The sphere is representation of reality

This is where I saw an alternate reality, that is where the spheres I will call oneness spheres are easily shifted to you put a onness sphere in your room, then think shift in to escape into the sphere then your body is untouched even if collapse, think to realize all of them, then you find yourself shifted back to reality and quite possibly, mindblown. After realizing that you are such an electrical spark in the oneness, then you come back to reality. So to shift your concious to that of the oneness concious, then your able to manipulate this point or any other oneness surfing at will.

I saw this oneness, which is a collection of dimensions, souls, alternate realities, etc. Then after I saw other onenesses. The one alternate oneness that stuck in my mind the most firmly was one that reminded me of a typical necromancer from any mmorpg. The typical green-and-black theme, with deathly energy swirling everywhere and saw a HUGE tower with a few souls swirling around it. I mean, HUUUUUGE tower, the sky was green, and everything that I saw was in green and black. I didn't see much of it, though. When I looked at the onenesses, I guess I must have just seen one central area of it or something and it's actual oneness was an orb of green, whereas this one is an orb of white at least, that's how I see it. The green sphere is above the 2nd dimension, and used to contain the ghouls, ghosts and wraiths.

You see the universes, where the spheres look REALLY weird. Yeah, but I want to clarify one thing. They felt ENTIRELY different, like there was NO connection at all. Moreso than the heavenly realms that I was talking about. They were, Well, let's say that we're in Alternate Universe A. Then there's Alternate Universe B. Let's look at them like computers, to simplify things. If they were computers, they'd at least have a USB or an ethernet connection between the two. But Oneness A and Oneness B, this one and the green one. Were like two computers that were set across the room from one another, not linked in any way. It was like I could only see them, because I was in the room that they were in, and I could walk over and do whatever I wanted to them in that room is the room of spheres. The dimension that contains universes in a room.

Well, of a kind. It was like the spheres were contained in boxes, and I could tell that there was damn near NO connection between the two. So it's not exactly the room of spheres. In fact, it wasn't really a room at all. I was seeing things on a the MASSIVE scale, and they were floating along through otherwise completely empty space in their little self-contained spaces. It's complex. Very complex. Because, that's as close as I can get to explaining it, but that's not quite how it was.

I can assure you that. It was inspirational, as I was in a hysteric phase for at least a half an hour. Because of all of the things I realized almost instantaneously But, what I meant by 'that's as close as I can get to explaining it, but that's not quite how it was', it was simplified automatically, so that someone with a mind that's used to seeing things objectively would be able to understand it, and this represents a more complex picture, its like a hypercube.

It was the same thing as using C++ to program a computer. What I really saw was the C++, while what was really going on was happening in binary, on a level that was too complex, so something simplified it for me. If you get what I mean, floating in space with a oneness sphere within. I know the orbs were real, but they're each their own space. This one was all one GINORMOUS white orb, within an infinite white space that didn't feel infinite at all. It all felt like it was all in one tiny area, but I could tell that it was actually massive in scale, and the white space around it was, in essence, utter nothing. Then suddenly my vision zoomed far out, and I saw it floating in a white box. Then the others drifted into my range of vision. It was like it was explaining things to me, more than anything else.

It was SERIOUS sensory overkill, so how do you think wormholes work? they connect one universe to another. This oneness is like a different realm of reality. I believe you, but that doesn't mean that I don't think that the wormholes themselves aren't real, just an image to simplify things. Just like everything else we see, hear, know, touch, etc. GOD, that was sensory overkill. Just recalling it is, too. When I saw the oneness orb, I realized so many things all at one time. I refused to tell anyone else what I saw, both because I was afraid they'd call me insane, and because I didn't want to scare them as much as it had scared me at first I realized that space, time, and everything else, is one big illusion as if. the white orb was rather serene in appearance, it was overall very still, nearly no movement was present in it at all.

But there were a few trillion little spikes shooting out of it. I looked in more closely, and I saw that they each represented a person, or a consciousness of some at the sort. The ones with more ability tended to be higher up, and the 'normal' people were lower down towards the base. It's like...There's the Conscious, then the Subconscious, then the Oneness conscious. The onness conscious is now, and you can connect to it by use of an object. Focus to see the one and feel yourself lifted out of your body. What it basically boils to is the object has to be a ball and while you touch it you can surf. Surf the mental waves. My mind wouldn't stop.

It couldn't. I don't fear what people will do, as in, 'will they attack me?' I fear what they'll do, as in, 'will they kill themself once they see it?' The first thing that came to mind when I saw that we're all essentially the same, I can't even put it into human language, it was just utter fear and confusion. It was one big sound of glass breaking in my head, my sense of individuality was crushed in one fell swoop, along with many other things. It's the 'other things' that I can't explain, however much I try.

I think the best that I can explain what I felt is that I realized that everything I am, everything I have been, will be, etc, is all in one tiny little spike on that orb. In fact, everyone EVERYWHERE is contained inside of it. My lack of being able to understand it as clearly as I want to almost makes it feel like an unbased or irrational thing that's freaking me out this badly, but I really don't think it is. If you think about the point, then you know that by realization you guide the sphere of onness. What you guide is your soul and this is creator made. That's right, your soul is the onness sphere. This is what mindblows me. So I think this will seem good for now.