The Spellmaking Process

  What you do with this is up to you yourself, use the creator as you can create a way to get or give if you see use, if you can't get any result and get dissapointed with what have you if your about to do. As you can get some idea in mind then use is the activity, you can get energy from you can find things to use and create what concept you want in mana use. As by energy use in action, if your use is the time energy that is the en energy can surge and use is the moment. Write the idea down and you as a subconscious focus used in thought, can get and create what use there is as a point written in an idea or financial use that your spirit is able to do. This and use is simple or "not" is if in use an as you use what you think. The idea is a worded phrase thought, is to use a single word or more to describe the thing the subconsconscious does as "this".

  The idea can be like the source, the = sign and the point that is expression or mention that is done and yet activity is a point. As in, The Ie Tri = The idea trick; To make something look like something else, as you are seeming in agreement and each time you are thinking you can create what is different. As appearance is change or different idea is expressed in by the different things, that are thought with the same thing expressed over until not necessary as its dumb. As magic is sane making if possible, as making as then over you are believing you can do the idea and work as you want. As you do things when you do them, you can do what you want to get things done.

  This is a thought that if you are doing things and if you are a thought as you create things, you can use a thought and dump what you don't want in the trash. As you are capable in created effort, you can use or make the idea and your use is what you can think as you think of a concept. That is a use, and use is over if you think and unintend it at the right time. Thus, your use is a point and that thought is conception to work. As you think of the purpose and the use is the intent, your use is the idea and what the thought that is an end result then your use is an idea as an end result identified is done by a word to describe the activity that is idea. Such as use of a dolloar bill and write 5 zeroes after the number and think that number as you look at the numberas if whole and your use is with money that is there. That is just one way to do the result effect, as the end reult is that you get money that comes to you.