Way of philosophy

These are the pathes of philosophy and religion as to what we are bound to do in recovery, Yet theres no sense of clarity with this as set to purpose in recovery. So we begin with the ways themelves. Theres the straight on way, to do on hand and care about it. Good for recovery, bad for morals. Theres the wrong and backward by crooked way, or the off hand to not do and not care. This is bad as is for recovery as it lets things slip. Theres the left handed weird way, to do but not care, this is not good nor bad for recovery. Theres the right hand and rationally correct way set in a path, to not do and care. This makes settlement easy and thats good for recovery. These are philosophies, of which that most of us follow. Yet some don't realize it. Then follow one at random or by choice.

Where the backward crooked path and belowboard way is somewhat hard to follow but easiest to do without concern and concentration as else and most times it forgives policies. Forgoing policy leads to a good end or bad end. The straight and aboveboard way that is easy yet difficult in ways all the same bound by the path of some recovery and usage. Then there is the curved paths, an with the right way is the most rational way to think about it while you do something else and care of the concern at hand This effects of about recovery. The left way is the wierd way of thinking, to do things and not something else or as something else, But show no concern of it.

The obligations we do things for. Most would make philosophies about this, But in truth its to the choices an we make that reflect in it the most. To do things for what options there are, there is close ways to choosing from choices for the choice itself. Some would reflect on this by the straight path and so they feel good they recover by recoop in relaxation. The wrong way that is above moral and leads to the bad, is to feel better about guilty emotions yet when confronted they act on it. Its easy to do wrong in his case on the wrong way. The left handed way, they try to avoid by confrontation and to attempt something for no guilt. The way of elucidation and clarification is the left way or left hand of things. This can also lead to devastating actions and a block in recovery as to think its to do with a thing to slip into old habits again. In the right way, they attempt to do things thier way and show no concern over thier acts. Most would follow what is thier way and this feels right for them, so its the right way. Most restrictions their are, they wouldn't want to be bound by so they might choose the left way to recover with. Theres no guilt with assumes time on this. Like the teacher woud do the right way by teaching and we the students would do the straight path by learning on hand.

The Idea of Face comes close to honor, and thats where false honor to most and that would seem like the evil at hand so its as false honor to none unless they thought an about it. Its able to do most bad to whom are unrelated but one quick payoff and its good that they make it off with to seem good or you do. Its no good, But it's still of a philosophy and it is an example. One a most hidden in tribute by china true. To hide something in plain sight while it could be bad by underhanded means. Its of it.

Set as desire of goal. Some set desire in purpose as to of set idea as to an face, some set deservance and some set purpose by a dream. So to set a set goal we seek to do. So to set a goal to seek and do. Set a goal, set a desire be set free. We know we can set up a result, by self decree in deservance or of observance. Its observation in deservance set by motion in decree. Some set decree by use and set is the moment by idea. Type in anything as in book, and the spirit is set by designation, to be set in a moment. Its as if something will occur once the spirit is set upon not in intention but undesrstood. The idea is what, will ovvur is often is as of what is stated. Some don't want to see that, some mey do as it is often spoken.

Set a purpose discretion. A free in. A anchor is a Set goal to do desire. Some set goal is a boundary. Of A soul of discretion. Where some seek to sought. Seek to sought is to seek to be sought after. Set in elementary means. Where some seek to buy, its seek to be seeking. Where some seek to be seeking its sought after. Sought after effect is to seek with or without seeking it. To sell is to gain control, to buy is to give control. To give coontrol, is to free yourself. Perhaps if you seek some powerhungry person this would be especially true. As to be about desire by use its self appeasing. Its simply as if self do.

Its written in expression. Its to set in abundance by self-evidence. The effect by fact, is also obvious in this so we also elude to divide any attention. Once we elude, to be in efficient idea, we set an idea by fact to do as we self desire.

Or, to get someone else to do the idea. It takes energy, to go and do as if need by necessity. So its set as if the desire is by deterrance, on impedence we see the idea by use but no actual way. So its To a effect of usage, the more use the more energy built up. The more base power you have, A self-world based on a population base.

Some have a decree for such an expression. Self-a-decree is able to be a more powerful base by energy. Energy put forth makes it self-worth. A self-worth in this case is to announce it to be able to understand it. Most people wouldn't understand it but its there. As if its written in self-expression. The availability is not always there. The power is there to use and consider. So be as if considerate. As power is not of there to be exposed, unless used now as in for a set purpose. Purpose to propose a goal.
Unity in goal and in idea. Some unity is to walk the path of recovery.