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  For sale, the documents you may want in pdf form, for ease of reading, donate only if you think their worth it. Its useful to have a local copy, of the docs, for when you don't always have internet. This is from my site of You may donate to me here or below.

Free Stuff!

Atleantian dictionary PDF and How to do magic tutorial and examples, amongst others.

>Now Free for Download!<
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  Method compendium - 26 $, click the image to donate for it. Anyway, the free download of this 4000 and more page pdf and free updates along with its extras is available here.

Sells for your interest

Magic training PDF - 15 $

General sciences PDF - 15 $

Lost History PDF - 15 $

Meditation technique PDF - 12 $

Poems, Rants and Stories PDF - 12 $

Psionics mental training PDF - 15 $

How to fight PDF - 13 $

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