Soul manipulation

  Being in control of a soul you can manipulate much farther than unowned. Ways to own a soul is a willing contract between you and the bought soul, a contract between one who already owns the soul and yourself. You cannot force anyone to give up their soul, only barter and only through their free will.

  Once you own the soul you can manipulate the soul parameters as if your own, changing attributes and thoughts and moods. This also extends down to any bloodlines of the soul, blood relatives and family you can have a small 'area of effect' in manipulation.

  When I noticed the bloodline effect I tried it on a relative. The control between relatives is much less and so the soul parameters cannot be changed, but suggestions can be made. Through a charm effect I changed the mood setting as if turning a water tap.

  Blood relatives, bound clan members, soul mates and closely bound souls share similar rules.

  I can agree with that. So I use telekinetics and use the bound soul that iis the aura that is in the object after getting a deal with it or tricking it. To trick it one just simply uses thier wits and suggests that it would give them power and ability to allow me the use of it. Some say don't suggest, make it an informing idea an it will go along more easier. The soul in the object is just as powerful as the soul in the powered aura body. Some just command the idea to be done of the object by a conniving or just asking. The response of doing it as you request is the act of agreement. Your thoughts?

   Some time ago this was figured out and turned out to be an added factual idea. That you can get someone to touch or be near an object and you got some of thier soul as thier aura adds itself into the object. The aura goes everywhere to burn itself up as its too far away.

  If you control a person, you can control their blood relatives/bound clan members/soulmates/closely-bound souls easier. If not, they can correct you. Also, what is meant by 'closely bound soul' is there's a difference between ownership and control. Control can be fought, ownership is pretty concretely set. If you own a soul you can manipulate their blood relatives as you would your own if you could do that before. The same with clan mates etc. Clan mates are family bound through events not blood, and soulmates or closely-bound souls are just other terms for clanmate. Souls can also be bound through destiny in that they'll stay together until the destiny is met. They'll take your command as destiny.


gotten, from vision questing and observations, of time past
A labratory effort in oklahoma