Schools of magic

Prerequisites at work or play for magic

  The idea here is to follow a pattern for set magic to work. The idea follows a prerequisite or things that go before the event. An event that is marked by omens and subtle noticements. If unsubtle then its noticed. What happens after is up to you in audience viewer or interactive usage. As sometimes after time, theres a pattern that emerges. As in, conduance, personification, and immurity or congluance. Something similiar to this is what magic follows. A school of the thoughts gathered of it, the prerequisites, may come about for any benefit of the thought in doubt. A moment here is in a thought to freely use a way. Some moments cost abit more in than one might want to know.

The prerequisites of magic follow this pattern according to the Echoes of the fourth magic book by R.A. Salvatore

  1. Your a worker or liver here, then else and there your a visitor or guest, by guest being your requested. By slim we mean slender as in chances. Where Power corrupts by the current event uncontingently by example or necessity. Power is sometimes destructive, yes, yet we have power. That has been proven. But do not equate the ability to destroy with power. A bomb reduces something to nothing but bubbling tar, that is called annihilation. What is gained? Annihilation, which is not true power, where its the antithesis of power. This brings a need to help.
  2. Control is bending another will as askance to your bidding like a force of nature. Dominating his or her every move by will or make allowances to be more able to control, that is power. This is akin to evil but its not. Evil is dominating without care of feelings except to gain, and to move people by manipulation with no care to feelings. Just manipulating along the lines of pieces is not evil, its toying. Having control is sometimes necessary. Knowledge is somtimes a necessity.
  3. Knowledge of the secrets of the universe and of absolute and other normal power that exists within is the first necessity. The second part is desire. Desire to possess to own everything of or if something. The courage to dare and sometimes act like a God by usage of some sort.

The four schools of magic 

The four schools are identified by thier nature. The pattern is set by the identified nature, strengthened by deeper strength.
  1. Conjunction work or nature magic
  2. Invocation work or adaptive magic
  3. Convocation conviction iin work or control magic
  4. Conveyance technology work or harness magic
The deeper strength is the strength, of the mind in conjunction with by the powers of the universe. And driving those powers by relaxed patterns and by sometimes sheer desires and convictions. Given the secrets of the universal truths, you would remain a simple or convenient Fausta playing with toys and firecrackers. Sometimes you can portray doom and earn with it or nothing is gained. Without the actual necessity, there is no will. With nothing of memory necessity there is no free will, its just slavery or slave work. You don't have to do it as if it is in memory its active. Out of memory its passive work. All empty conclusion if not necessaty. Now you know the four magics. Set in by Se at ju corp. inc ltd.