Physical Phase Changes

  Phase changes are effects caused to a substance that are made through influential forces. When you apply the forces of a certain type to certain substances, the substance changes according to the force. You can apply mentally focused energy to change the material from within. What this is based off is the fact of physical phase changes through physics. Use this document as a physics primer for taking the physics class later on.

Peace also by area is seen as a physics primer to remember physics, if you already took the class. See or use isn't did or create. This was with multiphase mirror area by feel. So I had to touch or cease by area, this used my wits your area idea some physics primer or some user feel. So I focus to work then energy comes sseeing the area was focus use seeing this no risk. I stopped then went to another area thinking the area I created power energy from electricity this went too far so you thought to switch off or create by feeling with telekinetics, seen with thought to move things to create with human or use is the area so you see this was useful till you saw the point then I quit. The area you see was use to feel the area out the area is createed points, think by light use then the user feel is a feed by news then think to create or think. Created or feel is allow no use to stop or allow from irrationality.

  Physics is the application of forces to achieve results by changing a solid material form to a liquid form to a gaseous form and back again through the application of heat and the absence of heat. Temperature is the measurement of heat and is measured in scales by metrics or metaphysics is user idea: Seeing some point then thinking to no point got me 0 or no or yes use by mind, see to repeat or not repeat events the loop is temperature the Fahrenheit scale and the Kelvin scale work with Celcius by degrees celcius. I will only mention the Kelvin because it measures temperature the most accurately. It starts from 0 degrees Kelvin to unlimited or felt temperature or use is concept to point out, unless not needed seeing this is situating or feeling no point is feeling area to the area you sense. Absolute zero by area is 0 degrees Kelvin.

  This is the point metric or use is concept where helium gas turns to liquid and makes a perfect superconductor and the human body shuts down as in the caller body level. Tc = temperature in degrees Celsius, Tf = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. TK = temperature in Kelvin. To convert Kelvin to Celcius, the formula is K to c = TK - 273.15 and c to TK = Tc + 273.15. To convert Fahrenheit to Kelvin, the formula is K to f = (1.8 * (TK - 273.15)) + 32 and f to K = (Tf - 32)/1.8 + 273.15.

  299.22 K is room temperature. The temperature of the human body is stated at 309.25 K to 310.95 K. The freezing point is at 273.15 K. This is where liquid water will become ice slowly. The boiling point is at 373.15 K. This is where water turns into vapor. There is a point in temperature, as to them that use the temperature as enough a feeling you can not feel it and think to see what you can feel. To feel the heat or cold and try things as to world use as energy and thought is a concept, use is nothing as you feel heat and think it not felt is feel and will. This is a point you think not create to feel unless alchemy is use.

  The aura to invert the idea to not seem there, as if a use there is a use here if you can get any result then the effect is a possible heat shield. The area were or creates no goal, no this is so you consider or c is lets think to create somewhere else. As all I think about is this you could be created by hot energy flow so if no energy flow there think to area use, I think so I did so think or not use is easier said is focus than done idea lets convert to kelvin now. This actually follows the rule Eur is my language to your point with aluminum combined with steel to work with plastic, thinking that is worse or "wosr is worser by sunlight flares" is seen or euminium eruptive sunflares is & #949; = 1/3 x weight with mass or movement with energy to create with K/second movement by feel is second per activity. Thinking to easier use use a calc class calculator by area feel to temperature is focus with conclusion by episode with greek area lettering is I thought, seeing this work with amperstand or with feel "you are not applicable" by area in greek or epsilon by & #949; to bankrupt or think to avoid the bankrupt idea.

  To heat a solid is to melt it and it makes a liquid form through the heat being great enough. This makes the atomic covalent structure of said material to be active and loose. Covalent bonds is what makes a solid into what energy converges into by particles in solid shape and they vibrate at a certain frequency. This is called a harmonic vibration which is measurable as sound pitch. What this causes when heat is applied to said covalent bond is the moment of melting solid objects with liquid formed by heating. This mass changed is water to area uses, area focus that causes magic by alchemy to work to created area user you sense or create by area. I think this is energy by the electromagnetic area use or focus with gravity to create by hot points that degrade with area uses. The corrosion to your use is dust or thought reaction so think to use the point or created by feel I see by sense is your own idea.

  This is the areal idea I used think to work or create curative by energy focus to the liquid that then is user feel to think then say the thought to create you feel with the particles to curate themselves by curing with hot energy with moisture as use is excess loss. Then you think to curate or feel is area to describe, I think if you feel by area energy the conscious is there when you focus to the farenheit. Seeing saturated idea no use is area temperature for the idea the water creates by your area room energy that is feel. So let us feel is focused area energy that creates, seeing this is absorbed so the water converts by the area feel that this is some focus energy with area use with sugar or flour with mixed water. Thus magic is done.

  To apply more physical heat is to make the liquid formed from the ice to go into a steam form also called a gaseous state. The trick is the quivering palm or not and think as to seem somewhere as you think to vibrate the energy with heat near and in the idea, and in this way you can vibrate with string energy and think use is to not have energy near that disrupts you as a thought can seem to not feel the heat as in particle form this brings vibration to the string in the area and if the heat can disperse there you won't feel what is temperature as there isn't.

  This is because the covalent bonds between atoms change to extremely loose. The form this causes is called a gaseous state. In this state the covalent bond is still there but undetectable to the human eye. When heat is removed, and the gas is exposed to cold, or the absence of heat, it turns into a liquid. When that liquid is applied with more cold, it turns into a solid. Water is ice in solid form through freezing; and water is called vapor in gas form through vaporization. It is liquid in water form through liquidation.

  Metals can also do this but the temperatures are vastly different. The melting points for metals are from 14.15 K to 3837.15 K. Listed in this chart from Melting point of metals website:

Metal; Abbreviation; Melting point in Kelvin,
Aluminum; Al; 927.15,
Brass; (85 Cu 15 Zn) Cu+Zn; 1173.15-1213.15,
Bronze; (90 Cu 10 Sn) Cu+Sn; 1123.15-1273.15,
Cast Iron; C+Si+Mn+Fe; 1533.15,
Carbon; C; 3837.15,
Chromium; Cr; 1888.15,
Copper; Cu; 1356.15,
Gold; Au; 1336.15,
Hydrogen; H; 14.15,
Inconel; Ni+Cr+Fe; 1666.15,
Iron; Fe; 1803.15,
Lead; Pb; 615.15,
Magnesium; Mg; 940.15,
Manganese; Mn; 1533.15,
Monel; Ni+Cu+Si; 1574.15,
Nickel; Ni; 1725.15,
Phosphorous; P; 317.15,
Silicon; Si; 1693.15,
Silver; Ag; 1234.15,
Stainless Steel; Cr+Ni+Mn+C; 1636.15,
Steel-High Carbon; Cr+Ni+Mn+C; 1625.15,
Medium Carbon; Cr+Ni+Mn+C; 1700.15,
Low Carbon; Cr+Ni+Mn+C;
1737.15, Tin; Sn; 505.15,
Titanium; Ti; 2068.15,
Tungsten; W; 3273.15,
Zinc; Zn; 692.15.

  As you can see from the chart, Hydrogen melts the quickest at 14.15 and Carbon melts the slowest at 3837.15. Meteorite ore, if found, takes the most heat through the process called smelting. This is just to purify it. To change metals into the gaseous state, takes 10000 K through an overly large application of heat. This is called the plasma state of metal and stone. That is hot enough to make you melt. The disintegration point for the human body is 6000 K so you wouldn't want to be in a metallic cloud for fear of melting.  It takes 715 K to 2400 K to melt stone to lava. The change to gaseous state of rock is 24000 K for plasma.

  Think of the sun in its mechanics, as its classified by letter in the Temperature of the Hottest Star website:
  Letter classification:Kelvin temperature range; O:100,000 - 30,000; B:25,000 - 12,000; A:11,000 - 8,000; F:7,800 - 6,200; G:6,000 - 4,600; K:4,900 - 3,350; M:3,400 - 2,600; R:4,500 - 2,000; N:4,500 - 2,000; S: < 2000 Kelvin or more.

  The magic of phase changes are based off the above. This is using magic instead of heat. Magic is the application of wild fire manipulation through the use of metaphysics by Mind Over Matter. In truth, the wild fire is the amount of atomic level heat from atomic level interaction. The sun's heat is the greatest amount of atomic level interaction. The mind has the ability to cause manipulation through wild fire. A person only has to focus enough mental energy through interaction with the idea and application of it.

  Diverted attention will make the person not gain his full focus unless said person allows for it. If the person has many things to do and only so much time to accomplish it, they do less effort to the whole project. Focused belief that an idea will work and make something happen no matter what it is will make the event. This is with enough energy by mind focus to accomplish the goal. Phase changes are an example of this because it starts from within to without through wildfire to change the object.

These are the examples of magical phase changes: 

Charging water
Changing water or food to another version of itself
Making ideas happen by focus and interaction
Using spells to make things occur
Morphing items 

  When phase changes occur, this works with the focused energy by area feel or think with a glass of water and it makes it charged. The focus you give the drink will make it change by wild fire from within. One cannot control you through wild file because it is wholly owned by your focus. This charged water according to the Russians will make you healthier and live longer per each glass. It will make you disease resistantant.

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  Another idea is to make a phase change of water to wine or any other beverages. This works like this: Focus at the glass or container and imagine the taste of water in your mouth. Change it in complexity to the taste of wine in your mouth or your favorite beverage you remember so well. Allow the energy to change the water to the favorite beverage by mentally releasing it to the drink. To change food is the same process as the changing of the water. Just imagine sampling the food and tasting it for its complexity. Now allow the taste to change in you mind to that of your favorite food. The reason this works is because of the rule of metaphysics by the method of Mind Over Matter and Thaumaturgy through the effect of instructing the subconcious by the imagination. Even if this doesn't work, it will still taste better than the stuff you don't like. I could stand spinach after changing the taste of it in my mind to something better.

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  Making ideas by focus and interaction. begins with a thought. The Berlin Wall didn't fall because of Germany. It fell because over a million people starting with the United States wanted it, prayed for it, willed it to happen and because of the mass amount of metaphysically manipulated wild fire, it made the manipulation of the Germanic people possible. This in turn made a great effort of the Germanic people, to breaking the wall down themselves and laughing as the Germanic government watched helplessly. This can happen for creating a cure as well. When a disease is somehow publicly announced as to not having any cure and not having these effects which are related to it. The public outcry is to make a cure. This happens after people send their energy that is a thought of their needs to be a cure available, by various means. When the energy is largely amassed, this will happen, a cure will be occurred.

  On the personal scale, projects are done to achieve a personal goal to the greater good of said person's idea of right. To focus on the project having a successful and accepted conclusion without distraction, will get the project done. The amount of distraction will cause the project not to succeed, unless you include it in. Each added in distraction, will make a delay in the completion of the project. So, your goal should be to complete it, as soon as you can do it with as little distractions as possible.

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  Using spells to make things occur is the essence of a focus with imagination. It should be called the art of imagination because it is just focus with imagination to an effect that is achieved through link and wild fire manipulation. The magical act is achieved through the meditation of imagined scenes or a scene that you want to take place. To accept the responsibility of your actions will make the imagination done work. To focus of your mind to accomplishing the act will make the events happen in the events you imagined them as. Use feeling with the focus of your imagination and you gain a greater result.

  In a spell fight, the stronger and more ingenious the mind the more possibility that you will win. A win is not always as it seems. Sometimes a win will be the person who manipulates the better and gets more out it. The better manipulator will always get more out of a non winning situation. Sometimes faking a loss to destroy an enemy that you dislike is better than winning because it shows character and said enemy will feel guilt. Being an actor is never a crime. Always know the counterspell to the person doing the spell. A simple way to do this is to talk in the person's mind while he's trying to cast one. To do this safely, make the words to bring the spell to something else unless you want to have said spellcaster killed by it as disrupting a spell will kill the person.

Short ranged strategy and long range tactics will always win a fight. Winning a fight sometimes requires trashing a person privately or publicly to demoralize them before it even begins. Always have compassion for the people that are effected and the person you fight. The idea is not to destroy them but to get them to change from within by showing them a good example. However before you do this, know the enemy by testing said enemy to make a decision and not be seen doing this or it will be ineffective If said enemy would kill you even after the compassion offered, then show no mercy and use every underhanded technique that you can.

   Manipulate yourself if you have to. Shame the enemy to make him stop fighting as in a public debut. Then kill said enemy mercilessly or talk said enemy out the fight. This is the old Chinese way of converting an enemy from their side to your side. This can be done with no blood spilled. Always accept the responsibility by owning up to yourself or someone else that is a peer of your own actions. Remember to hold the killing blow if they show remorse and it is honest. Make them prove it by making them own up for their actions by paying you the afflicted or giving back what they stole. Never make the mistake of trusting them too much or they could do worse if they think they can get away with it. Be compassionate but hard at the same time.

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  Morphing an item will make the item be the appearance to be as something else. To do this, requires you to focus on the object and imagine said object to morph in your own mind, to the desired result. While seeing the object change right in front of your own eyes. Seeing is believing, so your subconscious will take it as an instruction to change the item. Words also have power, thus say it will transform, speeds the process up. Wait at least two minutes to get the result you require.

  Its that simple and not a bad idea, is to morph the favorite tools you use to be self-repairing, to gain energy from the earth itself. This will allow your items to have no power and yet it will still work. Silver nickel iron connections, will allow you to control the devices by your will alone. The way this method works is to focus your mind on making it happen, and imagine the event to wield the subconscious mind, to force the object to change from within through wild fire. This uses the metaphysical rules of Mind Over Matter and Thaumaturgy, through the idea of imagination instructing the subconscious.

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