How to not snore

  The method herein works!!! I have done it myself! I have taught others and they say it works. Amongst them my brothers.

  I think to start this method properly try to hold your tongue in between the mouth top and bottom. What this does is train the tongue to not be a "lazy tongue" as thought energy is with the thought with water to cure it and this is in the essence to the type of tongues people have when going to sleep snoring. The reason for it is when "lazy tongue" occurs in sleep time the tongue covers the breathing aparatus of the body. It almost covers the hole of where breathe gets to the lungs through the breathing tube to cause on inbreath snore. Do this consciously every minute of a possible idea, think to fix it and if focus is the energy and use water every day with thought or not "until the body does it naturally and unabbrasively".

  Think as you sense the thought and the point as you seem with an act of staying in the middle of the mouth. There is no more time as the creator limit for this, as no is stop and to work is nulle to the disasters that created them except that diseases disappear as you nulle it and sometimes works anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month. You lose no money and pay nothing at all to doctors when this is tried. Even if it fails in the end to work, the only thing lost was concentration of effort for only a few weeks to a few months. This also teaches discipline of the mind by doing an repetitive act of redundancy to enforce a body behaviorial pattern. This process makes snoring disappear.