Way of philosophy

These are the pathes of philosophy and religion as to what we are bound to do, Yet theres no sense of clarity with this. So we begin with the ways themelves. Theres the straight way, to do on hand and care about it. Theres the wrong and backward crooked way, or the off hand to not do and not care. Theres the left handed weird way, to do but not care, Theres the right hand and rationally correct way, to not do and care. These are philosophies, of which that most of us follow. Yet some don't realize it. Then follow one at random or by choice.

Where the backward crooked path and belowboard way is somewhat hard to follow but easiest to do without concern and concentration as to something else and most times it forgoes policies. Forgoing polivy leads to a good end or bad end. The straight and aboveboard way that is easy yet difficult in ways all the same by usage. Then there is the curved paths, the right way is the most rational way to think about it while you do something else and care of the concern at hand. The left way is the wierd way of thinking, to do things not something else or as something else, But show no concern of it.

The obligations we do things for. Most would make philosophies about this, But in truth its the choices we make that reflect it the most. To do things and choose for what options are, there is close to choosing from choices for the choice itself. Some would reflect on this by the straight path they feel good. The wrong way, to feel better about guilty emotions yet when confronted they act on it. Its easy to do wrong on the wrong way. The left handed way, they avoid confrontation and attempt something for no guilt. The way of clarification is the left way or left hand of things. The right way, they attempt to do things their way and show no concern over their acts. Most would follow what feels right for them, so its the right way. Restrictions most wouldn't want to be bound by so they might choose the left way. Theres no guilt with time on this. Like the teacher woud do the right way by teaching and we the students would do the straight path by learning on hand.

The Idea of Face, thats false honor to most that would seem like false honor to none unless they thought about it. Its able to do most bad to whom are unrelated but one quick payoff and its good and they make it seem good or you do. But it's still a philosophy and it is an example, and I think you had some other idea on that too. One most hidden in china true. To hide something in plain sight while it could be bad by underhanded means.

The literal translation of the name "Tao Te Ching" is "The Way." Even though Taoism is a religion known by many, there is not much actually known about Taoism. They follow a philosophy of not trying too hard, though not giving up either. The best way to do things is to simply do it; Not to overexhert, because that can get you scrambled and impact your performance negatively, but not to ENTIRELY keep away from the situation, though they do stick to the idea that nature will take it's course and things will end up okay in the end, if interaction is kept to a minimum. The hardest part to find information on of Taoism, however, is what they actually believe. They see the universe as one individual entity. While many see the world as one object being distinctly separate from one another, Taoism sees everything as having a singular force which flows between all living and nonliving entities.

This is as a movement of idea by the way of philosophy, to be thought and on ba with philosophy. Cross the law, and it is to be ba or effort in effort. Some set example of this, is to be able and to do things set to philosophy. This is some philosophy that helped make or was made by others in moments of need. These are natural occurances, that aid in desire and are considered the idea of some to do desire. If it is so of desire it is set do or to set and do. Some are set to do as Some set purpose is our own but others is set desire. Some set purpose is set by desire.

Some are of the act to do as next of us. Some set death or detail. Some are set to do. as set to do or go by desire. These are some of the tennets of death and life, set by desire in a goal.

  1. Subconcious use of wil; Some subconcious can be used to use manipulation and their as is wil that is self deed as set as if the control. Set in this are subconcious needs and desire.
  2. Seek need as nature. The seek by the need to find out its nature. Unless, its undesired.
  3. Seek in ne in desire. This is to seek any or need in and of desire. Seed. To know it. To seed a way is to talk of or act of the way and get desire. Thus you are to know it. See'd set desire if seed knows it.
  4. Speed silent movement. In speed, in you can be silent by moments in movement.
  5. To be able go with force, speed and be silent while doing it, While in of movement.
  6. Some set so is to do if the something of us is set of do and is so.
  7. Set do is. Set to do is to do or deal with things. Set to do is some set goal.
  8. Some way set, Some way is a set way so we are naturals with it.
  9. Speed seht moment. With speed its a set up with en moment.
  10. Prequire, require to do. If you prequire twice, a never do.
  11. Sole seht subdue. Be the sole self, with or in a set up event, a desire be thought to set up an effect and subdue. You don't want to subdue everything, but allow some as to get result.
  12. Concieve decieve believe, The cons greatest tool, to concieve as to con or pro something. Then decieve, or better an believe it to be able and talk the person in the ab out of it.
  13. Self, see, service. To self a realize, see of to set up effect, then don't always try to sell or be of service.
  14. Set up, see and sell. This to give explanation, set a selli point or gain control.
  15. See set supplie and support. To be the idea and se up event, see to go on with, know support. their is a nother version, a self see by the support and no selling point.
  16. Be kind, nice, be courteous. sorta like be brusque nor mean nasty and discourteous. Except it has an extra idea in moment. A set to see idea.
  17. Entrance enthrall deep throat.. Not to entrance unless necessary, enthrall or deep throat or deep note. To do this well, Be of fealty, motion and know of it or be k nown of it.
  18. So set desire, set resolve set desolve. So however set is the desire, Set resolve is of the idea, in moment, of motion or puurpose. Set desolve is the idea, situation, or circumstance point and it dissipates and leaves more or less no situation.
  19. Be selective, then the do. Be selective on the idea or desire by need and choosing, then do the do or go as of the do.
  20. Service, disaster point dis'crepance. This is a segrepace or set in pace. This is a waning effect or warning. If so set its by effect. With each discrepance their is a youthening or desire inconsistance.
  21. Set in derivance, set to do in purpose and set in subconcious. This to set in making by a purpose and set in by subconcious activity.
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