How to Regenerate

  Regeneration in the human body is concordant to the salamander. The salamander regenerates itself  by the modulation of energy in a certain pattern that creates the effect of growth of cut off limbs and wounds disappear. I will describe how to do the meditation necessary at the end of the document. Due note: the effect of regeneration of the body is slight aging unless a meditation is done.

  The process for humans is a little bit different in effect. When the human regenerates it starts by an activation through meditation of the words activation of regeneration before you go to sleep and when you wake up. When the genetics of the human body is altered by this meditation and thus the body starts regenerating wounds taken on the body. Which disappears within 3 minutes of the wounding after the immediance of the stopping of bleeding. The first wound gives the power to the meditation and regeneration starts for real. Then, forever after this, the wounds heal faster and you'll never get sick. There will be an upsurge of energy that will last a month until it reaches a peak and then the human body will be like a salamander in that he regenerates lost limbs and wounding with no scarring. and, he/she will be tireless. This energy peak never goes down except when the person gets wounded.

There are three stages of regeneration. The first stage is when the person only regenerates the small wounds. The second stage regeneration acquires the form of limbs coming back and the person has a lot of energy which is maintained by eating more. After the act of regeneration the body needs mass and unless your on a diet, this mass comes from food and drink. If you are on a diet, eat normally and the body will take from the fat on the body. The third stage of regeneration happens only after one month has passed and then regeneration has the form of regenerating the brain as well as everything else. This is the most dangerous form for one reason. When the person goes into this phase the person will be unconscious for 5 hours as if in a coma when he sleeps. This person will also have the ability of the cut off external body parts regenerating into another person as well as the body parts still attached  regenerating on the person into completely perfect new limb.

  The weight of a person has a great effect on regeneration. If a person has 250+ lbs on his body, the regeneration effect is muted and slowed. What it will do is make a person go to his optimum weight before it begins the regeneration effect.

  When the person actually does regenerate it is very painful to degree of the person passing out. The end result be a completely new body part has been replaced the hacked to pieces or cut-off body part. Five hours after the regeneration occurs the body actually stop hurting.

  The person has to focus on the word regeneration bringing up in mind the actual meaning he has of it for ten minutes of the meditation when the person wakes up and before the person goes to sleep in the entire month after he does the activation meditation. For more information on this read the book "The Body Electric" by Robert O. Becker and Gary Selden.

  To make regeneration active for you is to sit in a lotus position and focus on an image of a key with the word regeneration activation on top of it. Then, turn the key. There is only a one time need for this and once on it is on, it is always on. Their is no turning back after it is on. Even if it seems to not have done anything, this is an direct instruction to your subconscious so it actually did work. The other times you meditate on the word regeneration and what it means to you. Do this when you go to sleep and when you wake up for 10 minutes no more.

The regeneration rate is considered apart of the energy in the air. For the energy is to effect a energy balance, yet its not counted except two of different mirroring forces. To determine the amount of energy including chaotic, and to get your inner joules amongst other things. This takes it to how effective your regeneration is. Its a conception that has energy used with it to permanize it, once permanized it effects physical reality.

 Energy replenishment is your regeneration rate = regen rate = Ere = E(%)-Rb(%)*Log(f) = % energy replenished or regeneration %, E=37.9, Rb=12.6; 37.9-12.6 = 25.1% * 15.5 s/a = 29.869% regen rate. A part of this is the f for time flow, which is to determine the very accurate time flow in the area, count using a verbal count, the time between events and actions. Count between any three actions, use f=(E*((t1+t2+t3)/3))^3=s/a. Event flow = f, energy % decimal = E and time(s) = t. To show an example, say energy level is 9%=..09, t1 = 4, t2 = 5, t3 = 4, plug the values in as f = (.09 * ((4+5+4)/3)^3) =( .09 * (14/3))^3 = (.09 * 4.66)^3 = 0.419^3 = 0.074 s/a at 9% heat level.

 To get the f in a less accurate speed of time flow of somebody or area, you need the time, of how long it takes between at least 2 actions. Divide the total by how many recorded action times. Use f=(t1+t2)/2=s/a, like a count of 2 and 1 with (1+1)/2 = 2/2 = 1 s/a. You watched a swordsman, he kept changing his moves every 4 to 2 seconds. The count was 3, 2 and 4, this applies as 3+2+4 = 9/3 = 3 s/a. This applied time flow can help win a fight.

 So in the area of electricity and contained energy, measure the heat or look at the thermometer. Convert the temperature to K(Kelvin). Then use the cost formula, of E% = cost(x) = K/4 = %; Take the decimal as percent and drop the first of part. Treat the end result as percentage of energy rounded up, in degrees. Say the temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit, 86-32=54/1.8=30+273=303. Cost(303) = 75%. Rb percentage converted to decimal from E/3= Rb%, like the energy was 75.8% it is 75/3 = 25% = .25, Then apply the power formula, P = 75x.25 = 18.8 W. If theres not enough power, then there will be no working regenerations.

 The chaos energy as percent, chaos energy, or radioactive decay and a part of regeneration as it measures how much on an scale that you might decay = Rb = cost(x)/3 = Rb % = chaos energy or background radiation. Apply as, cost(400)/3 = 0%. To explain this, take the cost of Kelvin, divided by 0.333 as E/3 or Z/3. To beget the result of 0 percent chaotic energy for 260 degrees Celcius. This is for the determination of percent chance of failure. The more chaos in the air, the more failure and amount of decay. Per each day by activity, decay can happen to an area reflecting on you, this % can depict this, and this is an inexact measurement for radiactive decay. 30% or more means rapid decay. To get the exact chances ae 1 outta 4 events, try converting Rb% to decimal and dividing 1 into the decimal. Example: 25% Rb = .25 = 1/.25 = 1 from 4 events will go wrong unless care is taken.

  To tell your inner strength, you should know, a few things first off. Your inner strength is the chi, ka. han or karma. It matches the outside energies, for whats within the body, or mind, is matched outside by, the energy in strength. So what you see, and feel within, is what the outside energy matches. Since thats out of the way, we get to how to check on it. Your inner strength, is the only thing that powers your aura, and is your aura. The strength of your aura is how strong your aura is felt. Some auras are very strong denoting strong people, some are weak denoting a weak person, and some are hidden denoting a hidden or unrealized potential.

 To measure your inner strength, you can attempt to use this formula. Ij = E/xs = J, where E = energy %, xs = exercise time. Exercise as long as you can and as fast as you can, before quitting for a break. Then note the temperature, and do a cost(x) on the converted to Kelvin, temperature from celcius. Say your room temperature that you exercised in, was 80 degrees Celcius and your xs was 360 s. 80+273.15 = 353.15, cost(353.15) = 88.3%, Ij = 88.3/360 = 240 mA. Your body would have 240 J inner strength. Just for the fun of it, your xs = 324 s, E = 82.4%, Ij = 82.4/324 = 250 J inner strength.

 How much energy used per action is important as to how much to what you can do, for it can be calculated by the inner strength, and the time to do the action before your tired. Is=J/((t1+t2)/2)=J/s is the formula, I=49 J, t1=3s, t2=2s, then apply, Is = 49/(5/2) = 49/2.5 = 19.6 J/s. Another example, I=100 J, t1=3s, t2=5s, then apply, Is = 100/(5/2) = 100/2.5 = 4 J/s. When the J/s = J, then the body will feel tired. If J/s > J = the body will need rest. As J/s = twice the J, then the body will die, for the body can support only so much energy.

written by skyhawk