use of the third eye that creates nearly anything that you can find by feel. So if you think peace then you get peace, that's the way of the universe.

  This is also in how you can use the universe, think of your point and you create with the idea. Using spiritualism, this is universal magic. This is where the universe what allows magic and things generate by idea or manifest. These are things that are there if you think them there. So if you call upon the universe to do things, then by thinking about the idea you can get allowed for the thing by feel. This is the universe's rule of spiritualism: Think and if your aware by what you do with things, then you can do what you want. If you don't need things then you know the end of the point.

  This is the rule of the point: Something you design for is that what allows you to do things with idea, what you must do is what you do. This is what the universe uses to create with and all you need to do is find the idea that you manifest. The moment is the point you think in idea that is there until you don't need it. This is all in spiritualism, though the point is the thing the idea is what you do. This is the general rule of idea, this is using spiritualism and applicable sciences. So think if the end is reached of the idea, then that's the end of the point. If you don't have a blow to your eye or body, then your lucky.

The fatherhood or motherhood of some god.
The brotherhood of man.
The communication with spirits and the administering of angels.
The continuous existence with the human soul.
Personal respect by brief responsibility.
Compensation and uses hereafter for all the deeds done on or off earth.
Eternal progress open to every human soul.
The following are brief general interpretations with each principle.

The fatherhood or motherhood with some god.
  The core belief of the religious philosophy of Spiritualism is the acceptance with a divine energy. This force is motherly or fatherly according to what you wish to do, whatever name given to it has created all there is and sustains all its creation. The `spirit by the god' exists within and around everything. It is use or not within as we think things are by use: we are all children by the creator so are part with one family. We acknowledge the god as our father the goddess as our mother. represented by the father being the sky the mother being things or the stars within the sky. This is what we see to what we do for what or when you think.

The brotherhood with man.
  We are all part of the universal creative force and therefore one family. The operation with true brotherhood throughout the word would create betterment to the lives of many, bringing equality by equal thought, security and peace by activity. Spiritualists try to understand the needs of others and help all people regardless of race, colour or creed is what or where you think.

The communication with spirits and the administration with angels effects.
  Communion with divine energy is a natural and essential part of existence. Communication between Spirit itself and its creations is an inbuilt ability. Spiritualists use this ability for communication directly, or via a medium, between those in the spirit world and ourselves. This is not supernatural; it is a normal activity. The main purpose of communication with the spirit world is to provide the evidence which supports our philosophy. The Ministry of Angels brings enhanced wisdom to enlighten the individual, society and the world in which we live. This includes those who are dedicated to the welfare and service of mankind bringing inspiration guidance and healing.

The continuous existence with somethings the human soul create.
  Spirit is part of the "creative force" thus indestructible. Energy cannot be destroyed; it can only change its form. After death the physical body is left behind whilst the soul continues to exist in a different dimension that we call the spirit world or gets reborn to another planet. The individual personality continues unchanged by the event we call `death' that is a demon.

Personal Responsibility.
  Thus with wisdom, the god or goddess has given us enormous potential by somethings to do as items to work with exist; we can use that potential to improve our own lives and the lives of others. We have the ability to make decisions throughout our lives as we see fit. What each of us makes of our life is our Personal Responsibility no one can replace or override that right. No other person or influence can put right our wrong doings.

Compensation and uses hereafter for all the deeds done on or off earth.
  This Principle expresses the natural law of `cause and effect', this is where we judge by what we do by feel. This law operates now, using earth or other elements, as well as things the spirit world working for us. As we move through life making choices, the outcome of those choices affects our soul growth. When we leave this earthly life there will be no divine judgement. We will have the opportunity to reassess, take stock and decide what might have been done differently.

Eternal progress open to every human soul.
  Eternity does not begin at death; Progress is open to all now or later. Any action is good for a purpose until no need, seen or intent by feeling to change is thought to promote soul growth and progression. This creates a positive or negative reaction according to what we do. There will always be the opportunity to develop and move forward, no one is ever deprived by embracing love with feel to do or not of things to do things, this with what we like so we allow things that we think should occur or not.

Magic faith

   This is where magic is life and life is the action you do. It is different from the magic religion, as we don't worship anything we create as we go. Then we try to do whats needed. This is where we breath life and magic in. Magic is everything. You show faith by doing and showing the action. This faith is dedicated to a way of life. In this faith, you create by however you want, with magic and mana. This is creating with effects and creation. Your actions create the desired result. By doing so, you can create the effort to work with creation. This is a Zulu belief. This is what I remember from the previous universe.

   So with polytheism or pantheism, you can create by this effort by thought you work any result. By use so thoughts with kung-fu (doing repeated exercises and other activities) and doing activity you make results with that raise a kid or use with life is energy. It is then associated with life by now, which is ki raised by kung-fu. You may optionally can create things by causing them to come from alternatives or nothing. You create by creationism with intention for the effect from nirvana. Nirvana is nothingness that derives on feel, that is also an unlimited source by meditation or think to calm the mind. Then use alpha as you sit up then count to 5 backwards with the statement I will awaken from alpha with the count of 5. This allows you to create better or focus with intention to work better things or effect a healing.

   You can revert things, think this and reverse or seem in yourself, as to become to a previous state in mind or body. Mind is body, and when energy is applied in large enough force, then by surging it you can make your body better. You may improve your mentality and put you on the mend. How to surge, this is to focus your mind on a thought by stating it as a mantra. Then feel your gathered energy form and condense outside your body, in the aura. Then when you gathered enough, you burst it forth from within. This is using your energy within yourself, think to cause the energy in your aura to burst forth and go through the body.

   If you respect the creation you make, which what you think then you get good results. If you treat things poorly, then you get negative response and bad results. You get the effect you intend. You get the effective response, of what you do to others, and if you accept it and laugh at the result, then you get things from it. Otherwise, you get back what you give. You accept responsibility for what you do and react accordingly. There is no morals, except for what you think are morals.

   When you die, you don't get anything of bad energy on you. Then, you gain the knowledge of what will happen and know what the spirit does. You can go where you want when you want to. You are able to rejoin the body, and raise it from the dead. Mainly animate it, and keep it alive by drawing in life energy or essence energy left in and of things. Otherwise as you feel, you may be in energy body form and go shift places and other worlds. This is the magic religion on another planet called dharma.

   This is then faith that has no conscious cross or religious symbol as its a way of life where its now like polytheism where were the gods equal to each other. There is a way to do things and losing your point is useful as thought if this is gaining the shape you want back then you gained it or lost it and I gave you your choice. Thus you don't have to have one. Thus by the gain or loss, if you have personal energy then you can get nearly any effect. If allowed by other repose or response, unless you don't care and just do it. You get the respect you earn, as there is more to this than meets the eye. Done is done, if you earn the respect by doing things for people or then you get better respect by understanding. This is what is in you as a point of view. In respect to others, you can defend against their actions by reactions. They only do things actively, if they think they get something out of it they can understand things easier.

   The subconscious is mind that makes what you want a spell. Think this is where you make the effects become existant and if not needed as if you think to need the point and thought what you think can make what you want and yet if not necessary it won't exist. Help can come in spirit form, as if you were a point or idea the thought is energy and summoning as any activity comes easy. This can be guided by the conscious control, as the consciousness is only what you sense things by with thought and mind things as they are. As you know it or do what you want, this allows as things are up to you. Where you get results when you aren't known for them, or where you are known and the other subconscious respect is allowing the action. The subconscious can allow it or not not make it happen. When you go and do things against others point of view, and do them in accord of others. Then you can get allowance and make things possible.

   You accept your accord and do things in others respect. Otherwise, you get nowhere unless fate decides in your favor with what you try to do. You get nowhere out of respect of law, unless there is a law that allows for what you do. Out of discomfort, you can easily get rejected. Out of comfort, you can get acceptance. A comfort is allowance of others, to make them seem to get their way as you get your way. Making ways by arrangements, with the person's subsconscious or spirit is sometimes necessary to get better aid in results. Making results is then requesting from the subconscious or spirit.

   Ask the subconscious to get a result or ask it why things are. Tell it to do so by instructing it to do the effect. State your question or think it to the subconscious. Make the subconscious do things by using will or thinking the thought, then focus so things resonate with the effect by activity. Thats an ideal stated or thought of use, by fee thats faery you could get better results with your need and intent. Otherwise tell the subconscious to give the answer by making it obvious or having its voice heard.

   Tell the subconscious by stating things so you are aware. If you or the person is channeling the subconscious, then you get to speak your idea and its heard. Ask your subconscious to do the effect and then you get the effect. The subconscious is in control, respect and use can emulate by mimicking the idea you need. Ask the subconscious to fight for you and it will. That is your will on magic that makes itself by subconscious control or thought to happen is thought to happen.

   Karma in this faith of magic, seismic where the ki actions you do tend to build up a positive or negative reaction energy from others. This energy thats positive, gets positive feedback and reactions according to what you do. The negative energy is where you get negative feedback or creative reactions.

   It is in safe sanctity, that you get reason to cleanse yourself by conversion spell or grounding yourself of those bad energies. Taking a bath or shower is a form of grounding yourself. You get to pay the person back, using the next life you have or when you want to. Karma is use and disuse is bringing distrust of yourself.

Earth religion

   This is a very early earth religion before people got more advanced to know more than they did. This is where the sun is the father and the earth is the mother. The sun is the Sun God and the earth is the Earth Goddess. Every living thing was worshipped. Every concept event was chronolizedin use. It waes recoerded one walls as paintings. Magic was the moment that occurred to people. Faith was in their Gods and Goddesses to get results and in devising of nearly anything that came to their minds. This religion allowed anything that proved good.

  Good was a positive built-up result. Bad was something negative that proved to hinder and stop their ability to make effects. Somethings were good and bad, and this was thought from idea of what was observed mentally. Physically, they could achieve nearly anything they set themselve or psyched themselves up to believe. They literally had a skill greater than normal and they could make anything materialize that was energy based. People today call their magic psi and their materialization ability magic.

Aborigines faith

   This religion requires faith that makes magic. To the aborigines, which are apelike people. Their is only one rule to them, magic is life. Where magic is life, there is possible effects. This is in areas where there is enough energy. They are considered sacred. You can get some results that you want anywhere else. If you gain enough energy from where you get it, you raise in vibration. Then, the higher the vibration, the less effect demons and lower beings have on you. Only on certain planet areas, you have ability higher than a god.

  When you decide on what you want, you get that result from the magic in the air thats from whatever nearby. This is also possible to make efforts with and get results, by making activity with your actions. Then, you generate more life energy. What you create is of life itself and magic builds. To create with magic, you do things and use focus with intent. This allows the moment of life existance. This is where the intent magic comes from. This is where creation comes from.

  There are many stories of life events that can be interpreted as lessons. This is where you can get understanding of what they do. There is the jackal and the grasshopper. The grasshopper is the wise one, the jackal is the trickster. There is other animals as well, like the cheetah thats denoted for the speed and the bear is for its strength. This is where the traits of the animals are shown. This is the basis of their stories. They use the stories as a point to get idea and understanding through to people.

  They aren't quite moral stories. The Stories of is a collection of them. One moral of the stories, is to be patient, as with the story of the cricket and the mantis. Another is to not be brute, but win with peace tactics. Another is to not be bad in others eyes and you get some type of result.

  Their rituals, are the usage of vibration. Their need is understood and given life by the vibrations. Their need is obvious, as its work with sounds and pure thought. This thought is projected and it adds to the magic and helps creation. Their is an energy of force in creation. This force makes an effective idea, expressed in movement. This adds even more magic, to make the magic of life exist as though evolved with a conscious.

  This is a ritual. "You awoke, your aware." Stated near a fire. This is where life is activity, the magic exists. Where awareness is great amongst those whom are not so aware, it exists on its own. Evolution happens, where you get enough focused energy, and it creates the evolution to be sped up. This is rare except to those whom are powered in the magic.

  When the magic becomes conscious, it helps when directed. Sometimes, the force of life makes itself known by being a force in creation with things and people expressing themselves. This is the force that extends life and creates corporeal or conscious guided magic. Merely by enough of this force, we can get better results and unaging. The more magic, the more awakened you are, and the more energy you have thats stored. This energy creates better sensing in an awareness thats your own. The conscious can be called a god entity of the energy. This is expressed with the subconscious actively making the god respond. If your a being, then its a awareness set off by the presence or thought.

  There is a force of corporeal exuding or examination and exaltation to get some realization. When you realize, then things become clearer. This is where the effect gets interesting. There is an effect of thought. Where you get results and decide, to get the effort you need and things to happen. There is a point where physical activity is unneccesary. Then, the energy is intelligent and speaks to a person.

  The energy does what is necessary. And, all you have to do is focus your mind on the needed activity. You can even create influence on events. This is going to the end point of being a Godlike influence. This only happens when the magic of life is enough. Then, you stored enough personal energy by activity and exercise. This is used in creating and directing events and you can get any result with the people nearby.

The religion of action

   Religion is enlightenment made by awareness caused by the magic action or by the actions you do. This is made by a goal in mind made by a goal and in mind thought. This is by thought, feeling and the faith that we have. This is by cause and in what will be. This is from the moments that happen. We classify this as the action of self-thought made real. This is where we go and achieve things with actions. The action creates the moment and enlightenment comes from results. Basically, it builds personal energy and the more energy you have, the higher you get in vibrations.

   The higher in vibrations, the more you get from things and actions. This means the more understanding you have. The less effected you are from demons and the other things you get effecting you. This religion isn't actually to be believed, but to do and then accept yourself. As, good is skillful actions and bad is unskilled activity. This uses intuition to get good results when added to what you know.

   This can be from a religion. When you want respect for yourself an your doings by explanation. Do it without ego an in no regard of personal thoughts. When your doing things, don't get religious and try to be yourself. If your in a frenzy, don't do it. This allows you to not be too grateful, or your emotions could go too far and resentment happens. The higher in vibrations, the more you get from things and actions.

   Make peace not war. The more focus in effort, the better the result with what you want. The more considerance taken in care, the more you can get of things.

   Remember, patience rules better if nothing else seems right. Negotiation is a necessity, an try to make peace by intention. This is intuition effect, at the moment it feels right. This makes the best of times. So take advantage of the situation, when you can. This is the unlooked at 4th type of religion. That really isn't a religion.

Dark daoism

   Dark daoism is in an ideal the practice of dark acts with intent for self sufficiency. This leads one to believe in dark law. Which is the act of making a law by stating and actions, that is for personal use. This law is using magic to get it subliminally followed and worked with as though it were the targets own. To the dark daoist, magic is life itself as its in anything. This is what the subliminal messages are all about. This is magic that is law magic and it works to enforce a change in people, without them realizing why. The dark daoism, is actually not prohibited, since it works towards aiding control. But, it can get bad suggestions used as though a law thats self made. Since their god is the creator himself, things can make their presence known by showing consciousness. Their creator can make anything happen for love of doing and love of relationship. Will is the dark daoist's master. They will follow a will or stated effect, as long as it serves them in their purpose. A dark daoist will seek for and know ways of longetivity that will elongate their lifetime.

  Dark daoism is very useful if you serve your own intent and use it from a positive viewpoint. This intent is a positive one, the actions can be hidden, dark or neutral in nature. I have yet to see it actually used positively, though. Thus, people tend to avoid it as it can be a cancer in a womb. The cancer is cured by dark tendency and means. This can lead into disaster. So use this with care and personal use. Try not to speak of the dark actions, speak of the positive things you achieved with it. Have a good relevant reason to get it accepted on when you use it. As the reason could be to help, expect reactions.

  However, the energy dark daoists use is the dark matter itself. It tends to drive people apart and force things to be pushed into action. Dark matter can be harnessed by believing nothingness will do the action or support them and doing action. Nothingness is nirvana to a dark daoist. Dark matter is easily used by the subconscious. So by belief that objects hold an energy matrix, then you get more energy from the object that you think is tapped or used as an energy source. This adds to the dark matter materialization. It tends to materialize with little effort or there's no materialization. So, stating what you thought about will make the subconscious create it as thought will cause it. A chant or mantra to raise the consciousness for a dark taoist is 'ahm' and 'ohm'. Pronounced [Ah-m] and [oh-m], respectively. Another mantra for materialization is 'uhm', pronounced 'umm'. For generating energy, chant 'ehm' from the pronounciation [ehh-m].

  With dark matter, the dark daoist will possibly make a dark or light being form. This is where they raise their consciousness and meditate with a thought to 'form a dark being of themselves' or 'form a light being of themselves'. A technique for meditation, is void meditation. Usually, this entails thinking what you want to happen or nothing and doing actions. Doing this as they dismiss their thoughts of anything else, by telling their mind that the thoughts they don't want is unimportant. That makes almost anything possible, except for that which they do not want. Then, they explore the existances of many areas and places that are dimensional. The higher dimensions are explored with a light body and the lower dimensions are explored with a dark body.

  They can make the dark body or light body appear by telling the subconscious to manifest it. Basically in an ideal, state out loud or think "Make my [dark or light] form appear where I want." When they do, they allow for anything as they follow this thought, "The way to live life is to accept what you get and allow for it. If necessary, they cancel things they don't like out." They tend to laugh off the problem and relieve stress by doing so. What they don't like is things that irritate them. When they give justice out, they let the other person make their own fate. They allow for things and they get people to do things. This makes them gain what they deserve. They sometimes deny their enemy what they want. They try to prevent criminal behavior as they hate crime. In practice, just meditate and do what you want. This is with dark daoism in mind. I don't suggest doing the dark actions for it could make bad end results. So, be aware and acknowledge what you do, at least to yourself act your best.

  Chaos can rule this body. As its a mask of a person that wants to show something else and chaos can rule this mask. A mask is something that is an act that makes them appear different. Chaos can make one insane by too much risk and activity. Chaos can be the true will of mankind. Separated by some realization and allowed to be dismissed, dismissing the persons own power. Reconnecting to their source by chaos realization can make one get his full potential. Thus, its realized and able to be mastered and brought under control.

Written by Clarence

Creative religion

Shera and modified by SH

  The application of the religions of today is simply the point they use the symbolism, where creative use is thought as if application an use is the this in action as well as the thought is the point to the ideal to use symbolism to the case in point. A point to an idea isn't in thought but is an ideal to live for and yet the concept is a creative ideal to use in life to relieve stress and create an idea to create a good point to live for. A point to live is a point to use in the developement in the life I remember living and things are very interesting an creative as you will the creative ideal is well being by the creator. As your energy is wellness and thought is an idea to do your dues in life are nothing, as if paid and thought in life is thought in motion. There and back is thinking as you don't have to portray anything in religion, as an idea tis what you think in life. As a that concept in religion of action that is what you do is what you think, think and that is some idea that allows for what you need and create is with the thougt you use to get a positive ideal.

  I've today started using "UE" as a simple sigil for maintaining control and connection with my life on a daily basis. It can be understood as "Use Everything," which is good for keeping up an attitude of eclectic and constant positive activity.

  However in the live you live, you can obviously use whatever simple reminder that reminds you of your inner psychic complex of canceling/reversing negative states and conducting positive states.

  The power of active religion/spirituality is that it keeps the person constantly in a frame of reference related to their faith and the associated supports and pressures of the ideology. A Christian who tends to keep mindful of Christ and the Bible and the Christian way will tend to be more Christianly throughout the day, pray for self and people and things, think about Bible verses and principles and how they apply to themselves and life, perhaps even have a spiritual view of the world where they're actively alert of 'demonic forces' (which may just be the forces of people or any number of things) and try to use their spiritual sight for spiritual purposes (magic!) And above all, the Christian will feel like they have the Spirit of God working on them.

  They might have a cross around their neck as a reminder of their faith, a Bible in their car they sometimes read casually or study intensely or run to for comfort. They might go to church regularly or occasionally, and they will have friends and support in the church. Well as you can see things, I know mages tend to be completely scornful of religion, often for very fair reasons, but it's an error to ignore that a lot of aspects of religions have tons of immense positive effects on human beings, at least potentially. Organization, activity, community and sense of support, instilling 'morals' and giving a stability of values and spiritual authority to people that care. Seen as a point in perspective. This can go on to the vanishing point. Where things may be very negative or positive, depending on how they are applied, but they ARE often extremely effective elements, and they are something we should take lesson from. In other words you are what you consider. As you think you can think to consider. You kill if allowed to kill by yourself otherwise others can say or sometimes know now what you do.

  WEAR your magic like it's your religion, seen in however that might be. Keep your magic around your neck, in your pocket, around your wrist, in the birds you see in the trees, in the wind, in the way you speak to and view other people by the point. This is the point you make. Your ability is what you consider to create with faith. You can make as much of a lore or fanciness about it as you want and call it your personal religion, or you can just call it your set of healthy psychological practices, or a mix of both, or anything! The point isn't to do anything for ritual's sake, but to engage in the types of rituals that are most effective for you as a person or use is for animal care.

  An article on using religion/spirituality ideas, for magic/life practice will follow as dream magic. Simplified/applied daily control/empowerment - using religion/spiritual-style techniques. There is the thought that is energy and use is free, yet tis isn't a freedom as it is a concept to do. As your able to get an in motion to success, your thought phat physical attributes. That is your activity and your thought is a motion, there to create and make in a conclusion is nothing as ability is the thought if you unlike what you see or do. True effort is thought to do things is this by idea, to use and create wat you think and tis is te will by desire or thought by fire. This is energy by the thought to do what you will, as energy is in the thought your will is energy to create by others or not is the release to this if you get an energy effect. That is think what you want and feel by friendship, the idea or create with what you thought to use and this is magic as as in thought an effect is the result.

Thought by will

  This is the thought if thought by will and you create by approach, as in effect is in the  as real thought to use in an idea. There is energy in the will by energy in the ideal, thought to create will to do your stuff. Thought to do is thought to create with, as if in thought is your need your thought is the concept by concept and in no concept to do. As your energy is in the thought to do, your energy viewably as a going away focus is a point to the use in the area. As your energy is your energy and it being used goes back to the source, there is their way as a will and your way as a direction. As if a focus point wanted was the energy and that is foci by use of the magic or mana that is movement by the use in thought or not and yet not final use until necessary. As your energy is an idea in difference or made by an energy is thought, as you think and in thought to create with is the better way of what life that is your energy. As you use focus as in crystaline stones in thought, think or otherwise is thinking an amulet or this creates water use that you have is what you get unless not needed.

Dream magic

  The idea by dream to reality is an idea not always done and the idea in thought to create, as you think to create the scene can shift and to think to claim thought or as you need to see with subconscious and lucid dreaming is with a thought to remember as what dream you think. Think and if you want this can form in the real thing as thought an empty dream or were something, think to ignore or not need and your body adjusts to do and work to works out as the creator knows is good in life. Think as you are awaiting the end point and create the area or thing as your will is energy to create with realistic touch or unrealism if necessary in games or other places and you dream of magic. So just focus and feel the fuse use to use electricity, curing, the need for misdeeds is focus and think to get better and a positive or good result in life. As if done by dream body generated by thought in focus by the energy.

  What you will well is occurance by thought, eject is this as a thought this is an act by what you do instinctively. As if a movement and some almost idea is movement, from feel with a switch and chi focus to create what you want. There is a point to kill the bugs as this is Boric acid amplified by the use or energy if nothing seems against it or not in life. If you think the piss in a toilet released to rid yourself of bad energy considered with the thought negative matter is if you had a brain energy not seen and nothing unliked in life. Then act as you want as in thought is in play by what you feel, if your will is energy you can find yourself places to be.

  Summoning in dreams by magic is to call something with essence, thought not to come is thought to you that already exists somewhere in the world as if awareness. It helps to have an energy connection to the object, like something you've lost or was stolen from you. Materializing is to create something out of nothing, as noting is the energy of the creator. That can't be done as your concept doesn't happen an the rules to reality allow what you want.
  This isn't as unbound traffic and as no medical condition the spirit is able to be, unless necessary as thought is where things you do and form or create that your will energy wants. Thought to relation and be interrelated related, reminds me of positive idea as I am expressing it and this can or cannot actually happen. If negative the area reality could seem, to be beating you to death by the idea.

   As to seem bound is to think you are and if you think your not bound your not bound, as this is not thought to be in a thought to be realized reality. The creator creates as you will or think as your state of awareness is there, your thought perception changes to the idea to seem the point and the point is a thought to energy. As that these idea are as items, they are what you think they are in life.
  The laws of physics still apply to the magic as if thought were molecular energy in physics, these were quantum "pysics" with a past life or by the concept. As thought if energy put to use is done to use thought, this in use that reflects in dream moments that are possible. This as modern physics or otherwise planet physics somewhere as quantum physics here. As this use is in dream and created in thought is a moment, fact that ends your dreamlife is thought as you don't need the dream or not to meet the dream as to end in use on a thought. Tis is were alteration is if you aren't a dreamer, you can't actually use "tis" idea to dream magic and the point by mention. The idea is a way you want and thought is with different idea if your idea is creative.
  Manifestation is putting a thought out into the world by concept, making something happen or not is thought as not necessary in life unless necessary. This is mostly manipulation of situations and can even be used in extreme cases to project thoughts into a person's head. But that person still has free will, think and this may reject the "suggestion" you offered them. True mind control is not possible, there is some idea of this and this is as nothing. As your something and think the focus is concept by energy, temporary is thought to not seem effected as if tis so you think to not be effected and your not as "not effected". So due thought is a concept and nothing much, as timing is over with your use is not with any mental moments.

  This is a concept mistake if not necessary, as you are what you seem to create and if over and done by thought releases you. Don't ever overdo, completd thought is energy enough. For an idea to concept is use by idea and your use is energy, or not as this isn't always in the effort or no effect happens. As you don't have to do this, set by chaos is a moment to do and not be bored by and do. -Anonymous thought from an area seen by dream vision by "Eihm" James Earl Jones by law.

  Now as you step over the live wire an in line is stepped over, your thought is "en ed" as thought exists for those that think to need it. Assume to assist and you will create by the created means, in and not means by the thought is nothing that creates or thought as you think stops and energy in life form. Think conscious thought and make or not create in the area. There is energy in the thought, create and your energy creates by concept. This is energy you return by thought what the idea is with forewarning by the thought.
  Think or not is nothing in comparison, thought to what you think is concept as you heal by plant life. So use is life to heal by, there and the idea is from the touch to the aura. As you discharge in life to the ground, the body is better than what it seems by what it recouperates from. This can if you work seem interesting, as I observed somewhere as a person fell over a power cord. As I think I was curious or not, to get some interesting idea and saw the activity. As this is a dream to do things, bending the element or air to form creates.
  To dream that you can bend wrought fire refers, to your ability to control your anger as you control anger you can direct it by will. So focus to control anger as you think and you stop to do something else, that forms as fire somewhere else that does as you think. So as thinking an energy summons point is creative use, by thought this can be painting or thought with others in mind.

  To dream that you can bend water represents your ability to control your emotions. You can hide your feelings well. So do as you want and focus to create. Then use is energy by focus in feel by the use, as use is the focus in the point by prescientific time or not do in thought as though thought is nothing. Prescientific method is the effort of projecting your mind, a few minutes into the future using the force, to allow for your body to react to what you see. When you attempt to accomplish this act of projection, to remember that one is invulnerable to attacks and can make no actual mistakes that are uncorrectable.
  To start in enough and go out the way you came, suggest to make yourself calm and stop by imagining yourself stopping or statement that returns you. Think or create by the creator, this in your own mindscape that relaxes you. Visualize yourself within your room, however you want the room. Think with an pickable door lock and try to consider what is here. Whence there, calm your mind and focus the force, to project yourself one to five minutes, in advance of your own time. Now feel the tension of your body that is there, and feel your mind slip to the projected point. Using the moment of tension release, thought to send you there as you feel the tension form into a ball or use in motion. The area is energy and that is pointed out, as a source or not as not there is done. There is gone and gone as the energy in the body, that creates the pointed view is the mind.
  Thinking and you let it go out of your body, this is simlar to a handprint floating on a current of feeling with the thought to exist. The force is your link to yourself, now watch what comes and the body reacts. Watch as if you guide yourself, through the force as if this isn't as that thought. Which is as a thought in energy to use in the moment, think by a way to not be where your possibly not in or a danger. As energy is the point to getting concepts, point and click thought with good and bad examples can create a way to work or not.

  To dream that you can bend air refers to your ability to control and watch what you say. You are careful in how you choose your words. As your aware you can create and think as in you feel the need or not. As you think an air effect an as you are with and use in life experience, the point is energy as awareness you can create to do psychically as a psychic sort of dream. As your energy is ability, then you can get more positive by positive results if a thought by positivity. "Assumed in thought is not assuming your role in life, unless thought necessary as life is nothing and just a game." J Moisant

  To dream that you can bend the earth signifies your ability to control your actions and react at a precise or optimal moment. Think in the earth area a point of a wire that is energy going through the area and planet energy, this is a now thought much unlike a meditative influence to create and win the point or make to use. Not much focus, not much use, not much activity. So as nothing this creates by feel or conclude is a negative dream in the point, that your aware and not feel by thought is reaction or your body controls the reaction or otherwise nothing is done. With thought to the creative focus or no abuse temporally, your use is noted down.

  For more information you could see everything as symbolic set by the subconsconscious as you think to create the point or use is in the dream scape, thought is by these websites to do this dream by feel for translation by transitioning the feel with memory and the done idea. As uses are many you can create as you wish, if the point is there "or not" cures the body by the feeling you can percieve. So and is thought with no dream body. The way to make a dream body is think as you want to do something, think and the dream body forms from the idea that particles are excess from the fat. Thought or nothing is the feel to move on your own, thought create or not as nothing necessary nothing willed in thought. Think as the dream body senses, thought and theory you can do and cease in thought if necessary to get a point reaction.
  Sounds like how Chaotes and many mages use symbolism, to invoke the power of deeper parts of ourselves. Just because something is completely fake and untrue, doesn't mean that its concept or theoretical form isn't completely useful. Through trying to regain life and health and magic, you regain moment-to-moment spiritual awareness. A life of pleasure makes even the strongest mind frivolous, at last as you see and think to do from a life of fun and serious attitude. There is a deepest respect from you by the idea, you represent if you think to create and magic is from a science based idea by life.
  There is no life if nothing is there to use, as support and yet life is as this seems. If we can rebuild our lives in a more balanced state, with emotional and social support, daily goals and good habits, attempting to repair mental and physical health with active techniques, depression will be impossible. Hopelessness and emptiness are impossible when you're filled with hope and activity and life. Avoid eating on a manic depression cycle that relieves itself, you don't need the the excess food eating by need.

  Connecting with old memories can start breaking you down, OR it can be used as a springboard. A vital part of my FREOF technique is Remember, because without that context of remembering 'who you are' and 'where you came from', most humans are basically adrifft at sea. Use 'self' for its uses and then replace and do away with the unnecessary clutter. You can change yourself as much as you want, and be about as human or inhuman as you choose. This is really good, or seems like different techniques to shift your mindstate. Use a powerful quote you know to shift your headspace instantly. Or use a similar idea by having 'modes' to toggle that you can go into repeatedly. You adjust to the attitudes of this mode and it takes on its own personality and develops as it is used. Like a moment you fix the mind state and altered is the body to suit what you thought is necessary and if no thought to cooperate there is no control and no religion by feel.

Material spiritualism

  This uses particles in objects, this is the use by uses as energy is there. The soul and body is where you store the energy. This is done by tapping the object with a mental or physical spirit tap and raising the level in the spirit of energy. You just need enough objects. The design helps gather even more energy. The pyramids use a magnetic capstone, this can allow for a focal point of concentrated energy to manifest by actually uses you think or do. The part you think or act is if you act the meaning you can create magic. Big objects hold more energy. Thus it allows one to materialize their spirit as physical, anywhere. However by your area, you don't want to kill the body. So don't tap into a human body as though it were an object. The more energy you take from the object the less it has. The less faith retains and the more likely of it to break. The object can literally deteriorate. There is a point when you don't need objects. Thats when you stop accumulating things and feel satiated with something else.