Pheromone Control by Mind

  The pheromones of the body are capable of being a totally different language in itself. This language can make what you say very understandable. The control of pheromones can make attractions possible. It can make you attractive to the other sex or to your sex. It can control within reasons, others as well. It is very easy to do by the quick way meditation or meditation.

  The quick way to doing this is to use intention of seeing aura for pheromones by feeling that you can from Dr.lehr, To blink your eyes and then sniff while expanding your consciousness to allow the brain pheromonal adjustment as your sniffing, activates your scent detection. See the scent by allowing your eyes to adjust to the persons aura or even food and then to sniff for the pheromones. After this, use the effective feel and watch idea, to adjust and see the reaction of others and the effort is easy as you feel the pheromones.

  When you do this meditation, find a meaning of the word control to help understand it. Now, sit down in a comfortable place. Breathe in and out in a smooth rhythm in a background of music or invisible music. Think of the word control and expand your mind by thinking about control of pheromones. Now keep breathing in and out.

  Focus on the words pheromone control of body by mind. Keep on focusing on the understanding of this thought for 5 minutes. Think or state about what it can do. Increasing sex appeal, the heightening of your language by adding scents, to make what you say more understandable, and the ability to control people by pheromones alone to get what you want. Focus on the words by speaking on it or feel it. Speak during meditation "I can do all of this pheromonal manipulation by my own will" Breathe in and breathe out and wake up from this trance with a shake of the head after 5-30 minutes of meditation in entirety.

  The easy way of blocking out the scents your aware of and don't like smelling. Use the thought or active scent of that which is not desired. Then shrink your consciousness of it, the idea, and how it seems to you. Thus, ignore the result of its scent to dismiss it.

  What does this accomplish? You subconsciously manipulated, through the meditation of your body to be able to control, pheromones by your will. Now, the scents of pheromones have different meanings.

Any effect is to not be counted if any fruit was eaten before you scented it, as the fruit makes the body scented of the fruit.

The burnt scent means anger.
A citrus or pomengranate scent is to make aware for easy scents and mental ability.
A flower or fresh scent means happiness.
The nasty body scent means disgust.
A body odor or dissimiliar scent means attraction.
The body waste smell means distracted.
A perfume scent means wonderment.
The control yourself scent is the smell of sulphur.
A burning candle or feces scent means lying.intent or a trying effort.
Judiciousness, Expert or Judgemental is the baking or pigment color scent.
Tiredness is the scent of rubber.
Burnt rubber or putrid gas is the scent of burnout or octane.
Cleaning solution is the signature smell for changing events.
Serious intent is the scent of annoying perfume.
Flowery or Pine scent is the scent for understanding and clarification.
Sex is a scent of unwashed body, masculinity or femininity or onion scent.
Barbeque or Mesquite charcoal is the scent for hunger and eating.
Mental disorder or dispute is a burning coal scent.
Addiction is fresh charcoal scent.
Sweat scent means not believing.
Boredom is a scent of wood or wooden.
Tangerine is a immaturity, concern or concent.
Potential energy is potato or potato peel
Charged or Inert energy is orange scent or orange spice.
Energy usage or focus is cleanliness or undeniable stench.
Intelligence or Interest is the scent of flower, fairy flower(any) or primrose that the stronger the flower the more it, the interest.
Stupidity is the scent of unwashed leather, muave perfume, unwashed body or pig.
Ash or Compost is the scent for death.
Sweet orange is the scent of determination and discernment.
High or Drugs is the scent of sour grape for betaphetamines (mental or brain drugs).
Old shoes or mildew for cocaine or cocaine likeness except weed.
Medicine scent for herbal usage.
Rotting dirty shirt is for weed.
Moldy mancheuser cheese, incense or mold for abuse and overdose.
Curative of drugs is the scent of old moldy calcutta.
Curative is the scent of mint.
Healing is the scent of mint herbal flower.
Love or Strong interest is the scent of roses.
Attraction is the scent of something sweet or lotus.
Rotting fruit is the scent of an edict(speech) or reprimand.
Dissent or Ridding is the scent of keylime pie or pearl aroma.
Hate is the scent of liquorice or bad candy.
Distance is the scent of pollen or people sneezing.
Bad disease or bad nature is the scent of skunk or bad antiseptic.
Plants is the scent for planting or season change.
Decaying matter or pungeancy is the scent of undeath or dying
Desire is the scent of green wood, pine scent or something new.

  These scents derive off of the fact of your feeling makes itself known by the scent given off of the body. The attraction pheromone is undetectable and always in effect. To get your way with someone, imagine the effect you want to have on the person and watch his interests change because of pheromone activation. If you do things right, said person will always follow every word. Just focus on the conversation and getting what you want to make for certain responses of ascertaining coorect responses to pheromones from your body. This trait of pheromones can improve your life.

Source helped by A.H.Dahr