The sometime rant

"To selectively see is to dor it as agi is for the moment."

This is a rant of sometime and not that long ago. Sometime is to do but it isn't advisable all the time. What we do is considered of a sometime. We each seek to do things that of what we do get from or achieve with as it is to do as but as not to do with a not and as do to deceive as well. After all, its up to us to get what we want from this time as it was to do but recieve. This to do but understand it as well a thing to do. Because its to do as we want but not with whom we do it with to do when we do it to deceive, we go forth to achieve and not dupe. Believing when we do that we are to do right. So much to do for it the idea, we seek to know and trust to do as well as we do it. To be able and plausible. So it seems good. Those of course are an of that believe in this world of tend to follow this idea as quoted from "Gangs don't have power, people do."

"A willingness to change can lead to resourceful idea in solutions to even the most complex problems. Although it may take a few days before we feel the positive impact of direct motion, we already can already sense by sensibleness that things are about to change. Driving our feelings deep beneath the surface. This with a smooth triangulation effect encourages us to be more obsessive about our desires in todays time. We can find additional meaning from our search as previously hidden feelings are finally expressed. It is what we feel by what we express. We reign in out emotions due to metaphysical richness. We may feel more motivated than we act. And is placing us in situations where imagined inadequacies get in the way of our success. 'A of em of them'. Rufus is our all time master, so please be at peace.

As, its us giving ourselves just days, to tie up, as many loose ends, as possible. Energy with this might not help us think too clearly, but it can put us in touch with the deeper purpose of life as communication issues are brought to the forefront. Still we may be confused until we are jolted when awakening circumverential energy occurs. But as with the moon, our energy diffuses into an ocean of thoughts and feelings that defies conceptualization. We can escape from our regular work and give ourselves permission to feed our dreams, fly with our fantasies or float on the water while celebrating or relaxing the day with a drift like feel.

Busyness or besyness, This can reactivate certain recent dilemmas concerning our ongoing struggles with the manifestation of our dreams, reminding us that relationships can fall short of our idea. Our dreams are not to be a struggle and Yet we must live in the real world. Annoyances makes it difficult to judge the actual impact of our behavior on others. Non-conformist energy, is reminding us that we don't need to lose our individuality in order to participate in group activities. But the paradox goes deeper today, for the Moon connects us with our feelings, but with water it encourages us to keep a bit of emotional distance.

Nevertheless, a protective energy make it difficult an to know how to balance our need to nurture with a desire for independence. This illuminates the futility of withholding our feelings. Meanwhile, beautiful effect with imagination revs up our dream machine while preventing us from running away with our desires as is the case. The disturbances are not "out there;" they stem from our anxious reactions to the events. To block out anxious reaction we meditate.

Although we may truly have fires to extinguish, the real work must be done not so on entertainment for ourselves. A Creative energy grounds us, so we can face our issues. With aims to inspiration, We may recognize that although we are bound to the Earth plane, there are many journeys to take -- both in the real world and on metaphysical planes. Additionally, our feelings may get us into trouble now as energy could drive us irrational. Irrational behavior and emotional methods form an irritation or to deal with it forms a conformist. Waves of powerful emotions wash us one way and another as the Moon energy dynamically squares itself. Basically It can be difficult to balance our desires with our reality.

Never in the less, we can turn our dreams into reality with common sense and hard work. To do this, intensity with energy doesn't always keeps us as to meditate to  keep in touch with our deepest desires. To be light in faith keeps us in belief. Warlike energy made us impatient as today we cool our heels as the angry heat energy is moderated into sensibility. Instead of initiating something new, we don't always need to sustain what we already started. As to say the subconscious can continue what we start. The subconscious has a tendency to develope our brain with each use."

This can lead to self-belief and self-conduct of a subliminal type. Where our subconscious is the thing, that leads our body but we think on a different tract. But basically it alleviates blame as we don't always do as to this belief. So some can try to do but not always achieve, and that is not reflected in the belief above. Some of them try themselves to become otherwise and try to fit better, but it all comes down to this "as it was as it is it is as it always was, so we continue as we do and hopefully we come out or through" I believe self decree is someplace but not always here. You see they believed the belief. This leads us to some self derisive thoughts by idea, and goals that make us laugh as a memory.

So some are of a self-desire, where self-goals are of to become able to deal with things. Self-desire is self-decree when spoken aloud. It is as an ending to itself so we speak to others as if ourselves. Try to weave it, try not to objectively believe it. As it can also oftentimes lead us to our doom. The motto for their greeting could be "as if to fare". I saw this strange greeting that reminds me of it. "Peace, good morning, good evening, good afternoon, good night, chiou" Some I know put this into perspective and cut down the idea into sections. The ineffectual use is not our strong suite. Some say "I only did it to protect my self rights." 'As it is if it comes to what of or as of it. An en of is their the.'

Some self-decree to become. As its due dumb to be as due. As the idea to a dumb point. As to the dumb. As dumb to dumb that. As to believe is as a way to do. We do. So thats whats we condition ourselves to do. But we don't have to keep that condition. We see to do, do to know and as to evil deject to evil. But are we actually the same as them or as we make ourselves. Its as we believe we become and sometimes not as we are. As we are, we do to conjoin to others as in believe it or not. Its an about that is what we sometimes find ourselves going for. Sometimes its as if an as to be freud in an associate. Some can say this law effects them.

'Inconsistence is a set of goal service. Considered an inconsiderateness. Do is to do otherwise, not as in to die otherwise, a force to considerance as is do or die. The way of spontaneous insubstantiality is idea that is to spontaneously separate your body, considered, in case of idea or aggression against you. To excuse or cause a little fire in a grid like fashion, and use is as if a energy of its own. Is to be as not. To be energy in preparation but use is evidential. Apparel is to be as able with devisings, these are any object with us. Restituents is to be a able person and on a waiting list or a client. Ap as an affluence of idea, in an appliance by use. Af to be of is more to be of like it is as like after effect as after use. Affluece in use. Constituents are to be as with substance an at most no abuse and act like a object or to be of constant movement and activity. Some are to cancel be. Agropynics, an cope to be as an able in profession by use. Agryponics, it is to cure as in whatever possible the energy.' An efficient theory follows. Efficient use is in anything."

The idea of this came from an idea, of how to manipulate the spirit and body in use of a sentence. As an idea, its to seem like an influence, so accept it is of an idea by what it means to make where it is. So you can say its where its family as well. As you can see, its also a failing on a grade scale.

Treating the sentence as to be of the human language, where