The nature of power rant

  Theres normal power and magical power.. Where theres only so much normal power to be given, as its an illusion, like political power and so on.. so we can't be greedy. Yes, given out by earning it. Well given by the people who can grant it or give it out and have us use it. Mostly by allowances. These people? They are the people who have power to give and sometimes the people around us. So we only know them from working with them.

  Where we have our own power and people have power as well. its considered power of choice when someone concents to give ya a way or to let ya do things. Thats giving ya power to use where people can be anyone. Sometimes we end up workin for the acceptance and allowance. So we sometimes work for the person by explanation or excuse, and etc.. They either don't know enough about it to disallow it, or they find it interesting and don't try to block it.

  Where in magic power, in the ideal life the power comes only from within the self, by innate intuitional ability and the energy it controls. They can agree or disagree all they like that makes no difference whatsoever. Unless you cast a spell to manipulate events and it comes down to whether or not a person will allow something to happen (i.e., effect="give me a raise").

  This brings a point of the power of magic, where power of magic actually is the energy that helps run the universe. Its as though life would exist with magic as magic can be the energy around us. But we only use it with a natural gift thats ours at birth. This gift is our ability, what each of us has and it allows even the natural energy to be used. It stems that if the person is without this gift of ability, then the person dies at an earlier age, seemingly by destiny. Easily, people are ignorant of magic in more ways than one. Though they can do magic to some degree, even without realizing it, by using their ability of power.

  They are inconsequential, sheep, dust in the wind. But even then the point is to shift them to agree with your cause. You use your will to overpower THEIR will, sometimes by stating an idea with intention that it take effect instead of their will. They obviously don't want to give you a raise, you overpower them, and they give you a raise. You use your superior willpower, to erode their willpower and their mental resistance. Well in magical power, the will is the way. And the point ya make will sometimes make the effect, where the power to make the point is from within.

  So yeah, all power except for magical power is basically an illusion, and there is two different types of power, it seems. Because it's give, borrowed, allowed for ordinary power. And only magical power is really yours.

  Some may base money as a limited form of power and make it like power as thought may come that money and power are the same. In actual fact, they're similar but not the same thing. Their power stems from loyalty to their organization, beliefs in its purpose and conformity to the rules. whereas money can do anything as long as you have enough, and use it WITH power. As in, police, doctors, etc.. that put away max amount of criminals/crazies, hand out most drugs, perform most unnecessary surgeries = profit!!!

  You can't have money and use it without power, you'll just get robbed. Money is like liquid power, but 'power' is like concrete power, as in being the head of some organization with loyal people who you've worked with for years who will do anything for you if needed. It's actually really close to the elements idea. Where you can justify almost any construct in this world by referring to the elements, and it just takes some time to notice which elements are present in which things.

  But, once you start learning you really open up the world to understanding. With understanding comes the ability to manipulate and to change the world. But, if you used the power of the elements to take over the world, its likely to rebound. So work with power, not against it. Don't use your power to overcome anothers, use your power to augment anothers, especially with anothers will and then it wont be resisted. Most things of energy is about following the paths already set and being natural rather than unnatural.

  Why do dictators and corporations try to get the whole world to agree with them, even if it's through deception? Because going with the wave is a lot easier, than being all "WOOPWOOP IMMA TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH MY NEFARIOUS CONTRAPTION" and making yourself a target. To some, power doesn't come through the whole world backing you up, power comes from POWER.

  So, power to others is ability to manipulate and achieve. Influebce is somewhat achieved and something observed that causes us to want to do things like it. Money is anything that buys the idea and the product of the idea. And in the idea of ruling things, even if you've got power, who wants to be a /ruler/ as that just makes you a target.

  Its better to be a highly trusted advisor to someone with a similar worldview while having the power to manipulate them if need be. Again, power is the opportunity to recieve reactions. its an illusion even as its an interesting idea, in the least. But, theres also physical power, movement by action in energy to achieve something.

Placed by Skyhawk
Gotten from various sources