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   Tarot Card Meanings from Tarot card meanings, if you want the tarot and card reading pdf, look here.

 The tarot card meanings are made up of things you can think of to use to let her come back or let him come back. The Tarot is made up of 78 Tarot cards, this one is with biddytarot meanings each with its own unique Tarot card meaning. There are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards across four suits (Cups, Pentacles, Swords cards that are the swords suite and Wands). For the general importance of tarot read this: oranum.com tarot benefits.

 Tarot cards have an upright and a reversed Tarot card meaning. BiddyTarot's free Tarot Card Meanings database helps you interpret and understand the meanings of the Tarot cards, including upright and reversed Tarot card meanings. Please note that the following Tarot card meanings are intended as a guide only. Tarot readings require many years' experience and a deep understanding of the Tarot, with different readers interpreting the Tarot cards in their own unique way by what you do.

Some tarot card meanings

  If you want to explore the Tarot card meanings at a much deeper level, learn more about them from this eBook The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings or if a master tarot card deck, the master tarot guide that has over 50+ pages. Not only does this ultimate guide to tarot card meanings that is a 330+ page Guide, include upright and reversed Tarot card meanings, it also includes what each Tarot card means in a career, work, finance, relationship, spiritual or health Tarot reading, seeing a choice and much more. This includes the ideal point of what you think. For a definite yes or no with tarot cards. A yes answer is a sun card..a no answer is a moon card. Whichever comes first is the rule to this, that's after going through the deck with seeking answer cards.

  So to get a reading with playing or tarot cards: Think of your point you want to know then think of the question, see the point otherwise then get a card off the deck that you shuffled by now or think to get a reading that you think intuitively to know. A safe question or thinking to know is think "to know what will occur" then you will, otherwise "think to know the next step with this". Think this then read the cards future depiction, as things could be coming or already came. Like something is comg with the fool or is a success with the wheel of fortune. So think, if a card falls out during shuffling a tarot card deck then set it aside, you can rest assured it is more energized and has more meaning towards your person that it is read for. This doesn't always apply for who you read them for or it has more meaning.

  There's an evil scent going around. I stopped it for now as I imagined the scent cause, thinking it is gone as its being fixed then to get the scent I imagined big fans that were running to draw out the scent. I stopped for now as this is a break, so lets stop any stealing that's occuring around here by imagining no value to the item that exists there that could be taken.

  Unless you don't want to read it or feel to do so. So I think to do things right, lets see this through my eyes. If I had a life that lived beyond the point, then you would say that's great so I think you should live your own life. So this means that you can create nearly anything with what you have, unless limits are there to the point.

  Welcome to my inner world. As a point of view, this is so I live my own life not others. I let the creator live the other life, that is living by his or her imagination. So this is the end point I figured out to the games I observed. They are all depicting something that is happening or happened. So I think this ends my need to understand why the game is there, this is like a dimensional calling card where you think about it and your there by "request" that ends as you end the game, think to leave or go and you can leave as you will or close out the article. What follows after this is the spreads you can use. However there are more spreads that work, these cover the basic outlay.

Learning the Tarot - Basic tips

Written by Oranum Psychic Mermaidsong

 Learning Tarot - methods for you

  In this article I will teach you some basic tips and methods for learning the tarot for yourself and others. The first thing to note about your new tarot deck when you start learning tarot is that it is made up of three types of cards. These are the major arcana, the minor arcana and the court cards. The major arcana is made up of 22 cards which represent major themes and archetypes we experience in our lives. When these cards come up they represent the influence of the Divine, of Source itself.

  The minor arcana and the court cards are divided according to the four elements, with Pentacles relating to the Earth, Wands to Fire, Swords to Air and Cups to Water. There are ten numbered cards in each suit of the minor arcana and four court cards in each suit; these being the Page, the Knight, the Queen and the King. Minor arcana cards are known as the 'free will cards'. They represent aspects of our lives we have control over; they show places where we can change our approach, action or mindset. However some card decks have a missing card, so if that is so, then you can still use it by feel.

  Each numbered card in the minor arcana relates to the Major arcana card which corresponds to it numerologically; for example all fours in the tarot relate to the Emperor, which is the number 4 card in the Major arcana card, and therefore deal with stability and order. I feel it is important to get a grasp of the structure of the tarot before you move onto studying the rich symbolism of the cards. However remember, the sun card is a yes and the 4 of swords is a wait for things card. So a definite no is a reversed sun card. I think if the card says success or some similar meaning that seems what you need in the reading, then its a yes.

  I would like to recommend the traditional Rider Waite tarot for beginners. Take the time to study each card. Meditate on each card. Make lists of the symbols, colors and movement depicted on each card. Read books about the tarot and make flash cards and 'mind maps' noting the essential meanings of each card. Have fun learning the tarot but take a disciplined and organised approach to your learning in order to complement the intuitive skills that you develop through using the cards. Once you have learned the cards' meanings well you can move on to learning spreads, such as a simple past, present and future spread or the Celtic cross.

  Good luck in your Tarot learning Journey!

Some tarot card spreads

  There are six types of readings that are the spreads or outlay of the cards. So far by the feel, seeing this you would like some insight for the new week? Take a few deep breaths in use, focus on your question and select 1 card. Then the ideal is revealed by the creator for the meaning as insight with rules set by the question or chaos; the single moment style, the three card draw, the full celtic cross reading, the chaotic reading, the sporadic reading and the relationship reading. This is how things work by card, to ask a question of the moment sets the idea to get a prophecy of what you think to know or realize. Just realize the idea and then go with the moment. So remember this, always flip over a card on its side. Then, you are assured a fair reading.

  See whatever you desire is sometimes expressed and then trying a single card reading or a full reading by feel, seen to be the way of this then time is there. There is no user reasoning to this so think to work by instinct guided by insight. After you do a reading to a point, you can use clarification cards that can come from the top, middle or bottom part of the deck. This card is read with both positive and negative meanings for further understanding, such as: this is so and also possible is this.

  Single moment card reading; The point of a single card style is focus and relax your mind and think of the purpose to focus your mind on the desire to be known about, by the question, and then the picking of a card from then on the top or bottom of the shuffled deck as that is your choice. Shuffle it as many times as be needed. Determine the meaning of the card as suits you best to show an upcoming moment. However you read it with the positive and negative card meanings you think is suitable for the moment. This last reading ended in a menthol moment.

  The three card spread; there are many ways to do this but you can think a question and shuffle the the deck as many times as you want. Then take a card from the top and place it on the table surface. This is the center card and represents either yes if upward/no if downward, otherwise it could be used as the guardian angel or the moment you asked about. The other two cards represent guidance cards, that means they reflect on the moment by relation with some point and what you know. So then draw another card and place it a little upward and to the left. This card represents the conscious idea or the mind and possibly represents the female side of the person. The last card is placed on the right side of the center card and at a point that's also a little upwards in position, this card represents the subconscious mind and subconscious idea. This card also may represent the man side of the person. Altogether, from left to right is this alternative spread. Placed from left to right is the past, the present, and the future.

As in;
| | or | | |

  The celtic cross; The full reading starts with a thought on or spoken question to focus the mind on the moment to be known about and then do the outlay after shuffling the cards as many times as desired. So the outline to follow for the reading is From the bottom of the deck an its placed at the top point as to mean the endpoint. The next card is from the top of the deck as its placed under, and it is the Beginning. The next card laid flat and to the left side is the opposite one for the opposite fate and doom that could occur is not that bad. The card laid under it is the given moment that rules the fate. The next card is to the right side is as the past and then the next above this is present future that is used to rise above the past, where the next to the side is the future moment that rules the present future. This is in use the celtic cross and of the card deck.

As this use is the design you use, or otherwise you can decide what is a pattern then the meaning you desire its your choice;

|   |
|   |

  Chaotic divination; Using playing cards is like playing with chaos or using chaos to know the future, so if your aware of the risks you can use them instead of tarot otherwise your safer with tarot cards by this. When you do this, keep in mind that you allow chaos to be your fate. Basically, the premise is this. You take a card and chaotically toss it to a table or ground as you hold the card with its edge facing up somewhere and then if its facing you facecard up, you read it for its meaning. If it lands sideways flat to you, then it is the negative version of the card, in meaning. If somewhat up and down to you, then it is the positive meaning. Do this as many times as you want, till your satisfied. You may use tarot cards or playing cards. Generally do three cards at first and then make it a set meaning you ask of the cards, for the idea you would want to know about. You also may start the reading with a 'Chaos, lead my way'.

  Sporadic divination; This is the card reading of a true chaotic pattern, using playing cards or tarot. The premise is the same as the chaotic divination reading, except it is take 5 cards and turn the stack of those 5 up facing yourself. Then toss them to a surface in one smooth motion as you hold them with the edge facing up for larger cards. Read them as you feel the order is necessary of that which you want and the cards being upright are read and the cards being facedown are unknown fates. Again, the sideways 'flat' facing cards are negative meanings and the somewhat upright cards are positive. Start this process with a stated 'May chaos reveal the way.' And then ask a question you would want to know or follow your instincts and let chaotic method point the way. You may recast the cards over again, as long as you place them at end of the deck. Then reshuffle after your done.

Love and relationship tarot readings

Love Tarot readings

Some tarot card dreaming info

  This info came from dreammoods.com and is very interesting. For tarot cards, thinking to dream of a tarot reading indicates your current situation and state of mind. You are open to exploring your subconscious thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to what the Tarot Cards reveal. Consider the following general meanings of the four Tarot suits: The Wands represent fire, inspiration, spirituality, action, initiative, and the Psyche. The suit of the Swords signify air, determination, strength, faith, and conquering of fear. The Cups symbolize water, emotions, purity, and your outlook toward life and the future. The Pentacles denote finances, social influence, worldly knowledge, and your connection with nature and earth.

  This could leave you meaning you are open to change. Thinking to use the idea of life experiences, the point is some idea you think to use that is put to good use. So the information of tarot cards are for very interesdting work by feel. Otherwise the tarot is for the use of creating a point to which you think of and self-define. Think of a moment and you can use a tarot spread or reading to create the idea of what you need by feel. This is basically what you can do with tarot if you think to use it by divining your point by purpose that is exposed by idea.

  The point to this is based off this idea, you create with tarot what you want by what you do with the tarot deck and sometimes with use is the suggestion you can say that the subconscious can create what you need. In this way, if you think the meaning you intend to do. Then you can create a new path from the old path. This is thinking of the idea and then some point that exists comes clear, that is how the dream tarot can work. Real life tarot can work by thinking of the idea to understand, think the meaning and the tarot reveals the point by idea exposed through cards. So you can do a reading dream by dreaming and using lucid dreams, or normal by using an actual tarot deck. This is how tarot cards work by feel and with interpretation.

Placed by skyhawk and some information by dreammoods.com