All about death

  This is all about death starting with the four stages that you work with as experience later. I think to note death as I picture that this is a dark being known as Azrael. That is a phrase from a quote where this is to say "I am and will be mournful of the person who died, even after the death. As you are your own will, surrender as you will to not live and if you beat death you can live forever if you so want to. So this is true as I am named the night creeper with the mind and body. This is As death is a natural process that takes the lives of the person. So to die is to pass on the spirit sometimes." Sometimes its actually a death of the process, in a procedure and it will allow a new procedure to go on in some or the same place. As death only happens if you think to work, so think in the thought is to drink water or think to die in by a process that is to make a process that continues on in some other time. So death only happens if you think death will occur.

  Some might not agree with this, but when one casts a resurrection spell another life that deserves it, is taken, sometimes not of the family of the person, but outside of it to replace it. This is a balanced art form that can save lives and at the same time take it as well. It is often remarked "akin to demonology", as its basis if used incorrectly can make a demonic spirit. I practice this only when needed. The corpse needs to be fresh and maybe somewhat oxygenated, for resurrection to actually work. To do this one takes into mind there are 6 parts of the body. The subconscious, The soul, The conscious, The body, The Spirit, and the glue that keeps them together or better called the harmony of the body. It is sometimes called a biorhythm or electrical flow of the body. I try to remember that I am not a god when I do this, so I get spared the lecture, if any.

  So if an immortal dies the immortal body died by no clashes and clandestine ability as the "immortis" effect, in ordinary death the body decomposes, the process that dies is one of us. However as you are immortal and if no agies occur, as like you say and body and soul is there you don't age and that causes no decay of the body. As it takes so long to decay as the creator preserves, the body to get over it for those that care. What ya think about what will happen for those who care, will suddenly before your eyes become better as they come to the forefront and accept what they are aware to see. That is if the death impacts the person or on the person enough the decay might happen. The history of the being named death is not called as you don't need. The history is with this as a necromancy effect or "/" that is a link to what, led by a vampire clan and the servitors not bonded as you think care.

  How it impacts is twofold, the effect is to realize something we have to do. And the idea effect is to cause melancholy or in later stages, depression. Unless we can get over it as its possible. There is allot written on melancholy and depression. So we can try to deal with it as its necessary.

  However, melancholy is different from depression. Where melancholy is the point of where ya care but don't react and ya seal ya emotions. Only to let them out at some point after ya realize that ya aren't foolproof or in an idea of perfection by doing so. As ya become emotionless, its imperative to let the idea occur, that ya arent responsible for it, it just happens. Accept and respect the effect as a given an live on.

  Then to go on with life, sometimes ya will either break down if ya didn't accept it or be okay and feel again if ya did accept it. If ya can't get over it, then ya get depressed as its one step beyond melancholy. Where, depression is the idea of what we want to do, but not caring how it actually works or works out. Sometimes ya don't get over depression, and have to take medication for it. Sometimes we do after we realize we need to go on, and it is all right to feel as ya do. Just don't let it get ya down.

  There are those that try to cheat death, either by time tricks where we try to warn people in the past. Or, get to them by sometime manipulation, the right medicine or healing effects. Healing effects include the idea manipulation, body manipulation or the process manipulation. To do this, sometimes works and the person or process of the person lives longer. This is the spell that can incinerate people if thought energy is done right, as there is a moment the dead come to like by the heat and feeling that is alive in a state that you live.

  The more heat the more chi use and the more chance to get rid of the corpse, or it might seem alive and yet dead such as a zombie is to kill as with incineration think in necessity this can occur, as to cremate you induce the internal temperature to zero and make by fire, think and by reaction of the body thought to create a point you turn something to ashes as by incineration. Although some shift with tis ability, you can't really know what you end up at and as you die or disappear and seem to reappear alive somewhere else in life. As they focus on the feeling from there, think as you are with cell memories and they think of an area to appear in and think as they shift or not as not enough energy unless they use the sunlight as the fire. There is very little chance of this going off on you, as you think that nothing will happen.

  There is also brings to mind necromancy, or the art of the dead, and that is where a large part of the necromancy field is an art intended to help the dead get to the 'other side'. It depends though on the necromancer, as some of them excel to make them stay here, some make loopholes in life to bring them from dead. Where some are just into concepts.. and glitches, but I don't think you can do the dangerous stuff without certain ends meeting. As they could do stuff and end up staying in concept but get different results. Read more on necromancy death magic @ here, and necromancy itself @ here,

  There's also the death world, where there is Mayan belief of a world of the dead. The world of the dead is different, as it has different rules. As per say, the dead are alive and the living are dead to it. The Gods there are the demi-humans and aliens. The idea are opposing views and opposite of our reality. The actions derive off of a death of something. So to speak of it, is to remain silent of the idea in mind there and so on. Time is actually backward there and it seems as though its forward.

  Its in truth the negative space beyond a mirror, where you can usually see the negative space of reversed things, on the other side of the mirrors. Good is bad and bad is good as its skill shown, unless we make rules that change that. To make an idea of what we want, is to want it and the want triggers an idea there. Which we perceive and make an idea in our own right. Once dead there, however, ya either can be alive here again or be undead there and actually still live. As there is no true death there.

  In my mind, don't look directly ever at mirrors. It's not recommended, especially to mirrors. As, again, beyond a mirror is that space and every positive action is a negative there, as its a reversed place. So, in your room its a pretty good idea to do as ya want, but don't let there be negative feelings and emotions. If you don't want it to become a haunted room. Because like I said, when we 'see' something, we connect it. When you see a being, it sees you too.

  There is also heaven with an afterlife and that can include hell, if ya believe that ya will goto hell, only some get to go to heaven, if ya believe ya will goto heaven, and prosper in some manner as described here @ Where some are in torment and in hell, as described @ here, The necromancer can aid in causing a shift to the death world. So can a priest, as well, as their power is faith and the words they speak is with a belief. Which can make things happen. Blind faith is not entirely possible, except to expect things that aren't going to happen.

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