Street fighting

I wanted to write a few things about self defense in use. I'll try to be of brief moment but I ask you to do everything as described and not be lazy if you want to try it.

The first thing to know is that the members of a human society belonging to the same era all have similar bodily strength. Theres very little difference between a strong and weak person.

What is strength? its experiance. Its not experiance of mind but experiance of body. An experianced body will also grow the muscular strength required for the execution of the skill, as the mind will let the use of more reflexive actions at the same time. Advancing more strength than the skill of your body is useless, because growing skill over the strength will just overwrite the existing muscle and the rest will be just a burden.

It'd take several tomes to explain the muscle cells and their behavior. They're very complicated and mystic so don't waste time trying to understand them. The only thing to know is this: big muscle isn't strong muscle. Think about a deer, its local ankle muscles are thinner than a human thumb yet they carry and jump about 200 kgs all day and not even get tired. In fact, if their ankles consisted of big muscles they would have very hard time moving.

Best way to improve your fighting skills is to fight real fights. The ones that you'll get arrested for. Don't let this scare you. Breaking someones fighting spirit is doing dominant action on them. Fight every time you want to.

But sometimes you can't find it as easy as i make it sound. If you can find a real fight everyday then you're blessed. If not, then you'll train daily.

Swimming is the best sport to make you strong. Don't bother the traditional swimming techniques. Just go into water and keep yourself on surface as longer as you can. Move as you want. Don't forget to wet your hair because like if you're doing this in a hot place, staying under the sun for 4 hours will get you dizzy and you might drown from having heat stroke or heat exhaustion etc.

Throwing very heavy things is another way to go. Rocks are very good at for this. There are two things here; throwing a hand-sized rock to the most distance as you can, and throwing heavy rocks which you cannot lift with one hand and throwing them as strong as you can.

Short runs and long walks are good too. Like running with full speed or walking for 30 minutes until you get tired. After a while advance to adding a forward jump at the end of the run. Try to land on your feet instead of your ass, like forward jumpers do.

Doing this 3 everyday will end you up as a flesh made of steel. But you probably have more important things to do in your spare time like playing neopets or uo or something.. but try to do them every chance you get.

Your punch is your ultimate weapon in combat. punch your way to glory. Stretch your arm backwards, holding your fist near to your cheek and force your fist forward with all the power of the muscles springed up to that point. Follow your fist on air with your eyes and see where its going. This is how you aim. Use all your body to punch. Your feet will be like you're standing on your foot-fingers. The back lope of your feet will not be on ground while you're pouncing. From your feet to your belt and chest and shoudlers, you will use all your body to make your fist go through the face of your opponent. Use momentum force too, giving the punch a slight bend on air. But not much. A 90 degree punch is another stlye.

In your spare times stretch your arms all the time. Lay on ground backwards and reach with your arms to the position of yourself making a perfect Y shape. Back of your hand will be touching the ground. your arms and shoulders will not be in a relaxed mode. It may wound easy from here but when you do it you will notice your hands remain bloodless after a while. I mean like paralysed. Just wait, your veins will adjust themselves in a minute or so and your hand will go normal again. Also for example while sitting, raise your hands to sky and stretch them as backwards as you can, try to find the hardest position to do it and let them stay there as long as you can. Put your arms on air every time you can get. Don't forget, practicing out of your practice time, daily life, are more effective.

Stretch your legs. Stretch them from side to side, on ground. Stretch them to forward and backward. Put your leg up on a high shelf and stand that position for hours. When its not high enough for you, put it to a higher shelf next day. Pull your leg upwards and turn it into a kick and repeat this all day, with resting breaks. Make invisible kicks on air all the time. Kick everything, doors, things on tables, couches, walls, friends etc. Start your practice on morning and do it throughout the day every time you don't feel tired. Don't walk on stairs, run there. Take them double or triple. This muscles are the same ones you use in your back kick.

As much as stones, throwing people around will get you power too. Like while joking with your friends just focus on this and make the play as an excuse to practice. Throw them as far as you can, hold from the upper part of the arm with one hand the lower part with another. Or just hold them with both hands from their chest and roll them to ground or forward. Don't forget, trying is half the way to success. So keep throwing heavier and heavier friends as you go.

Another joke mixed practice is a little rough but very useful. Tie your arm around their neck, for example your right arm on the back of their neck, and your lower arm bent towards yourself, you standing on your victims left, grab your right wrist with your left hand and jam their neck with your right elbow. Pull their necks toward your armpit forcing their waist to bend and stuck them on this position. You might think that this can break their necks but it won't. Well it might, but it never happened to me. When you master this action it is very very useful in a fight. You can bend your victims waist and force their head to hit on a solid object like a table and keep hitting until their head cracks. Just be careful not to get a hit to your groin etc. There are counters and counter counters in this position but those are yours to find out.

Most peoples punches advance the same way. They stretch and hit. If you study the people punching you while in fight, you will start to see it coming just before they punch you. Their punch reach is limited. Just move backwards and they'll miss you and lose balance. If you can't, then move sidewards, even if with your body. For example their right punch will be bent towards your right, so moving your head to right to dodge their right attack is useless. Move left and also make it a reflex to raise your elbow to a punch. So when you can't escape you, raise your elbow. Don't try to hold your hands on your face to defend it. Its the ultimate noob action and will just get you punching your own face. If you see someone doing this pose in a fight give out your breath because you won this fight already.

Another mistake that your noob opponents will do it to focus on face only. And frontal face only too. So thats why they'll be defending this point most too, which will leave them in the stupidest position if you just hit them from the side of their heads. If your opponent is weaker than you just hold their hand (preferably when they punch and miss you) and make them spin so they show you their side and punch the side of their head. Ears preferable. If you can kick here, its all the better. As also to focus on their chest. This will break them up like trash wood. Keep pouncing on the center of their chests while defending from their punches. If this is a serious fight punch their hearts too. From their left and back sides too because the heart receives impact from all these places. When they feel their hearts and lungs burning their fighting spirit break to no boundaries.

They'll think they're dying and they will too if they keep moving their upper body with raw force. Top of their knees are a good point too. Direct your punch to downwards and punch this point. When you punch both their knees a few times they'll lose their balance and receive a moral impact. Also there are ways to break their legs in a fight. Select and opponent that doesn't know the meaning of dodge and slide. In the middle of the fight, get a little distant and run towards them. Jump and take the pose of a flying kick master but kick towards downwards. With all your weight hit on their knee. Their knee will bend to one side and their base of legs will be broken. In luck it won't, and their knee will be broken instead.

Well to be brief.. just keep practicing. Practice makes perfect. Practice makes go as it is the way to go. Pushing yourself to your limits at practice is the way to go. Keep making invisible punches on air. Keep doing push ups. Do every training said up there you all the time. Especially the leg ones. A strong leg is a key to balance and glory. Also don't feel ashamed to take advantage of your opponents weak points if they're stronger than you. They're already being unfair by fighting a weaker opponent so feel free to do anything. Hit their balls for example. Poke their eyes. If you're being raped bite off their dicks and as soon as they see blood they'll lose their enthusiasm. Just stop making excuses not to defend yourself and start inventing excuses to defend yourself. Courage is the key and the neck is the weakest part of a human.

To add to this and more quickly defend yourself, try breaking their hand so they are insufficient in hand actions. But, I don't advice using chi in a street fight. Hit your opponent's nose with your head and kick him in genital, then slap him very hard so that your opponent will be blushed and his adrenalin will go to his face as blood. And that removes adrenalin from body. Then kick him in chest. If you do that in that order and with haste, he will be on ground, lying.

In fact, when they punch you and you turn around yourself, making the back of their hand come to your backside while you are holding their wrist with your right hand and you bend their arm outwards using your back as turning point, their arms will be hurt if not broken. You can also kick to their waist while holding their hands and to add to this both are difficult but effective.

Discipline is your friend. Its not trying to control as to control your body, its to let your mind and body get along good. Practicing the same move for hours has the best benefit of discipline. Exerting yourself in practice does this too. I'm sure you're all good at mind discipline due to meditation techs. So try to use your meditation techniques that'r good for focusing in fight.

But sometimes before starting a fight you can forget your discipline. To counter this you stretch your muscles. I don't mean like a show off body builder. But you stretch/clench where you think you are best. Like your upper or lower leg muscles, neck muscles, groin muscles etc. Some people used to clench his fist to do this. Said it boasted their morale. Some people reach for sky. These type of getting-ready moves also carry a ki force in themselves. So don't be surprised if you see a sweat running down your opponent when he is talking shit to you and you're clenching.

To break your opponents discipline, you talk shit to them or deflect to them. Thats why some people lengthen the before-fight talk as much as they can. Thats not a sign of weakness though. A sign of weakness is a shouting opponent. If they waste breath to shout curse on you that means they're doing it in instinct and didn't see much of a fight before. Anyway.. intimidating is the key to breaking discipline. It doesn't matter if they are scared or not. Just use love on them with words. Instead of saying the worst kind of curse and angering them, say something with  some loving of suspense and insinuation. Making it look like you're in full self confidence, as you should be anyway, and them a very coward. "I'll break your bones" in the right tone is a good example to this.

If you can save your concentration for it, don't forget the momentary insults in a middle of the fight too. Making a comment about how their punch doesn't hurt you or that he's a complete idiot and doesn't know how to fight effects your opponent physically and by causing the opponent to think about this to bring physically an energy drain. Don't bother making senseless curses like fuck your mother. It won't have any effect.

Skyhawk and Halp