Ancient Sar'a'cea was a city nearing Hatia in its height, it was located near the border of Turkey. They were a area city of sorcerors, thier name means sorceror or magic activity. The ancient sorceror gave the sorceror of today a enigma as they were closed mouth, able to do mysticism, willing to do cultish activity for the trade of idea and values. As people came they were often traced and encouraged to share tales of the city and attract visitors. The city had a gift to understand languages and yet if a traitor was caught, they were either skinned and eaten or destroyed with insanity. I have memories mostly of technological crystalline devices with thought out concept and basis on mathmagic. Now the schooling was very good with reading and arithmetic first. Then power and idea manipulation second, third was spell structure and spell theories last.

Using the idea learned from birth they were very specialized in thier chosen fields. The normal folk were considered common citizens and very enigmatic as they could do as they needed and did manual labor. What thier trade goods were, was consisting of food, fruit, drinks, and small odd and ends. They helped ship faster by magical aid with no product changes or they were penalized by having to paid less.

The great weapons of the area were the dembert, everett, healy and demvert created especially by Allan de dembert, Louis everett, Healy lesan, Severr loh demvert. The dembert device caused great destruction by a single shot ae gun to destroy the area on impact, that went on to devolve below the surface too. The everett killed by devolving the person and then did to thier family line. The healy device worked by linking three crystals of black clear color with a battery or source stone, on touch of a button it shot a ray to heal even deep wounds. The demvert device looked like a rod with a crytal attached that shot like a laser at will.

The wizard ranks were simple; mage(magus), fighter(warrior) and shaper(creator). Mage was to use spells of many type with methods developed by schooling. Fighter was to use attack spells along with weapons, and finally shaper could make things out of elements and maintained smithies if they wanted. Those with a rank were not taxed and those with normal citizenry were taxed 5% every good sold. The soldiery were the fighters and the fighters were grouped into many units that acted as the army.

The rules were set by example of what was thier experience. So they were, no stealing, no cheating, no disturbance, and no unnecessary killing. If caught, the penaly was canining to death from associated kill style. Otherwise almost anything else was allowed, including dishonesty when uncaught. A report was looked into yet, unless proof was supplied there was no action.

These people were very bad to visitors as they would try to cheat them with what they could through 10% taxation and they were considered very inconsiderate to those they dispised. Those that survived or wanted to could join the citizens but, only those who were good at fighting could join the army. When the army was joined the person had to pass a test, if they passed they had to join an ole officiers school for ranks. Where thier fighting was improved by a good amount to join the army in practice or worth.

Where is olde sar'a'cea now, is the bottom of a pit called hell. Hell was partially formed from sar'a'cea as, it was over 100000 years ago that it went down to hell for the evil practices that were achieved by demonology. It didn't go all at once yet it sunk over the years and got built over. Near the place of where the explorers dug into hell. As in this document of

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