3 Ways to Rise Above Heartache & Reclaim Your Power by thought

December 27, 2015

You clicked for a minute then thought, as a good point came up or maybe it was more like months or even years. Then you thought that thought not the love thoughts so you know what I am talking about, this is the suggest something else then you think that instead ideal. You gave them your all and trusted them like no one else, where there was no doubt that they were THE ONE. Maybe you still believe they are, but for whatever reason or thought regardless of who broke it off and why, then it’s over now so I think its time to move on or go your own way.

You’re likely feeling some uncomfortable and stressful emotions and maybe even feel a bit unstable. Flushing a relationship down the crapper can be liberating and hurtful simultaneously, especially one you considered being a potential Soul Mate or Twin Flame Connection.

Here are three ways you can pull yourself out of the dump smelling as fresh as rose-scented linens air dried in the spring sunshine by now.

Edging Out Erratic Emotions

Feelings of hurt, anger, invalidation, betrayal, confusion all share the same space in your mind as your process all these emotions, and ultimately you may be wondering only one thing…Was any of it even real? And if so, which parts? It’s completely natural to feel all of those emotions and allowing yourself to process them and embrace the Zen of Crying is a great start to healing your emotions.

With some emotions cleansed through tears, consider Gandhi’s premise on “being the change you wish to see for the point you have is mute and seize that advice. See this process as a chance to surround yourself with:

Literally, treat yourself in this time as you want to be treated. Embrace yourself and all that surrounds you with these energies and utilize the Law of Attraction to manifest a partner with the values and traits you find compatible.

Takin’ Every Lesson as a Blessin’

Throughout our lives we are trained and programmed to learn ‘lessons’ and facts, and we typically are compelled to accept them blindly, even when as adults punishment from authority figures – like parents – is no longer a factor. Rather than learning a lesson on how you think you should be, take ‘uncomfortable’ situations like a failed relationship and find the positive lessons in that experience.

Take time to have those AHA moments of, ‘I know the signs now, or I won’t do that again…or maybe that wasn’t the right approach, or I can see no where we rushed things.” Whatever it may be, learn the lesson and take it as a blessin’, move on and keep in mind that bullet list above as you are processing to find the lesson.

Reclaim Your Power by Cleaning House

With a newfound sense of self and some lessons learned, you’ll want to shield yourself from negative energies that may exist in your life – typically these are people you may call ‘friends’ in real life or online. Take an inventory of what is serving your energies and what isn’t, and anything or anyone that isn’t aiding your empowerment is impeding it. Clean house.

While you’re cleaning your ‘friendship house’ don’t forget that cleaning up your physical spaces around you can also be renewing, and even a little physical ‘freshening’ up and pampering for yourself could be beneficial! It’s your time to shine, Choose and Not be Chosen in your next relationship, and love will indeed manifest in its time.

Think of your mate as you describe her or him perfectly, whom or what you want as the weight or personal attributes hopefully without jealousy. Otherwise is the meeting times or useful time adding in the fact, some might want that they don't treat you like a dirtbag or lose interest in you seeing they are thin or slender. Then you could add that they won't leave you for who you are, as uses are in important times you are supported or you can support where you need them they are there.

If you weigh a certain amount then you could add they weigh less than you where they keep off the weight. So this is seen as this is the point if you want someone real, then he or she is as they comes to you or you go to them. So just imagine him or her there asking you things then he or she can go do what they wish. See then he or she can appear or come, as you wish by you feeling the need for him or think to create as you think the attention is there. Think the person will come to you or you will meet with the person, Then think to create with the point you make. So I think then create by the feel. So I think to ciou for work now. That sorta thing.

So if your aware then want to break it off, this can help: Think of something different to attract, think of the point then suggest the ideal. This can take the form of affirmation and prclamation statements or a single word that sums up the ideal you had. Here are some affirmation statements.


Here are some short affirmations and proclamation statements that you can use to Banish Negative Energies  or you can use as useful statements that are daily affirmations and you can begin manifesting a loving reality as you reclaim your power. Remember to state your proclamations loud, proud, and full of energy. Be that statement with what you do to own it!


I am grateful for all the love I encounter each day, so the things I think are there where I need them.

Life is a joy filled with delightful surprises by the point or time that I think.

I choose love, freedom to do things and joy by feeling happy or not, by the time that exists the feel or ideal.

I wholly open my heart and soul

Allowing wonderful things to flow into my life that is what exists things you want.

So Be It!


My life overflows with positive energy and loving friends that I channel to create what I think.

I will stop being overcritical of myself or allowing others to judge me, so things I think are where I need them.

I am forgiving, relaxed, and open to what the universe brings

Thinking is done and also to what I manifest, that is there where I think the place or area.

It shall be!


* All of my relationships are harmonious an loving, and the most loving relationship is the one that I enjoy with myself.

* I am a beacon of positive self-expression, as I openly express my feelings and needs.

* I attract healthy relationships, as I release desperation, allowing love to find me.

* Loving myself is healing the mind – body – spirit, as every cell within me vibrates with healthy energy.

* I am aware by awareness that I exist the ideal, then I think so I am aware that the ideal is there.

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