Wind affects

  To denote the effects about to happen just by wind alone, note the wind direction and only while at a stop or not moving, alternatively this will denote the effect by looking at a weather report. This info came from a chocoloate shop who denoted wind direction as a source for event predictions and the indians who taught the owner. Listed are the ideas that could happen as events.

n = renewal or something is renewed
nne = deterring or an event to cause deterrence
ne = chaos, a chaotic effect or chaotic law
ene = lawlessness or criminal activity
e = discord or disruptive event
ese = allowance or frustration event that forces acceptance
se = nontraditional or unknown event of original thinking
sse = interest or attention drawing event
s = chance or a lucky event
ssw = anarchy or purposeful crime
sw = order or organized event
wsw = law or inclusion event
w = selective or choice moment
nnw = indifference or uncared for moment
nw = tradition or a patterned event of traditional nature
wnw = enforcement or policy enactment

inspiration indian lore and a chocolate movie