Tachia use

The ideal

  This is using the tachions or mind element energy that you think to create some ideal, not always forming though you might think it forms as that is the point that is outside your body, that you think about being outside yourself so it formed somewhere. so this is enforce or sometime outside your body, as though you could shift by will to be there or be somewhere else. tachia or tactical display used to scout by conscious ideal.

  This is revealing information as you see the ideal, as though the breath is between words an ideal scouting trick that reveals what is there by your associated element. where energy sharing is what you think as electrons with the energy, that can is what caused by the neutrons. with protons that can cause shifting electrons pushed by the propulsion. this shifted away is with energy, stored by a little salt or air energy that you think to use.

  See this is tachia or area gases with energy, you can unform or deform the form by thinking the body dissassembles celluarly. so think for heat is there causing largeness or unlargeness, as you think to form or reform the form by the animal consciousness or energy consciousness. otherwise with thinking energy is the energy formed by will, that is with energy conscious so that is awareness for things that exist. so you could form anything by focus. This allows you to lose weight if you think to exercise, not to gain it back if you want to be in another body. they now know your a point that is real illusion or alien by now, if you look like yourself then teleport away. so use this carefully in ideal.

  See that is expanded consciousness that is with thought, thinking that you use your inner universe uses that what is your mind. then they that use your own ideal can do this too by now. this is disrupted by friction or thinking the body or thing formed unforms, where this allows them to teleport away or use thought as energy where this is dissipated by focus. used by the area energy though cthis coud be as release gas is emanation. that gives this away what you think not to be there is no longer there. so this is where the body perfectly placed is no longer there. this is what I consider in documents.

  This vid is sometimes useful as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHlxmau92KU, that describes a technique without being obvious. so I think in order to use this technique, think energy to the crystal or think to form by emanation with some energy in the area. that could be anything that is formed. that you can use by holding it or thinking to it, otherwise think to the energy around you that is your element to create what you want. the element you can use responds to your thought or thinking that manifests thereafter. the element picks up by your thought, not the man or woman thereafter if any nearby.

  The technique then is sometimes by thought. Think the body forms then the energy is what is formed by your thought or unformed by what a thought. Seen as a thought is a point that describes this ideal that they do. Then you can create by thinking so if you are thinking to eat too much or seen to be eating too much think your not creating the need then the need dissipates away, the ideal you create is what you consider with focus for emanation creates what you think by feel. as this is what you consider with a point you concede to work. this means you are aware to what is there as a risk by trial or error then you can learn to work with the ideal otherwise.

  This is what is useful in creating air or element clones by focus, that could be hostile yet does not effect you in the area work is done. sometimes this is to the anime viewpoint to the human that devised it. that is what you are considering to create or make to work. so think to create or not see to work to concede by feel. if you think some effect is energy you work by the ideal and the viewpoint you are alive or live by the creator, thus the creator creates by area energy or blows to somewhere. so you are aware you see to work or concede to a point that exists or not as now tachya undone.

  That is emanation redirected to the device by the area you think to work with or create by the feel to work, as redirected thinking energy goes to the device you destroy the device. this is the ideal you think as realism that you think the realism to create what you consider, if as the level of realism is what appears as its considered in realism to deal with things. not as you did not recieve it or there was then no shine or em in an by area feel or there. you could acquire ability by practice some with imagination, then make the energy use the ability that you acquire as your own.

  So this I think as you dealt with things, that with inner ability is expressed to create outside. so think to let it go or work with ideal by feel. if you the thought occurs to you to seem immune you lower your weight, then you create what you consider or work with as you think then your unaffected. so you are aware this is real now so remain or seem careful. this is the careful area though carefully laid out is area your aware exists. this is then so your aware to the point that exists that your creative for now. thinking a point or thought by feel you see what your aware of is real except to the eye by feel.

  So this is useful to use the emanations in the real world. where you are letting a magic energy work is energy given from another or formes as energy is the creator created without a punch. this is used as they touch you or you think to dissipate the body, where they see their energy reduce they won't want to continue as though the conscious is your soul. that shifts to yourself or somewhere else when the ennobled body dissipated away. so you see the illusion is you create or not create by the feel, this is actually real or false by the ideal you are aware to what you see if you think it exists then it does. soe you are aware that exists by where you are creating things. this can be seen or unseen as you wish so that is the face system, with magic terms by feel or thin or thinking you can create what you see with a wish.

  For if that were true the unseen is seen or allowing by feel. there is ability by physical means or spiritual ideal so think to the point or no ideal. otherwise by essence of chi if you focus inward or inner energy then chi or inner energy can cure you. so I think this is true, naruto shows things interestingly so this I copy or use by energy with imagined ideal I in make my own. this is not to have aliens steal the spirit so think as you want. if there is some end then there is a way. yet I gave up long ago. so I will go by now as you think or I think otherwise this feeling goes away. seen thought is what you consider.

  See this is feel for you though I am not sure the specifics are there you can see to work, this is use by the area energy as feel is what you consider otherwise nothing is there to react to by feel. this is the void ability by what you concede to a hidden act that is sometimes observed by in the activity you sense. so the blows spiritually are what cause the glow then the burst is with light reacting to the particles by what you can see is there or not there to work non against you. as this is light particles your seeing time by the ideal or you can think to shift then the area up or down is what you work with. so your free by the feel or feeling you are aware is the light with the world so you are aware things can exist by the feel or area you think exists by the feel, the subcobconscious or conscious mind creates.

  This is some new magic form I found interesting sometimes dreadful results. if you realize what magic is you might stop to do normal activity to create unusual ideal. some hide this fact because you won't want to be effected by the ideal you think or feel is the ideal you know is true. so now you are aware magic can exist. I think this to work with this is to work with time not against it so I think magic is ability. ability to act or do as you want. see I think this is ideal to work with or non area work is physical work with other work I read not always born. I think this is a belief system that is old, older than the magic we remember as you remember then you are a force or energy by feel to work with to show or not do.

  Think of a point to work with then tense or release or bunch the muscles, then release to relax then you can do or create. the dragon force then is energy you focus or interest by feel your fine so create as you want, based used ideal is the art form then touch then the vibration or ideal you express or espress you create. if you think to create then the magic creates by altering the correct point, this is with what he thought or she thought was past to work with the future. I based this off a past with life that used this technique or for this is a used ideal. so use the thought, that action is with focus as some don't believe it none will believe things if expressed correctly or allowed to work. then you won't steal or create some point.

  So you see things correctly or if you think to act along, then work as you wish then you can get what you think done. things get shifted if you think about the ideal, then things come through shifted back with a light energy pulse as you then think the ideal is there or fine and done. I guess you mind the area energy by feel. then channel or focus to restore. then you think or restore, otherwise as you think you can or could. this is what could exist by feel. stand in a spot think energy to the area then that is your power spot. then think yourself somewhere as this can seem anywhere, by getting away so anything with activity is over.

  Chi mastery is then with your element to channel air or your element energy to use the ideal or jump then you get what you want or need, by thinking the need you get or create what you think. if a hobbit this is easy so thinking to use the ability you can create with you can create when there is visible sign or no visible area that creates what you wish. this is to give me the power of the wind to do what you or I want. as fire is energy you are working with the point or ideal thought think, then focus energy to create some effect. think a clone to seem there then guide as though you think you are a friend to create, as you think or think to create as touch or consent to work is the moment you see. so if that was true then I am myself when I do things or create ideal.

  Now you know the original writings that is there. the newer thought is think what you want to create then create or do things. think to move then you can create with some area you mood with or the spot with area energy created a white light so now you know our light restorative point or if you have poison in the area a gray restorative area or light. deny then you create otherwise as a point or thought occurs by feel sometimes by attaining the goal. you get what you decide. so by touch or hit you can use your energy or theres to create what the other does by feel if needed. so the point is if you are aware then what is experience by feel. thought use or area activity by the ideal point. now think to shift as you work or touch to restore by some point. seen as you are aware you see what you create before you make the ideal or use as you think to create.

  If a need is a wish you get what you want magic restored. think so your aware then think to form a hitting, touching or slashing blow by the aura then you do things with a hit. this then is where you are aware to the use then create as you are capable. this raises amazing ideal by ability that is suddenly there to use by your own non point, for this amazing ability to use, think by the area e-feel or memory then it did. think the effect then if you want things they can occur or not, if you want not this means you don't think the effect will occur then it won't. now you know magic exists by the creator. as you think it continue on or do as you want. So think as you focus chi energy you harness the emanation to create chi energy ideal, otherwise the ideal you think to exist by a point you focus as a harness that's a point outside your body.


  This is like having a conversation, where the body dissipates away. As her or his ideal or conversation ends with this point, he or she vanishes, seen as though she or he was finished. So there is no trace after the place notes hime or her gone. This is an interesting pleideian trick. Think the point then you are aware to what you created.

  Where so I think in order to use this technique think energy to the crystal that you can use by holding it or thinking to it, otherwise think to the energy around you that is your element to create what you want. The element is emanation you can use that corresponds to your thought or thinking that manifests thereafter. The element picks you up or works as though by your thought.

  Then you can create by thinking so if you are thinking to eat too much or seen to be eating too much, think your not creating the need then the need dissipates away. The ideal you create is what you consider with focus, others think by feel see that is what you consider with a point you concede to work. This means you are aware to what is there as a risk by trial or error, then you can learn to work with the ideal otherwise.

  This is use by your thought. That if you are aware then you know the person is there, then if your aware of other things the person disappears. What you think of moon your done. The ideal is the wave of energy is the cause the response is from those, that are sensitive to others with the influence to the moon. This is where you are that happens or not as there no longer any moon influence. The ideal ends as the point is done.