All about runes and sigils

  What runes be are a symbolic line drawing that are empowered by thought and actions and they can be letters as well. Whereas, a sigil is a symbolic line drawing/carving that is empowered by thought with actions. The runes are a dialect of symbols meant for reading/writing, divination, and magical (re)actions. There are thousands of runesets that come from across the globe. Amongst them be the alphabet with 26 letters, the elder futhark with 24 letters, the chinese alphabet with over 1000 letters listed here and here, the greek alphabet with less than 26 letters, the sea-elven (atlantian) alphabet of over 1000 and letters and the arabic alphabet with 40 letters. To make a sigil or rune, ye use a sigil and rune quest to make a new sigil or rune.

  Now to use the runes in reading/writing, divination and magic and the runequest look at the small menu below:


Creation Art With Energy
Sigilizing Affirmation and words
The Sigil quest
The sigil/rune efficiency

The rune and sigil page of 200+
The Elder Futhark magic use pdf

Reading and writing runes 

  To read and write with the runes ye must be familiar with the alphabet itself. The way the culture writes the words and phrases are how to use them. Such as chinese write downwards and english be written left to right. Atlantian is written any direction that be a line. The arabic alphabet is right to left. To read the written alphabet ye think of the meaning association that fits the letter.

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  The way of divination be to make the runic an sigil tile first by carving or burning the entire runeset into or onto an suface while thinking on yer need for divination on some form of material sliver called tines. The tine material should be used as to yer craftsman level. What materials be there? Wood, stone, paper, metal or bone be the prospects. A runic tine set is a carved runeset and these rune tines are kept in a rune bag for divination or magical purposes. When making the tines wait a day before usage because each rune takes a little energy from the air and after the entire runic tineset be made their is very little energy so things could fail on ye.

  Now after the runeset be carved and a day passes, draw the runetines from the bag one by one as the drawn rune or sigil will impart an image of the future to yer mind..Draw the runes till ye get a clear enough picture of what might happen for the person ye drew them for or yerself. thus ye write the vision down or try to remember it. Its best to do this live as a ghost is one live future tell will clarify many things and try to use instinct as instict will tell ye true. The Elder Futharc Divination meanings are here.

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  The way of magic with runes and sigils is think of the idea to draw the rune and sigil or carve it into something while knowing and thinking about the purpose you have for things done. The elder futhark runeset for magic purposes is here  and some others are at the rune and sigil page. Upon ye drawng the rune or sigil ye will find the rune had taken energy from yerself, the air surround, and the rune/sigil creator. The rune or sigil returns the energy to the area and the rune/sigil crator after its done, almost doubled. This achieves the immortality of the rune and sigil maker and grants the rune and sigil maker power for each time that is done, as to mention a name of that which was created by a person gives him power by its use. The magic rune comes in three forms of script form, lockrune form, and simple form.

  Rune and sigil scripts are the runes and sigils in a straight line in certain number groups called magic clusters of 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13. The metallic numbers or antimagic clusters are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14. These rune and sigil clusters are for indicating a certain outcome to make happen by influence. A working common sense of the rune and sigil itself be necessary for a competently made rune and sigil script and that includes knowing the rune or sigil. The Antimagic clusters work because of the material bonding of pairs and by using the pairing numbers ye use the power of the logical consequence and metals. The use of the antimagic makes the effects sometimes opposite of the intended meaning. Using the magical clusters ye use illogical influence to make things happen as depicted in the sequence. The effects of the magical be positive results to the intended runic sequence. The occurence of Antimagic actions can be to do the action sequence from right to left and opposite as depicted by the runes in a line. The effects of the magical actions can be to do the actions in order from left to right and as the crafter would want.

  Now the lockrunes are combined into one flowing design to make something happen. The effects flow together to have an effect of single purpose and the same rules for the runic scripts apply here of magic clusters and antimagic clusters. The magic cluster lockrune makes an effect of the total number of runes whereas the antimagic cluster lockrune makes for the single effect to be negative based. Flipping the rune reverses its meaning, making positive negative and negative positive. The antimagic runes are all negative and have devastating effect from a positive source(ye) and the bad energy of the rune/sigil create havoc, for its based in math as ax-b=-c or 1x-1=-1, unless handled right, as in not thinking of yerself as ye draw it. If ye use a negative source with the rune from source linking ye will get a positive result, as a negative with a negative gets positive. Like in math where -bx-a=c, or -1x-1=1 where the positive source with a negative rune gets negative.

  As temporal runes are temporary runes and considered temporary for the fact that their objects placed that look like or mean the rune or are in the shape of the rune and resemble it. And they can interact in time as well as if they were long lived runes an its as 1 minute of effect can be 100 years or a minute of effect somewhere else. As in a scarf that is placed in a pattern area, in the shape of the rune or sigil, which acts as the rune or sigil and in whatever time as necessary as all runes or sigils carved or otherwise may do. To do as is in efficiency of what the rune or sigil is.

  Finally the single rune or sigil by itself has the effect of the magical effect ye know as listed in a runic or sigil listing like "A Practical Guide to the Runes by Lisa Peschel." This be excepted by the effect of making yer own runes and sigils, in which ye make the meaning. The Magic of the rune and sigil itself comes from the belief, and the will to allow the rune or sigil to enact itself as most runes or sigils are intelligent by ye imprinting the object on use with yer mind, and will do as it must to achieve the result. This makes the rune and sigil sometimes unpredictable as it chooses the route of idea to achieve rune and sigil movement.

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Only Creation art with energy of runic form

By Meard

  Create as you will and create as you want, after this is what you got as you think a sigil to resist things by the will of the sigil is the energy directed by you. As this is a thought to revert back by physical senses or psychic senses and disorder in disaster is so caused by chaos and order is by some warfare somewhere, so there is will in the mind and energy is as energy wills till you change the programming that is there by what thought there is some idea. Now is as you relate to the past and change the future by what you, do in the present as preset moments blink the area energy and your use is done or conned. Feel free to think your a faery, and you can create an or not as energy is a thought on the wind. This is ended by drawing or creating, the word "wyrd" as wyrded result can happen when the thought is right in a point as if "now to dispall bonkers".

  There is there in law as there law is not differentiated, as your aware of the rules your idea is as a point to get and work with as offset you get away with a substandard system. As you get away with murder as to que away with things, youth energy is approriate to get things done but not never too much. As you are are aware, your energy is energy enough to get anything done in life. As thought or not in life is not as your awaiting truth and justice, as trial and error is erased by the trial in psionic use is with the scientific error. With natural idea to evade or not be effectively sentenced, as you think and don't get sentenced and this can seem like a good use in thought. As with the word your used to see you see they can use and thought practice runes and magic effect, and this is not a bad thought or almost heart attack to energy use by the runic is all in the runic idea to make a rune or sigil as you prevent arrest that is warranted if wanted.

  As you already did it the runic form, now this as a earth field is not as fate when you use energy to solve an idea. As this idea explains that earthen fields of grass is there, think an energy field to some idea or create to appease to think results in completed or this is where you wear energy as a thought to recreate clothing in thought wear to incomplete works as a concept unless not necessary is there unless if not necessary. As you are a point your immortis aware as your idea is to call a man fate or weird fate with a point that doom is possible, think to use and energy to create is corrective as defined by the drawing of a thought. Think from the weird fate is a rune in considered wyrd as the fate is a point not done or a blank sigil.

  So you use this rune with the rune of logical use is deadening as plight or fight thought to the body is by stimulus, by too much as you avoid some use or nightshade is deadening to those that are natural beauties by thought with overuse or touched. As a paralysis idea as Thurisaz is your thinking by insight in magic or hedge rune in thought and otherwise this in mind, is cool or backward is not done. As bigoted attitudes is avoided; avoid what you hate as not to seem intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

  This came from the idea "As I do not as you do not do I do not", expect understanding your idea is to create energy by what you think, as you need the sunlight to focus the sigils strength or not as generational use is thought of the sigil and your thought is created. As if to fix things naturally, this is a cool idea to create with to reverse damage and the idea that energy is a thought and your thought is a point. This sucks damage as it is repairable as with energy in a point you think, except with thought by the area that you scan in the area as excepting "damasget" is from ancient greek as to undo the energy that damaged things and the damage is gone.

  Think you have a thought as what it takes as you want. As you think present idea to use the past as a focus in energy. Not to possesss as you can possess yourself or not, as time creates by noone this as time created is will with the time of moments and nothing much more. To create a change by what is felt in the time you thought. Thought in dell, as you think a moment and create with thought, your will creates where you want or thought is insight by fox concept. As thought is a product, focus and your thought creates itself somwhere as you want feel in focus. As your thought is a point your will exists, as the energy is thought as energized gravity, you can manifest fully any thought by a concept as concent to seem is thought. There is natural threat thats averted by what you consider a sigil, consider this article as you think of the threat and draw as there is some set sigils or if not you can still ward away the dangers. As if to prevent a crippling preventing arresting state of mind or body, the body as you don't have to think to do things.

  Set your thought to inner energy as if prayer is present being free as in you state a will, as or not your free will in the wind the idea is energy and your energy in the wind. As your free in the will, with energy this is a point as you did things your energy will create. As if a point that your a writer and first person is to know by what you think. This is energy writing by what you use fire to create with light and dark or not as point, this is what started the practice thought with shadow and worked with light and acknowledgement is nothing but a kindness or thought is not as an experiment if you don't intend to do anything as you already did it.

  As your will is written by the thought you think, this is a decent understanding to decent fraud or with relation to create with the wind. This can create as your will is your fox in energy form is support. As you see and create this intend ant isn't intention, as you can literally or not get away with any idea. As you see and create this intending isn't intention, as this is you can literally or not get away with any idea and this is a point to return. As your will is a weave to form as your desire is there, think and your idea creates is with the energy that your realm or planet as in thought can make or not if to not "parrat" or parrot that is energy copying in use.

  As in thought energy can create and your will is your idea that if accepted creates by natural or similar idea, as you said what you thought and things you correct is by the aura in energy use to correct with positive feeling as if your free on the wind. Think or not as you ask about and energy surges and creates a soul, assume the form by fox entity and your as thinking can matter. As use is negative ionic energy in the air you you repair by what you want. Don't think by what suits your energy being as is what you can use creates by what you feel, as to suit your purpose as energy is the point you think and what you are natural energy is able to make is how you can cope as you thought you don't have to do this punishment.

Sigilizing Affirmations and words by ChoronzonTheVoid

  Sigilizing affirmation, this is a similar thing as visual sigils, cross out repeating letters and then rearrange. As you think of the idea, you create the point or what you need happens. See this is an idea that creates the point from the idea you sunconsciously use. So "I am strong" becomes something like "Stram goni", this is what can help with making sure they're implanted into subconscious by idea you can work with by feel. As you think of the idea, the point can form. If you need the idea and sometimes do the actions necessary. If you don't want to do things, then the point that occurs could be someone else doing the idea. This is a known effect.

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The sigil quest

  The sigil quest is by two methods and the first method is that which makes the rune and sigil through effort of actions done toward making it and thats an effect created by yer mind and this starts with the concept ye want to achieve with a sigil. It must be a worthy concept or the effect is wasted. The sigil then starts taking form in yer mind as ye do actions while thinking on the sigil ye would want and after each action that ye do it takes on its form even more. After a while, the sigil will cause ye to draw itself in a moment ye be unaware of, on anything including air. After being drawn ye will recognize the sigil anywhere ye look as it will give ye immortal power the more its used.

Then a second method is of the sigils that are quick made as to be through thinking of the effect and drawing the lines, as to what ye want of it or want by it. The effect is of sigils that are drawn and powered by the mind in a form of soul harmonizing, by use of the mind and cause, and the actions are the drawing. Sharing the sigil by use or drawing/carving it will strengthen it. Once its made by any of the methods, its to use it or see it, as made into things, as of objects or a persons use. As its used, ye are empowered each time.

But if ye disbelieve, its just the same as though they still might work if created by someone else or they won't if created by ye, if its yer design and desire, as its only a drawn line on in something without yer belief. Ye can also break a rune or sigil by pouring energy into the weak part of it, especially if its just created. The point where a line meets a line is the weak part. Yes, ye can use part of a rune as the focus for yer energies.

So to just try to make a rune or sigil, is as to feel the power of a source or nothingness going into the sigil and that makes it happen easier. Just feel the sigil effect by imaging it and let yer hand draw it as ye don't have to see it. Then for the rune, ye make it a symbolic letter that it represents.

  There is the fact that a rune or sigil exists, as also other somethings as an object somewhere or a force that creates events in and  of an objective force that will work with the idea, as ye have at the moment an interaction or intereaction happens to occur the effect. This something has a useable symbolic link that may be if used as a rune or sigil. In which ye act the part of the symbolic meaning of the rune or sigil and ye get a result.

  Due note: The sigil creation, just requires a description of what it does magically, to describe the new sigil. Whereas, with the rune, ye can assign a meaning of what it does for being written as text, a description of its actions magically and optionally a letter for it to represent. If ye make a runeset then ye can assign various letters to it, as though it were an alphabet. Its up to ye how many letters ye want to create.

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The sigil/rune efficiency 

  Inscribed runes and sigils on paper, or other medium have the 'balance' power of the runes. We measure the runes and sigils power by the base of them being inscribed on non-descript writing material. Surfaces such as wood, stone, glass, cloth add extra power. The different colours used add differing properties. The time taken and dedication to the rune and sigil inscribing will add potency. Accuracy of the rune and sigil being inscribed also increases potency. Whereas erratic runes and sigils can have bad effects. As in, not the effect ye desire.

  Runes and sigils, drawn on the body with pen or paint, have slightly increased strength than written paper runes and sigils. As the rune or sigil rubs away so does the power, though an astral residue is left.

  Residue - This is left when a rune or sigil is scribed on anything. The more violent the destruction of the written rune or sigil, the faster scatters of the energy from the birth site. Runes and sigils on stone, worn away by time leave an astral print that ebbs away for the length and potency depending on the original rune and sigil. Runes and sigils inscribed on flesh follow the spirit and soul once it has left the body. These are nekros - false and dead runes and sigils.

  Runes and sigils inscribed into flesh (scarrification) have the ability of giving instant power to the one it is written on. Properties better used on different chakra points or limbs, the power granted directly linked to the rune and sigil carved. As the scar stays deep and visible, the power continues. Power decrease for small scars and others that have healed over years.

  The power-giving property is why rune and sigil carving is seen mostly as satanic. It has the property of instantly giving energies without divine intervention from spirits or gods, highly disliked by many religious sects though ye will see the priests and tribal priests use it themselves. As the wound heals, the rune and sigil is bound to the spirit of the person. (Think of the canisters in Geneforge, without the madness)

  Incomplete runes and sigils on skin have a decreased power and a distortion in the power, though it can be fixed by the completion of the rune and sigil, harder to do as it ages. Badly inscribed runes and sigils and malformed runes and sigils also have a decreased and distorted energy signature. Rubbing ashes (Only use the natural antiseptic wood ash unless ye want blood poisoning) into the wound when open can darken the scar when healed. It is hard to judge the appearance the rune or sigil will be and it's strength due to keloiding though with body manipulation this can also be negated. Tattoos as runes and sigils give the same effect as writing on paper - because of the soul link, they do not bond with the person and only a slight increase in power is seen. For more skin carving information

  Material properties have an effect on the rune and sigil, as  inscribing on wood will give a connection to the earth element, inscribing on crystals will add the original crystal property which is why it is good practice to use materials that work in harmony with the rune/sigil intention, just as ye would with elementalism.

  Rituals also increase the potency of any type of rune and sigil.

  Colour properties in runes and sigils -

  The runes and sigils to be given the least of all strength are ones drawn through the air, figurative runes or sigils and astral runes or sigils, though in effect these can be quite powerful as an abstract item.

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Source from A Practical Guide to the Runes
Rune thread of Casaumbrae