Ravens' christian rant

  This rant is just point of view and to be read as opinion. This rant started with a quote from someones Signature on a Forum board. The quote is as follows: "If God is for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:31

  How can God be for us?...If God were for us, or rather, if there were a God, in my perspective, then all of that has so far been placed onto the shoulders of mankind would not be here. For example, people would not require to go through hell, day in and day out. For example, kids in school. They are required to enter the doors of the accursed building named a 'school', with people who don't give a fuck about any of the other kids they are forced to be in contact with. Take me for an example. What is my definition of the word, 'School'? A rat and cocaroach infested, minimum-security prison. (Of course, my school really does have cocaroaches every now and then, and one teacher once stepped on a rat, when it was scurrying around the classroom...)

  Also, if this fabled 'God' were for us, then the world would be that of a Utopian basis and guidelines, with very few crimes, wether hate crimes, school shootings, robberies, or anything of the sort. Everyone would look out for everyone else, not the 'every man for himself', as it is nowadays.

  If this so-called 'God' were to be for us, then, wouldn't he SHOW himself every now and then?! Sure, there is the very, very rare miracle, as in things such as someones child being expected to be born with a birth defect. This is the more... Every day type miracle, mainly that can be thanked for towards Science, not this...'God'. Cures for diseases, wether by donation for medication, or by medication payed for directly from the person in need of it, cannot even be thanked for in the name of this...'God', unless someone has something like terminal Cancer, is thought to die, is on no medication, is estimated a day or two to live, and they survive a year or more.

  Even this, in some respects, cannot be dubbed a 'miracle'. For, with sheer willpower and the urge to live, this person had pulled through with hope of life.

  Anyways, back to the last subject. Even if someone got donations from some... 'Christians Donation Group' for their medication or surgery of some sort, this cannot be thanked for by 'God'. For, the reality is, the people who donated this money have simply been...Blinded by the religions and curches to believe in God, and therefore, find it a worthy cause to donate to this charity group, when, for all we know, they could be taking alot of the funds for their own. Not that I'm saying that it isn't a good thing that people donate their money to this cause, for it is a worthy cause. It is not the people receiving the donations that are to be named as 'blind' and 'stupid' and 'tricked', but the ones who donated, or at least the ones that donated to this group simply because it is supposedly a 'Christians' charity group. Those who overlook the title 'Christians', and still find it in their hearts to donate, though, are not the ones to be blamed either.

Moving on...

  If 'God' is for us, why would he let us suffer to such a high extent? We're probably one of their least favorite planets in the universe. They probably got bored with us by the time we began invading other countries purely for profit. They probably created another world, not wanting to destroy our planet, for they wanted to wait for us to fight against the many plagues of Judgement Day, wanting to see how highly our tecnhnology would grow by then. They're probably already created life on another planet, and is attempting to give them more direct attention than he did us, trying to create a more...Tamed civilization. Either that, or we're just one of his many toys that they used to have so much fun with, untill they finally got bored with us, and created so many other civilizations and planets, that we were simply tossed aside, like a child with a short attention span.

  In conclusion, how the hell could there be a 'God', with today's many plagues, diseases, and things of that sort? Answer me this, and you just may be able to change my religious beliefs. But, you never know. I may be able to come up with more to counter what you tell me.

  Oh, and, to clear some parts of this up, and so that you all know that I'm not the only one with these views on this subject:
  Raven Wolf Claw "Oh, yes. God loves you. But, on the other hand, if you break a single one of the ten commandments, you will be damnded to an eternity of painfull hellfire in excruciatingly hot lava...But, don't worry. He still loves you.
 zegoth13 nope nope nope
 zegoth13 you see, thats where the whole jesus thing comes into play
 zegoth13 according to the 'scriptures' which are very controversial scientifically still, jesus was sent to earth and murdered in order to save humankind from damnation
 Raven Wolf Claw Didn't work well, did it?
 zegoth13 ive never understood that...
 zegoth13 why the hell would you send your only son to be murdered to save humankind, rather then grant humankind that grace stuff and fix it??
 zegoth13 *shakes head* no sense...
 Raven Wolf Claw Exactly.

  Note from the editor: Theres an explanation as to the thought that sacrifice will awe humans and make humans oversee that there is no god but the humans themselves. It also humbles them to the sacrifices of daily life. The christians foolishly put that in as example and its not true for really jesus was a thief portrayed as a saviour. The book is just a history of put together stories to represent the past, instead of saying "is it true?" we should say "what related events can we uncover to use as proof and directed by the book?" God doesn't exist, but jesus was a figure based in truth to represent the idea of market and affair in a day of death and harshness. The whole church was geared to rule over the destructive emotions and desires as in torture, destructive impulse and warfare. Without it, we would still see torture as a daily routine and the atleantians past would not be revealed as they tried to rebuild thier Utopia where people not ever aged. Only forced to move on by eruptians along the rising sea of coastline after the already done flood.

Raven Wolf Claw