Playwright how-to

  To be a playwright, you need to know what they are, they write scripts for movies and plays, which define a scene to act out. A script is the idea of peoples action in words, for written in staged dialogue, on what to do, and where, with lines to say, these scenes follow two different styles, action and sleeper. Action has start, conflict, climax, resolution and end. Sleeper is start, resolution, anticlimax, conflict and end. To begin this, you need a plot and storyline, plot is a idea to which, allows viewers interested. Storyline, is the story you want to portray, for each scene.

  For plays think, remember there as you are what remembers what is a plot or story as you focus and think and the idea is there as you think and your focus is in focus is a thought that is a rememberance by memory. This use with one act plays, two act plays. As with thoughts, your ability is energy and with enough energy you can get what thought is a perceived idea or the idea to feel pressure is time to raise your energy that is think, focus and consider and feel the chi raise to your brain and you can remember. As you think, you can focus and thinkking as you feel. That your mind is clear will bring in idea, that is a point and this is the scene of the script itself as if the idea is finished.

  That you read as you are able to seem or think you watch in your mind as if there to see and back again, and a mental librarian you are if to read what script you want and deliver now write thoughts. What you think, is a thought to get done as "etecera" is a point you think. For movies, there are four or more scenes to portray the action. Each scene push notes as the plot along to the end, the more scenes, the longer it is, two scenes take an hour, four scenes take hours. Start is the action beginning, conflict, is the many scenes mind your idea as you can get mixed reaction as if in of interaction, thats calm or violent. Climax, is the end of the conflict or resolution, anticlimax, is the reverse of climax and begins conflict. Resolution, is to build up nonviolent events or resolve set conflicts. End, and go is in the final moments of the action. That or a sleeper is as a point to see and remember, as to think and rest in mind and you see the thought or think to create a point that interests whatever you, as if something to work into your own idea. This is to use what you know, and create some interesting idea to watch.

  Starting with the action model, of the starting activity, like a beginning of seeing a movie on tv, then the conflict of little, things that provide interest with buildup activity, like the movie ends and, you see the activity shift, to dinner with another, a fight ensues in the midst of it, with arguements. A climax, of the event, where the event is at its full, like the fight ends, with threats and empty promises. Resolution, to resolve the event, where the fight ended, the action goes on to, a road trip for supplies, and something to sooth the other person, stopping for gas and traffic lights, getting there to buy supplies and one extra object. End point, to finish the action, they meet the other person there, as they walk, out the other person gets the item, and forgivance happens.

  Now for the sleeper, which can put a person to sleep, with a beginning of a single person, doing a self project, and chatting with AOL. Resolution, with another he meets online, to form a relationship, and then going out with each other. Anticlimax of getting into fight, breaking up relationship, only to meet later. Conflict of meeting later to fight, yet at the end of the arguement, the man gets to his knees, and begs forgivance, getting the forgivance after asking for marriage. Ending, getting yes as an answer to forgivance, and marriage with a scene of the marriage and kiss. This was in "When harry met sally", a AOL paid for sleeper film, to promote love.

  It is important to note, as that if doing a movie script, then try to write 120 pages, at most. Start the script, by writing the introduction, of the characters and the idea they represent. Make the first 40 pages, into introducement of the story. Make the next 40 pages into developement of the story. And, the last 40 pages, into doing the finishing up. Try to make it interesting, by revealing things in the story, at the middle or end. Where, its 1 page per minute.

  To promote your script, get it published, by looking for a publisher, on the net or phone book, to see the publisher gets the script, and only if they agree to look at it. Publishers require different things, so try to find a way to make a sell, following thier requirements. There are many publishers, thus if you find disagreement or declined offers, go to another, till they accept. Tips to success, understand that people will need full dialogue, good plot, good storyline and good sentences, or no acceptance. However, any script needs actors as in doing a screenplay, or acting the script out. Example scripts, to study are here and play scripts are here, any may submit movie scripts and play scripts at these sites.


Inspired by high school and college drama teacher