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In a pool of black,
A sea of decay,life shall cease,
And evil shall reign.
None shall be pittied.
No mercy shall be shown.
The weak will be eaten,
Their souls devoured.
The old shall be enslaved,
Their death awaited.
Blood shall pour,
Filling the air with chrimson blood...
All shall be blinded,
By the blood in their eyes.
With their spirits broken,
And their bones and bodies too,
The Entity shall rule,
Perhaps create all life anew,
Without the stealing,
All humans having homes,
Money non existant,
A new leaf is turned.
With Utopia now a reality,
And all being happy,
The Universe is calm again;
But, for how long?
None shall know,
None shall tell,
To live this out again,
We are all doomed,

Hellish Truths
In a sea of death, decay, and dark,
None alive,
None survive,
All shall be in eternal demise.
Doomed to float,
And to sink.
All shall know,
That they all are reaping what they have sowed.
This what I have seen in Hell,
And I know it,
All too well.
Once you die,
You shall see.
That this is true,
And doomed for thee.
For, In hell,
All are dead,
Bringing only more pain.
For much more pain,
And much more turmoil,
Doomed to an afterlife,
That they wish they could escape,
Leaving it behind and below,
Free from this hell.

Raven Wolf Claw.