Power balance

Here is the idea as back put forward of the book "The web of Life" by Fritjof Capra for human power balance and it describes the power balances that people are doing nowadays from the middle ages. With the additional motions of people and how science was made. There are hundreds of ideas on biology to most other sciences including cybernetics. The represented idea came from unrepresented people yet they aren't noticed even if their idea are. This means the government representatives and writers are using the ideas of unseen people that they serve by being officials and the unseen people sometimes get overlooked enough to cause disgruntlement. When disgruntlement shows itself, they give credit to them for their achievement by payment of favor yet this does only to restart the cycle.

For when the cycle restarts then people either get a new chance to give the information or simply refuse because when asked, they weren't given credit or they go by pride. Out of pride there is few choices, but not help out or break down and reconsider. What most people find today is the persitency of refusal and the reaction of stealing from peoples reaction to others responses that causes pain. This is what most scientists do sometimes as they "borrow" the material for development of their ideas and give credit later. Through solipsism or over-assertion of the self; nor less, leading to humans being treated as mere objects groups. In power balance there is such thing as considerance.

What the book really teaches is sytems thinking, in which "the whole doesn't make up the parts." Meaning most things are made up of more than what is apparent ae the social structure and what our roles are in it. This is an example for the male dominated society compared to today's time and what we live in. Such as domination through power exerted over others. With this thinking, any agreement needs a disagreement, for without a conflict there would be no reason to agree. The agreements are to be partisan and separate without notice of others unless they agree to talk to each other by meeting. Unless the agreement was to disagree and argue thus there would be no peace. The other way of thinking is a "network" value system where there are shared values and cooperation with equal opportunities through a deep ecology. In this deep ecology all living things are bound together om network of independencies that make up a "one mind" and where everything is alive and is a part of the whole. This is seen in science and biology with relation to all living things and symbology ae ying yang and the general forces of dark/light.

This indicates that dark isn't evil and light isn't good albeit the truth of the alternative system. Where good mostly rules over evil through dominance and consideration whereas evil sometimes usurps good through subtle manipulation, reason and brutality. This indicates dark is a virtual evil (general evil0 and light is a virtual good (general good) in a version of good/evil that actually does no harm and is built off general efficiency. Fritjof exchanges with this idea the idea of evil and good with dark and light. The things of note are the similarities between the two groups. Described below are good/evil and light/dark in detail. The pictures below are the resemblance to light/dark and good/evil.  Light/dark in this case is balance, cooperation, values, I think ying/yang is good/evil, perfection, power and competition for "the seeds of another are in each other".



  • Light is good with a bad taint by a bad influence. Light causes positive events for people first and for themselves second. The light personally serves any individual to serve the general public no matter the individual as a guide or "guiding light" and without bias. People do the light for self knowledge and inspiration for themselves and others to gain in self awareness. The light will promote, goad or promise to gain positive ends including protection, white lies and blackmail for a positive. Like hold a knife to the thieves back to get the crook out or put the taken stuff back. The light will manipulate to gain the results they desire till protested or bought to reason and sometimes including threats. To triumph over darkness gains prestige to good or dislike by evil and dark. Light loves the limelight where you get the most respect. The users of light gain a "religious experience" by success.
  • Dark is evil with a light taint. The dark is to serve the public first to gain goods, position and to gain for themselves last, The dark serves only those who have prestige and to denounce others. Dark happens when people are told to do things with an unclear mind and after awhile the pattern forms to make the bad activity locked in, unless it was deliberate and trained. Some are concerned with consideration for the future, evil and good. To deceive, self-protect and deny are the ways of the dark. To focus on tracking or to catch unaware the target as they do something to break a law or two without notice, then achieve the contractual ends if hired. Sometimes the death can be social or physical if close up and very excruciating or long term. Editors mark, triumph over light gets you dishonor or favor. Dark love to be recognized for their deeds and honor. Dark users gain a sense of "power" by the successor in achievement.
  • Evil is self-induced lunacy or self-dependency for self-actions, intent or selfishness which is an achievement by selfish idea or self-desires without care for others by decision or delusion. Focused dark is the result to do these self-acts of evil. This is a need to self-fulfill desire and it self manifests as evil impulses, people keep from doing until weak moments or its like a Greek marble which is cracked but seems perfect on the outside. Evil will use force and threaten, goad, kill, maim, manipulate or destroy to gain their end result. They would instigate to ruin first and ask questions later. Then to focus on killing last if they fail unless they are hired to do other things. Evil craves recognition with possible redemption to make up for mistakes. To win by triumph over good gains infuel for infamy and infamy gains popularity with evil society. The evil want to be aloof and alone and gain a "thrill" sense of joyfulness to lure them into more for better risks. So many people are slightly evil.
  • Good is to serve the general public first to achieve positive results such as favorable activity. It is also to focus light creating the good. The good arises on a need to create balance, to correct as the event happens and to be the force to correct for the pattern of history. On the use of good for intent there is care for yourself and others, to the point of sacrificing yourself for the public agenda. Like to prove yourself by killing or reconditioning the criminal to stop the bad activity. To triumph over evil is to be regarded as a hero or gain fame and with fame gains wealth of sorts. The good want to be with others and share with friends. Users of good gain a sense of "glory" everytime they triumph with a glory moment on every achievement.
  • The gray is neutral and represents the dark/light balance as their is truly no gray except in balance. To focus light and dark is to  effect of a joined effect of balance ae gray force that casts no light and no dark yet reflects both. The gray serves both light and dark, whomever has the most prestige first or the more regard as in ideas, taunts, praise, values or money. A person acts the gray for self-interest with intent of doing the activity with imagination, vision and a positive outcome as a guide and getting something out of the activity. To promote values other your own or help your allies and then their enemies just to serve balance. The only way to stop a gray force user is to buy the gray user off or bluff the user off or away from you. To win against a neutral "gray force" person is to get nothing but trouble or nothing at all except a sense of hopelessness. Neutral will decline to do but what they desire with use of a evil or good action to serve the goal of balance, not noticing the infamy or fame unless they feel like helping and then the loss of either is noticed. With use of gray, the "pleasure" sense of an act is there.
  • Dirty force is the dark desires and evil intentions together and acting as one. as the dirty minded person will see any bad deed as good and any good deed as evil. They will take any excuse to rip off people and yet seem polite, where instead they are scam artists to make the product look good with an expose or showing, thanks to Amy. When they are scamming there is a cover up after the quality is proven as "bad", know some bad companies like this with a corrupt leader. Whomever has the most intent with idea and values rule over other people, where people will act as they want. The dirty mind will not notice the evil by dismissal but notice the good, and think it very interesting and amusing with some disappointment with no guarantee. There is very little they won't do for the right price as they can be bought with what they desire. These people cannot be called evil for they do none in public view and yet they aren't good either as they are in caught between dark and evil and enjoy the thrill. With the right impetus of "be evil" then they are good and this is the only case where the term "good" is bad and "bad" is good. They usually like smut, looking at young or old people with sexual desire.

    To stop a dirty minded person, don't use threats but use blackmail (a subtle threat) to force their hands as they might give in or not ever be seen again. They love politics, prejudice, procedure and will not hire out unless they get something out of it. Most jobs they can get are high powered, or very dirty like magazine salesmen or smut sales of naked women. Most are a little insane, unstable or destructive to the point that they will sabotage others who work to look better. To defeat a dirty minded person will gain you nothing but a "clean mind" or "clean image", as they can turn others to their will. If you succeed you get other people to help the person, if its rumored, instead of bullies getting the public on their side. Only if they are seen as "martyrs" will this happen and if they are disliked, they will gain prestige. To ruin their image and goodwill then smite them by what they don't know, is to drive them away or insane and preventing what they want most to be gotten will drive them to suicide, but not by say saying the word suicide.
  • Brown is the combination of dirty and clean but I did not intentionally mean skin color with this. They, the two forces, use depictment to represent balance between most forces from enactment or idea. Whether or not they are insane, they do well to prevent catastrophy yet get what they want. In truth they are unsane, very stable and productive to the point of outdoing other people. Yet their main purpose is murky, their main goals not ever seen and they want only peace or they would be manipulating both sides to make it so. Yet to the peace idea, to them is different as they see peace as minor skirmishes to bring down the major wars and to balance the sides or ruin the side they dislike. In their activities, the brown force users will bring ruin to family and friends without care, and yet they fix it so their saved and the brown force user will be the hero of the day. They usually don't care to bathe unless they need to or are forced to.

    They can tear apart a problem and make it so both parties are satisfied with quite a bit of analysis. To get near the brown user is to see glory and somewhat perfection and to know them gets notoriety and infamy. This means you are loved and asked for things while the brown user watches unseen. You get their suspicions and you are almost unwelcome till others don't want you and that is where the person will strive to be remembered or forgiven as they turn to martyrs. These people don't get hired unless needed or they want to be hired. Thus their mind is backward and devious, making the thoughts come to mind "infidel" or "rebel" without causes. When brown force users are actually dutiful and doing so many things with no regard to those who are intruding except to warn away or make the person wait. Through lack of true balance, or true neutral activities is what allows for the brown force to exist. They are somewhat psychic and gifted to begin with yet they show not unless needed. To defeat a brown force user gains warfare or grief as they work with others. The deed will bring a "undesired status" to the killer. Kennedy was and most politicians are brown force users for their ability to claim peoples mind.
  • Clean force is good and light together representing the clinically sane that love to ridicule others not like them. Yet they are willing to defy reason and deny any doings with insane people. If a insane person wants to talk to them, they use blackmail to cause the disruption of those they don't like. Until either they cause the targets person's death or the utter defeat and targeted insane person to run. When you accuse them of what you desire whether or not true, they will accede, if you accuse of what the clean person did they deny or pass it off as distinct paranoia.

    When they are paranoid themselves over the fact of living as stress or persistence are very obvious in the clean mind that has nothing to hide, due to the fact of fearing mental insanity or wanting to get things done. To hire them you give them a chance and they will do it when it suits their purpose. If they're desperate they will do as the employer wants. Most clean people are desperate albeit the quality of work is very high. They know what they want in the world and they get it or they can give guilt trips till they do. To defeat a clean person is to get a "dirty" and "disreputable" reputation along with facts that they are very hard to defeat as they will try to come prepared. The only way to defeat them is to use dirty tricks and psychology to socially force an issue.

Throughout all of this a balance is needed for life to continue. These balances are:

  • Bad or neutral people do dark deeds to get money or values and with the light to gain achievement or award. Use good to turn terror and evil, and use evil to deter bad habits.
  • Conmen, thieves, devious people and criminals are to do dark ways for gaining goods or desired actions, use the light for deterring bad results and good reputation, use good actions to deter terror and use evil to avoid deterrence, set goals and punishment.
  • Lawful is a balance of dark deeds to get power and position, light to gain desirous action, awards and physical goods, good to get fame and understanding and evil to deter criminals.
  • Now to describe chaotic as light for solutions or paths, dark as deviousness and sneaking, good to have a good reputation, evil to set goals and destroy undesirables.

The picture below represents the world balance as in light/dark ying/yang and the areas that are effected by those forces. This helps us identify what we can expect from the world. With the picture below you see a Celtic cross, the + sign, meaning all four corners of the universe or safe travel of the winds. The idea is not to gain power, but to gain individualism as this is just a reminder. try to think on that while looking at the below picture.

World balance

Now work with the drawing. understanding that starting at the center with balance. To the north is force, to the east is supremacy, to the west is corruption and due south is manipulation. In fact the whole picture is meant as "the balance of world". The diagonal directions have the combinations of two to some degree, for example to the southwest is force manipulation and forced cooperation as Israel

The balance symbol is ying/yang or balance and competition between male and female, seeds of another are in the opposing force and this symbol also means challenge. A little of both sexes go into the other making the whole of power balance, between sexes and between black and white forces. Black is for female, white is for male. To draw this, is to create power and balance for an area. The people represented lived in the indies now sunk but the ruins of the indies are still explored.

The top symbol is to consider dark magics, brute force or general force manipulation as in control of a person or destruction of properties. If nothing else as is seen by the reverse wavy silver line between two dark areas and two white dots. The area represented by this mark, use bartering, values, free choice and control of some sort for the peoples governing system. The followers of this mark live to the north, or Canada, Greenland and Asia.

Bottom most is the white magic symbol of a circle with reverse wavy gold line separating two white fields and two black dots for the good and manipulative, that will try to make peace and keep it while they can do positive things for people, including: healing, freely giving, understanding kindnesses. The people represented are South America, Antarctica, Arabia and in-between countries.

Leftmost: Black power is represented by the circle and two white dots above each other separated by a silver line on a black field, that is the form of corruption, the essence of power and contained violence. These people control the populace by giving freedoms, rights, grants and laws. The people represented are to the west ae North America and Texas in particular.

Rightmost: Supremacy is represented by the circle with two black dots separated by a gold line on a white field. This is representative of kingdoms and empires that use the following rules. Personal freedom, bartering, iron control, disappearances and violence. The people represented are China, Cuba. Russia and countries therein.

The picture below depicts the power cycle of any action, as this is lived by any who desire and love power. What this can be used for is domination cycle of what people go through with the society interaction. Using representation of white male, black female, black male and white female. What rules the domination cycle is the male.

  • It starts at the predominance stage of white male and by white I mean any shade including yellow-white or Asians except the Asian female replaces the male for dominant position, with his predominant white field and black dot, meaning most control or can be domineering and stress, is suppressed motion with relaxation, a release for them with no worries at all for they feel almost nothing if they can help it. For this suppression, the jealousy is way high and only when they get emotional is it obvious.
  • It cycles to the conditioned "condoned" black female with a conditional black field and white dot, outgoing and striving with stress effecting them as none during work and most during relaxation, unless they have fun or something to do, they worry over small things and feel not when they can, yet they can easily get angered for wrong doing.
  • Then the cycle goes to the consolidating white female or Hispanic male with the considered black field white dot, and they manipulate or connive for the activity of regret and desire. Stress happens to them with a job, yet relaxation makes them with less stress, but give reason as they will worry for they feel and they don't give to anger unless punished or pushed.
  • The cycle phase then goes to domineering black male, with conniving reactions and ever doing reason. and symbolically with their dominative white field black dot meaning suppression and convinced mental state, stress doesn't effect them unless they don't have anything to do and then they worry for themselves, yet they don't feel emotion as they deal with it from people and yet they can strike out if suppressed enough. Then the cycle starts over with the white male and sometimes it skips a cycle. Sort of like a Vlad Taltos dragaeran cycle with memory and merit of an empire for the ruling reign

The left picture is the network power cycle, that shows up differently by having opposite waves in four parts, to represent the four parts of the cycle. What this is used for happens to represent the passive cycle of power introduced by systems thinking.

The "different" power cycle as in "The web of life" view. To Compare the ideas above of the four part ying/yang disk to the backward ying/yang disk on the left are to see different idea of the opposite personality.

The green means life and resistance with yellow as passivity and acceptance. This symbol represents the Asians who are easily won over and Hispanics who love to drink and have free choice, for the network power cycle that also

allows cooperation and companionship of most life and denotes information trade. Almost any can live this cycle as its not just Asians or Hispanics, yet its based off them and apply to any. With the Asians, its the females that rule, with the Spanish its both equally that are the rules to each other.

  • With the passive cycle, It starts with a everpresent yellow field and green dot symbolizing the ever ready explorative Asian female who volunteers help and freely does as she desires unless she doesn't know the person. The Asian female can stress at the point of relaxation unless she has something to do. They can fret quite a bit as they are able to worry yet not show it. The Asian female are idealists who strive under suppression. They will work any job till married and then its their choice to support the husband by staying at home and quitting the job, unless they are to stay at the job. They, representing the Asian female are progessive towards their goals. Thanks to Contessa the Beutician.
  • The next point of this cycle to see is the fighty Spanish female with fiendish yellow field and green dot. They are idealists and outgoing with little to lose. Yet they are spiteful when angered with prideful actions that reflect how they grew up. They are somewhat dour or humorous as to the events of the day within two hours before meeting people. The Spanish female will be hard to read for emotion as they can hide very well unless they want to be read. They work till they die to support themselves and then others, as it gives them ideas by talking to people as they work. Thanks to Martinez the baroness.
  • The contributive Asian male symbolized by a pleasant green field and yellow dot, supports the effort of those idea he understands or knows. They are opportunists with the acquiring mind and outgoing nature. They tend to take what they can get without complaint and if they see competition, they will fight for it. When they give in they will show a good natured loss or a consolidative bad temper. They are not defiant if they see reason to defy and will live with suppression. These maybe passive aggressive at the core and show no emotion as its suppressed stress. The Asian male will work for the family and almost always seek a fortune to support themselves, unless they are poor and make their wives work or find other ways to make money like a money support system. The Asian male are task and goal oriented.
  • The flighty green field with yellow dot of the outgoing Spanish male will show an adventerous spirit that lives on even persevering their death. They take to the duty of guarding their own as in friends and family. If they see wrong they go vengeful with a hope to win over the enemy. Spanish males are very family oriented to the point of treating a friend like a brother or sister. When their honor is breached they will act wounded and almost hostile till soothed or they get over it. The Spanish male is defiant, if they see reason to be defiant as they won't live with suppression. Spanish males are able to show their emotion if they have reason for it, they are very attached to their idea. They will work if they can find work yet if pushed will get the job, otherwise they freeload off the friends or family. Most will act offended if regarded as freeloaders and try harder for work after unless they are rich.

The true force behind a network and "system thinking" is energy and it can be brought by a triangle of force called the golden triforce of Zelda, representing life that transcends reality and governs the states of a network: information processing, deliverance, acceptance and cross channels (emotional overload or bad correspondence), thanks to Batman. This force is balanced and used by feedback looping which allows the process to be consistent.

This can work because its very similar to an actual network as you start with 'information processing" from signals and then through "deliverance" of signals, you receive the signals through "acceptance" as in a screen of information. All the while there is the "Cross channel" where information can get misheard or pass straight through by a shortcut, missing a cycle process by trapped or strayed signals. This is known to cause interruption, then the cycle short circuits only to start over again.

To receive information is to gain the shared power of the sender with information through a trust, and then to send more processed information, back so the sender will receive a reply. If the sender passes through a message via the cross channel, then it won't be received or it might get through by luck. Sharing more information for understanding and a somewhat peace or agreement. In this manner we share power and grow without domination of others but only with information. Misunderstandings don't grow yet they hamper the process to warfare if there's too many misunderstood messages. So its important for a clear line of communication for a network to work. So this golden triforce works as a network model.

To look at the left picture can make a person slightly sick as its intended for a meaning of blood, violence, paranoia, life and health, that interchanges with void, absorption, nothingness and cool. Its a symbol made up of red reversed wavy line and black field with one blood red dot, alongside a blood red field with one black dot. The two fields are seeded into the other. The abstract meaning are to see that this means the exchange of physical interactions through conflicts and interchanges. Its interactivity are to attract people or unattract people. For the least, its based on the idea of void is substance and substance is void.

With this in mind, to see intended meaning is also related the the network as its people and live things that support the network, and this symbol is for physical relation that some things on the network actually do. As in, feel nothing or absorb the information while achieving daily interchange of activity, Any mistakes are absorbed back into the void eventually as void will suck up the unused things in the end. When the people around you are disturbed, then your messages won't be received easily as it could be cross channeled and violence might happen. Thus the end of the violence will be cleaned up yet conflicts never end unless people are informed and misunderstanding doesn't happen or forced not to fight. For peace to occur, such misunderstandings are averted by getting along and having information of what they speak.

This is the full cycle of the network so far as we can see from the golden triforce, yet this time we added a square shell of thinking, acknowledgment, Learning and understanding. With this shell is the underlayer structure of Information processing, deliverance, and acceptance, with the cross channel in-between. This entire process works by feedback and interaction.

As you can see, the two layers will interact to make a network life cycle. The action as a life cycle happens when we start "thinking" with "information processing" and with "acknowledgment" we send a message of some sort through "deliverance" by depictions. As the message is received by the person with possible "cross channel" interference from emotion, depiction "learning" happens by

"understanding" it with the process starting over unless the message had "cross channel" interference and was stopped for content. Thus the cycle restarts again unless the sender didn't want to send any reply.

Any typical message will happen including verbal, active or intended action ae hostile, positive, negative and silence. To see this in another light, lets depict the system thinking for a computer network. To start the computer in "thinking" mode with memory and emotion or feeling for the flow, of information and data depictions. Then "information processing" happens with the dataline flow through the CPU with information to trigger events by a hard coded template mapping. The processed information is "acknowledged" by making a coded message and sent through the network card by "deliverance" and a trust of the message to the target network computer by a handshake, thanks to the A+ teacher.

Then "learning" by depictions of the message is there from the other trusted machine occurs, its considered and gets the "acceptance" of the message. With "understanding" achieved by decoding it by comparison. Then the decoded message is processed in "thinking" mode to restart the system thinking. If you get booted out of the system, then it was a severe cross channel effect. with no regard but to restart by reboot except when memory is there to save the signal by a process of main idea lookups and comparisons.

The chart to the right is the complete system thinking thought on and written about by Fritjof Capra who didn't intend this but I thought the mental processes out and put the idea on the chart of system process. Its based from the golden power triangle of Zelda where its intent was control of life and energy from the game "Secret of Zelda".

Its suited for the purpose as it actually means life or interpreted as infini, or life energy, on the basis of a cross channel in the middle or 1st level made by an inverted triangle in the center of the triangle and the focus point for the feedback, for misdirected, ill-perceived or skipped messages, with the sides of the triangle to allow information processing, delivery of messages and acceptance by receiver These 3 are the second level of the feedback loop. The basic 3 for

getting information equally shared across a network by feedback loop with the golden power.

Beyond the basic 3 are the action reactions that arise from them, the activity, on the sides of a square to show focus where this is the third level. Mainly 4 of them are thinking, acknowledgment, learning and understanding that show they are reactions on the feedback loop. Outside the reaction square are 8 actions that are resolutions from the previous levels, where this be the fourth level sustaining the feedback loop represented by a circle. Where the 8 positions be research rest discussion, activity, distinguishment, deliberation, planning negotiation messaging, emotion (hope or fear), receiving and consideration.

How this process works when put together from start to finish: Starting from just receiving a bill after payment, the bill is there and you understand the idea of it. Its accepted as a bill of payment that shows it was paid. Then its considered for its worth after planning through thinking of the payment after information processing is mentally complete, and after a look at the payment receipt, its worth is then obvious and its put away as an activity, and then distinguishment occurs after acknowledgment of the fact of the activity and you deliberate no reply to set things in action to the cashier, that notices the silence as a messaging effort and learns it as dismissal by deliverance of no speech Leaving the cashier no emotion except for hope for the next customer and from the store gaining money. After receiving the message through understanding and acceptance of it, the cashier considers the reply and through planning by thinking from information processing the cashier turns away and does other things as an activity. From distinguishment through acknowledgment that the meeting ended a "thank you come again" is formulated as deliberated action.

The payee then sees the activity as messaging from the cashier by the cashiers deliverance with negotiation and the payee's learning by hearing, the payee gets a emotion of hope and with receiving from understanding through acceptance, the payee considers and through planning from thinking through information processing the payee leaves the store. This ever continuous process happens by natural thought from the training and body reaction received from naturally doing things. It reacts with feedback as the motion regulator from different reactors of "+" actions to continue the ever greater spiral up or down or "-" actions for a self-balancing loop and infini as the main force for the feedback motion to make it a loop. For the complete text chart look here as its very large confusing in text format.

"The web of life" by Fritjof Capra
Other books by Fritjof Capra:
"Tao of physics"
wolf, myself and others including medical society

Games sources:
Secret of Zelda for "Golden power" as the energy source

my brothers Jay, Paul and Danny.
Drama teachers
Charles and Jealousy

Writ by Skyhawk