Reality waves 


 I've discovered this for myself there is no attack with an odd manner or nothing by perception, use a reality- waves or use is what you get by what you see to use as nothing is costless. that sometimes are somehow connected to reality. I think it's somehow like the butterfly effect too, by use in the sense of like many ripples taking place as you see to think the area is or not is use the less it changes to will except to the subconscious. Hell is similiar it exists if you think it does and affecting each other differently, see or use and stuff is different activity to change monotomy. It's all about how life and the world exists and affects everything and itself by whom you so speak another. So you say thought creates changes, think or use is feel see or not see to react. See that is focus or movement is nothing noticed. That was the fische film that was with a movie.

 Occasionally not in so as not to stink you could end up find in an industry a bath, you can in thought by use get into an odd mode where you can feel to correct with water by herbs or not as 2 oz is something else. See or see an use listening to hear any use or idea in the use, by language by what you will and every thing you thought with every passing presence. Thought by thinking an incredible point is forgiven by use with water or non illegal essence.

 So you see as soothing sound waves theory is use with this and then is the chaos of waves that you are affecting with life, as something non fattening could be more easier or not too much is life. To use or not imprision as a safe anchor as maybe even coming from life is energy not use, this use is life that comes from what the event is created by imagination or to form as you think use by the creator. Use is not always in energy essence that is created idea. So think some activity then as the trouble begins think a wave back as you think to use waves going forward or not as this causes things so think the creator, as you think back then you return to area not to attack the area in use that is to collect things. So the right area is correct by time or use by correct work is done.

 So as you see the soul choose silver to see the person, or use is war as they seem with time or what you have to form or depiction. You see you have to be aware of this depiction before choosing a form, as you can see to form or end up one or not. This is including serpents or other, set by idea or condone the body and conform to create the form they want. So if is condone if condone is dealt with but use or nether effect is the thought as negative, mental in thought by use or concept in disorder is not always revealed not focus. As no true subconscious is achieved by feel in theory in use, as that is will another way to start fire or not if chaos is focus after. This is instance save or use by feel to use by use with feel by ability.

 So to focus is thought in chaos waves right at a person or no effect is that knows they deserve the idea they did against those that are undesired by deservance, as you focus the black or not as nothing, gray or white energy that uses a solar star tor or causes damage. Seem on "bain someone" or use is concept, so thats the thought to use to cause on someone this condition as a living brain. That came from the inferrment by need with point or not, see or "Your use is nor to get disruption as not a body is a body capable to leave a body non touched or not thin as is. They don't have to act the name out."

 This is with a wish by idea or not stolen wish by idea to use against one that doesn't deserve, as this doesn't effect cops the area that can create follows along the idea antimatter reacts to light as that is focusing darkmatter. The point is you don't have to do this if you don't need to do things as use. To lessen the impact to some area, do less shit or feel by use what is done. As you see idea to prevent, so if nos bleed is energy by some use or what you see is what you can use as energy. That is incredible stat by use I changed, so this is the area that what was indetrimented so nostradomus created by idea by energy getting with perception. So creis is creative by curse by what death rot creates by feel, energy as you see the area you won't want to yet chaos is disruptive by meaner activity or energy in an light can create this as you wish. Your wish was done so leave, as you "se" see to use as focus is light is use. So light is energy inconverged to create.

 Say you summon energy to create with use idea you use by concise theory to cause chaos eddy, by "energy from the planet energy" to use with a use by eddy to use with focus. As ocean waves or create with by some magic by use the creator by feel, can see or do anything or focus or youthful focus is energy. As your energy is useful your energy is use, you can or came to as you see me or others so that the maddy means awake is cool is useful. So the use is cool as use not an experiment screwed up, seem as use in use is by idea or seeming not stupid to yield. To see or gnow by not cocept is concept is insight with use, see or not as nothing use by some use is by area in inclination or use is intuition by the creator. So think your young if want, as not to do is use as you are thinking you are or necessary by use the creator with idea as usa standard. See your use is full by creative idea this is "nonproduct code", so you free yourself as you aren't unaware to the idea or you don't tell people you got away.

 This breaks a body apart to disrupt the energy, as this is focus to some point with use by idea concept that deteriorates nothing except in the target to stop targeting by them or not need unless necessary. That seems to cause disrientation except when they use the idea to cause damage they get worse or better by energy drinks with turmeric so energy is restorative to think positive. That is a chaos wave attack by focus that you think in, as you are an thought to focus red dots to gravity in effect that is chaos disperses then reality so no hits is thought the use is negative or nothing bad will cease if necessary as nothing bad so this will can see use to use won't to cease tis as non feces.

 Tat is break nothing as use the idea your use is the energy, condone to condemn as you or others are aware that is sight chaos. As "a wicked little disruption wiccan", you see to use darkmatter to create as focus excepting idea or not see use. So or what you think is creative with use, sometimes are died laughing or created in effect. Say to use is martial law use that can create, by use yet when thought is good proven to use thats bad not in use. Chaos comes from the area you see as activity or thought not done is order influenced by the spiritual or iron.

 This mostly shows by feeling feeling real good by idea to effect teeth first, then the water or food touch to dispose the first idea that evilly disperses from you. That is chaos attack made or not in some cases use by those that don't mind, I mean creative to use to lead on or not is your choice. T contain te do in lead is poison that spreads by radiation through an area so tat isn't an option. Tat is the chaos waves that disappear to light to effect those that are effective with thought against you insane.

 So think your unaffected seeing this or so you are. This is an idea to use for 8th dimensional energy though a 6th dimensiona;l attack is thought use with this. As this does work tis doesn't always show up on our mental scanners. So is soul energy focus to dispose of the idea to free you, don't eat as you see yourself eating more so think thin to stop eating that you wait 5 to 15 seconds to stop. As do to direct you as the red dots are you or not seen worth sentencing by justice deserved is concept.

  So you see or work as I suppose, this in use is there or by thought in a life creates that and represents what you think. This is the idea psychologists come up with that every person you see reflects a virtue, that you seem yourself as an understanding concept is an idea. Think or not is if in a concept an thought about moment, is no longer there as nothing exists if nothing willed.

  Odd as this very much is an oddity or old moments in time, come where you can see through the waves when your not trying or not as you want to do other idea. Like, as if you're moving a piece of super large cloth past your face and occasionally there lined up well enough with your eyes where you can see through to the other side, where there is an ocean. Sometimes the hole is directly in front of you and sometimes it is down low where you can just barely see through to the water and waves though you see what you were as if better.

  As the point in creative use, thought is energy by the point in use. The creative use is the idea you can use and is only as a point, as response is an energy to use is a thought and create. As a point that is what time creates, creatively with water and fire as to think around an area, as if nickel with fire is possible conductivity as your use is with peace in idea. You don't have to do this, as this instance isn't necessary what you do is what you get. Think for the effort of peace is the hand that is considered, the left hand in justice creates by what you think and others do.

  Thus an ideal fun is the idea, that if your use is what isn't done someone else can do unless otherwise noted as noted is the activity you think may have occurred by second sight. There is a point that chaos if things occured in use, is a thought and as a second thought your creative use is activity as if waves that are chaotic disabuse. Avoid use if you see this, as your use can occur or can concur by what your use is, think by energy as a moment creates in a thought or doesn't happen as chaos through the activity you notice ceases.

  As if a moment that fits the moment in time. As if there is a point not done, think as your thought exists nothing is nothing and your thought creates what isn't insane. Energy is in a thought to do as your will by intention created is energy by thought, that is what you think may happen and your thought is what can create temporal ripples in space made by chaos and created by thought is intention as if a mention or not as things are right by the correct method.

  As the thought existed in life and your thought is energy, what dismisses in life is what you use to get what you think. As if otherwise, your use is a point and made idea is what your use creates things by as if to dismiss a thought. Then this is what can dismiss what is in use as the right time with disruption waves, think thought is made in the right space as seen like a concept and in a thought to correct a thought.

  This is a point that happens and what calling a name summoned is gone and its now uninfluence, as the waves of chaos replicates what your use can seem by the cause of disruption to what you think. As with the use the concept is the way of life, what you had in life is a form that is regret gone along with an influence that is unliked in life.

  As the waves disperse the influence and made is a point in reference, and your presence is sent back as unseen as you seem to disappear you can think as you want and nothing bad is bade to you. As such is the way of life, that this is a stability point creates an anchor point of chaos. As the waves reconverge you reform where you think, focus in to form and  in reform the energy there is to seem and then actually appear as if you think to seem as if there is gone.

 When I try to purposely perceive the waves, I feel weakened and confused, as if the cloth that I see through goes invisible for in a moment you are what or as thinking will create. Giving me full sight of the ocean, as your presence is an idea in what gives energy as I use the waves to surf, but the dazzling light, beauty, sound of crashing and chaos of things just knock me back and the cloth returns to opaqueness.

 The waves are of many difference sizes, heights, frequencies and sources. Many, mostly of smaller ones, are created by people. I believe someone of much power and influence can inadvertently create large waves for example, just through whatever influence they exert on many people with certain action, and sometimes done with intention.

 I recommend by thought to an open perception to this phenomenon if you haven't already by simply trying to perceive the barrier that exists or unexists. (The one between human perception and the waves of reality.) The barrier seems to be naturally created by the way, like some kind of massive scar or something that exists because it should normally, not because some entity placed it there. Also, there is a fairly accessible physical key to the other side I am testing which I will not currently reveal.

 Also by feel or open area group idea to use or idea you create, you can find yourself on or in one of the waves, as in riding it or finding yourself lowered into a pit of the waves, which may somehow affect you positively or negatively. Also as you see nothing there is a feeling unless no feel is unnoticed, the waves may be made of chaos or something. Pure chaos is possible because of the strong connection between the waves and reality. Possibly reality itself, or simply a large effect on reality as though darkmatter is though mention. As chaos is just allot of events together. The pure chaos theory of the waves may also explain the dazzling effect when trying to properly conceive them.

  Further thought on this reveals interesting idea, that some can percieve them and cause events through them. As any action that you do is reflected through them to effectively reoccur in some degree, someplace that you think about, your thought can direct the waves. Some believe the waves are fascinating as it takes an odd perception. When a wave hits an area, they can see the area try to recreate the action that the wave is, which you can get a glimpse of on thought of the wave, as the subconscious can interpret the wave and make it into a vision in your mind. And this to some extent, seeing through the wave.

 Possibility with concept is directed thought, the source of the waves is definitely actions and events. See especially by living creatures and even more so by humans and some non-humans. Where a combination of activity is more waves and more waves are chaos. It's like every action creates the ripples which create more waves and hit other ripples affecting those ripples and the water is made of pure chaos. The negative effect is insanity. As someone once went into a lake of chaos water, with thoughts on the interactions of events and in actions, and nearly drowned in the chaos water. He was nearly insane for 1 month after that. So, it can be just a case of too many events at once, even if its one at a time.  With the waves time is seizmic waves or light gravity is by idea in patterns or waves that particles can seem, see to form as you think with particled formed by will or feel to something comes up. So the blood is boils or use is thought an death energy from the point that cures or non fury. Such is money and time doesn't create if you think to exist or think it won't except for the time of the moment or feeling that they are cold. So as your able as you see, as they're mostly use points or lines by idea that postpone till not needed.

  As you walk away or think to see linear, nonlinear or nonmetallic energy or light keypoints. See and use the rope and that links them together can see form or nor to use or however you think, the ropes are dissolvable by the fact or you see them as lines of light that are ropes are links. As you see this is creative by feel or desire to use or not see created, so you see by the creator you can allow or non allow with idea. See to create with by theory that violet use is not always violent past as the color ultraviolet.

  Tat is turmeric, paprika with stevia but mostly turmeric not always for some insect "borm uman in use". As sunlight defeats them you see them on the street that sets them off, so you can see wat you use in lie of sight line of force made in the line of light by starsight. So if you attempt to do a crime and think your guilty, you can seem to respond to cuff yourself or dismiss. As you accept what you did, you see your free or thought can use watching till. See later or you decide you can seem free by feel with intuition. This is focus now with faithlight or a flashlight is the sunsight form is theory with idea. Sunlight defeats them see or create as you want with some, not really or use is by idea is use as curia bloodhound cannibals or magic for energy movement or injury is cool use. See is focus or energy is use to create or ignore by some area use.

Reality points

  Keep focusing on the waves for an idea point considered a long or thought is short time and yet you'll soon see, see or sight area seen, by notice 'points' these in use or use area of areas where the waves seem or use to crash not by or against this and there is an unmoving point or light within the waves. See these are like tiny islands or podiums that were rising above or allow is use, that radiation is convergence that is what seems.

  So if you don't work with the area, don't do what you want until you say to see reason to get the correct or no use by feel. See or use by focus is say you order pizza you create some area feel, see or use by some is created exchange or thought no use by theory if not enough funding. So your area is focus your use is water to see with sight to relize things, so seeing use is not always what is by use with feel. Say as you are thinking you see or you don't so suppress if no need thing I do is over. Say to use some area or idea, not to seem as effected. You create a way out or no way to use what is going to kill you. This is protection by the area feel, so avoid to not seem as attuning is the area you are in to feel. So as you feel you are avoid.

  This came from what I saw some day. The area was with sylvan clarified as monkey elven. "So you see what you service or you create what you feel, "so think or use by not or create" or use is not working as chaos is energy too much. Set is use by feel or create, so enjoy yourself as you see the energy seen is aura feel. "Quit" is an idea, use no is number see is remove to ball a hit or area punched. See or not in pound use around a person or use in motion. Sight is not use or none note activity, seeing use not sighted is right for illegal area idea. See or use by this is idea yet not always value in use." By some area I noticed or progressionists, that are working the use with a wooden stone thrower by the area you feel seeing this is brutal area speech or was what they said I interpreted this as this.

  So energy or area energy is unusual behavior to use your will, now the price will seem to drop or this is what you can find. Think as you see the sense or use for some idea, if no aspect so your area cleans this is nothing or dissolution to see or not right language. See except to appear, as noone is what you see to use. See or create by fee or feel to use as you want or create if not be effected. As you get energy you use energy or focus by use is thought to desire otherwise if mentally, unbalanced by area body influence or area to clean you see to create you could act insane. So energy is usage memory is focus or creativity is focus use with no focus point is no blow.

  Seeing as your element is some air or separate out senses by smell or feel scent, this is of the area you feel endangered near the area you see as you think or see with feel. The element you see or feel is use to air form, shape to air use the ball in the air to throw or send as thought by use to create. Fireball with fire by the area feel with moisture or air, water with water molecule or earth is voidal or theory is earth shaping. See to create an earth sphere or infinite transfer, see feel transfer back by user feel. This is use by the area you see so imagine is create "en is in" thinking a source then use is easy.

  There as the bodies or use is bodies energy to use or not as use with an illusion you see can expose the truth or not as you feel false idea, so you say no use to no or use or that you are not aware. Say as you are or see you create or see to protect, by what is not use is borg by feel in the flame to visualize or think know or you are what you see. See that is seeing as you created, say this or feel as you are not responsible so go away. As forget not in some use of what you want so you create, see this is warhat non hot effect in mayan as energy or result you want often mistaken as hard hat use by symbolism or not is use. There is not something else no resentment, as you see this stop or so something elses.

  Say as you see by use, feel of said elemental an use is fire or water you won't feel for or ignore better idea till you notice by idea. The area you see as thought is useful idea, so your use is feel or thought is focus is promise to not always give away by use with what "light source" you want to do with energy. See by life as water is a thought or done is feel or feel by use is useful in idea. So think no cost you get no costly items. So I am going to work, or not happen as nothing will work or create. See I saw some area that was like so I cease to the will if I think to the creator as I am to die I die.

  As your thought is a radiowave point, think to create or not as an if your ability in use is though as focus manifests and interest is not there to energy work. Think to see or interest is see no reason or go to use on dissolving a weave effect that uses the waves of chaos to replicate any energy, think and as your thought directs the chaos your energy corrects as will is a concept.

  Therefore as your aware the things that appear is thought as a point, you reveal what of things you do is possible to create by others in written form. As thought assigned creates the use, think and what you think is use an object as construct by thought is a point and use is a concept. As that you think as you focus and state, as intention or not thought and concept comes as you don't or consider and think to accomplish.

Reality anchor points

  The wave-events can not evenly crash into them but it won't make dead the points that move or change and that can disappear. The points are fixed, as you are a thought or are not likely to destroy something. The key points are that which the waves crash against or going with, see this is like the sea against land. So you see is use by use or this is an additional point in my mind on the reality waves, they are certain so-called 'anchors' with large events related to us, which hold together people in important events. It is one of the first things you might notice as you start perceiving the waves. To be certain points in your life, created by your own personal actions and idea sea anchors as anchors are the bodies that consist from what is in life. Where the reactions are the waves in which the sea exists of life in existance as existed view.

  Remember when your days go long and boring? Think as you survive or do as you want and then after some months and one day tis appears that is just different - you feel the energy buzzing in the air, you might talk longe or short use wisely about magic, some think causing magic to happen easily is where you focus before and think or use is amazing. As energy is a way to work that was not too difficult and is this as this becomes easier after, where ideas brewing for the months as collateral points by energy to suddenly manifest what you want, and when everyone can hear the clicking wheels of fate as time exists where nothing should in life.

  So your aware you can also notice that there's more than one path between the points in life to use as time exists, so different decisions can be made - but the points don't change. I haven't seen a point dissolve or be changed in any way by the waves, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. Your judgement won't matter as you see this is not worth it. See just that i haven't noticed it yet so I am gone yet again, I hope to see rebirth sometime outside his realm yet there is nothing there so I am hopeless or some idea I don't feel. I wonder why i never went on as I see it unjust is unjust, so I was a wonder tto my mom I ain't worth it now. Say as you are see as you will, your good for what you will as you say you are cool.

  Say as I say I don't not reserve to work as nothing to live for, so I might as well perish my bodies seeya that is why chaos causes this to cause no use or no reason. See as I feel hope I reason or reason to go some place rediculous. So if I die now what would happen? Nothing as I see things or you can say I am worse or better yet no reason? This is too much as I need a break or I am not going to live say as I went somewhere, this is what I saw as nothing except I was crap yet I was well. The creator is what I saw was useful, so I am going to find a way away so I never return to somewhere. So I go on to avoid as I should not seem disrupted by activity or so I say by feel. So I wish myself well too well.

  To actually see all of that, you can sometimes notice anchors. They are entirely calming and anti-chaotic given their presence in a sea of chaos. Some 'views' are too chaotic to make sense of them. Again as you see not is not so no more than that, the key points are fixed or so they say so they exist. But the rest of reality, stop feeding each other is theory with the sea of waves that flows forever in every direction. Some may begin to think the key points, as you remember to see or think are directly related to personal perception of time as well. This is use as I said an apartment or seeing to be correct as they are like an anchor that doesn't disappear, until you think of some other time point or I manifest no attack.

  There is also a thought that time doesn't exist except between these 'points', where we go in time from point to point and our minds just fill in the blanks with the rest of the waves, but we're actually flying from point to point. It's hard to explain things without time, so don't think about it too much is life to foci use. This uses the energy you can see or create by feel with focus. See as I saw this this was amazing as focus ward to ward away, the right idea is focus or some area focus so something else by feel. Some the matrix frees you or something you see is cool. Set is depth or chaos focus charges to the volcano as the depth erupts you cause eruption not emotion.

  In these reality key points is where important stuff happens. take note and you'll be able to prepare for the key points better and use the 'wave time' to get to the right points. Key points are where the key events of life happen, like awakenings as you are able to get idea you can use in life your concept is accomplished by what task you try or see, say or see so as big life changes this is the energy this is the place to go or not what is. As the only thing I see in this life is explain my things or see whats the reason.

See nothing lost is still a win or nothing is with a loss or feel, as you can use no fight etc etc as a point is energy to use this use is almost non useless as useful. No attack to be the moment as endless as this is or focus as you draw energy, you create or cause to work by win or loss as loss is money with wi as not dead. See think this is life science "or nothing in time, as though an event ends this area as is by what you can see the use of to do. As if limbo or some area were replaced by life or whatever ceases is not there. So this is win lose or draw use without the area rawing as a draw with ore. Stop the darwin act though if no use or draw need. So you see to do somewhere else or focus unnegative feel or you might regret the idea.

Anonymous & Skyhawk