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Crossings are within us.
The crossings of our life.
When we find a crossing.
We narrow down our choices.
Whence we end we begin again.
Only to do a slightly different pattern.
Where we begin is where our crossings end.
Why we begin again.
Is only up to our reasons.
Which are always undisclosed.

Crossings are within us.

Those crossings make our lives.
Do we begrudge our crossings?
Obviously not.


Monsters are the creations of our minds.
Given birth by our uncontrolled imagination.
Where the stupid don't know.
There are fear demons that we give birth to.
Where the boogeyman is.
Is our childs fear uncompromised.
When we get too much.
We have fears of abuse.
When we trial things we have doubt demons.
When we have fear of something.
We create monsters out of smoke.
Some fears are well placed.
Our monsters are not needed.
Why do we create them?
We do it out of fear itself.


Spells are many things.
To many different people.
There are confusion and lying spells.
There were memory and privacy spells.
Most genious spells done by geniouses.
Most defensive spells done by those hurt.
Most offensive spells done by the defensive.
Where confusion spells are done for defense.
Where lying spells.
Are done by the defensive and offensive.
When memory spells are for those with confliction.
When privacy spells are done by those defensive.
Then we got programming spells.
Done for all of the above.
Usually for correction and mostly for fun.


Only with trials,
Come betrayals of the heart and mind,
Betrayals come with surprise or intent,
For with betrayal comes bravery,
Only to fix the betrayals,
Trial to do the needed action,
For desire of the heart,
Ruling over all or granting compassion,
Then minds desire rules over active pursuits,
Heart and mind together make actions occur,

Over any action,
Disagreements and betrayals can happen,
With betrayals come panic,
Stupidity happens with panic unless your smart,
To act on instict but not react,
To keep your cool and not lose temper,
When its done you gain courage,
Without courage nothing is ever done,
Don't let betrayal get you down,
You might end up with reward,
There may be victims from any action.


Victims will answer any question,
Only to feel better or if relieved,
Thier morale is low they anger strike,
Any comments will drive them crazy,
Lower morale till suicide,
Victims happen with regard to actions,
Some actions require compensation,
Some actions require understanding,
Most actions need resolve or victims will beseek to gain vengeance,
If resolve is reached,
Then victims become winners.
Albeit they will always answer to violence,
Thier resolve is never the same after,
Feeling guilt for even winning,
They will always be a victim ever after,
Until vengeance or councelling is done.


People who are victims or overstreesed by relation,
May seek councelling for relief,
Understanding where they come from,
Knowing who they are,
Being the people they represent,
Of themselves and only themselves,
They tell thier story,
No seeking revenge after,
Unless they aren't satisfied,
For councelling uses psychology,
Psychology changes minds.

Freud by a book

A famous man named freud,
he quite simply changed psychology,
with his ego, an id, and with superconscious,
so people emulated him,
to playview in it,
during a trainride to england,

He went in supervision,
to do alone and go for it,
he was very egoist,
and I knew he was,
so I am as glad,
he was to see and to be as assumed,

I met him sitting in a car,
sitting alone,
and that'd be you,
as he was a chatting notes
putting them in on paper,
he isn't giving up,
by hypnotism and suggestion not changing,

for when he was through,
he did end in with damage without knowing it,
not to bedo damage if unnecessary,
he was to be in aes'tuttle,

by every patient,
as they had to be fixed,
in the end he had fame and sorrow,
when he was victimized he was unto,
his death by heart attack,
in the end he was famous Dr. Freud,
where Freud had meant freudian fraud.


To my friend chris,
Its like this,
Your talent has been bestowed,
Something that we all would wish,
We'd then be King of the Road,
Do your sketches,
Always draw you'll be rich someday,
You then can say Ha! Ha!
Half goes in the Bank,
The other to Ma Ma.

Spell Findings
To think of thought and use in me,
Something to do is a concent to do,
As if such is,
You aren't a concept,
Think a nice thought for me,
This is some point as use is known,
In thought you use what is

Psychic idea poetry

Think as you would like.
This is a point to the past.
The thought is what you sense.
The vision is what you see.
The psychic nature is something else.
This is a point put to the present.
That you notice what is there.
As a point, this is a sign.
Think the idea and intuition guides you.
Intuition is the soul by use.

That is only until you change the point.
This means use of your intution guided senses.
That allowed you to detect the truth or focus point.
This is a point put to the moment.
What you do is up to you.
Think and you know what to do.
Otherwise you can detect things.
You can see the point, that you need to sense.
This is a concept done by the third eye.
Empowered by the pinneal gland with what you think.
You can see anything that you want to see.

Now its done as a wish.
That is spoken idea or thought point.
These are thinking waves of energy sent to create what you wish.
There you go, we don't mind.
Psychic ability is thinking or peception to see things.
If you see accosting, that means you have something to defend.
Now a psychic spell in idea is thinking of what you want.
This is idea in a point and desiring the result by concept.
Psychic list is creating by writing or typing.
This is what you think by need.
The usual sighting, however this is done.
That is done by your own two physical eyes.

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