Welcome to the Haunted woods


Februari 24 2003

There is a new section at my site. Christa`s art! She`s a girl i`ve met who is a VERY good drawing person :)
When I offered her a spot on my site I got squished underneath her hugs and kisses (not that I mind)
Now go see!

Februari 12 2003

Bah, didn`t keep my promise again. Its not that bad this time tho :)
Anyway, there are some new things, two new stories and two other things:
One is Sepulture Tournament, a game I am making
The other is The Kingdom or Armanna, a kingdom I am running in Furcadia
That`l be all!

December 23 2002

w00t. Two updates in 2 days! This might be happening more often!
Anyways I went to Amsterdam and bought some nice clothing, didnt have enough cash to buy it all >.<
As for the site, Fury System and Fallen Earth can be accesed trough The Wolfpack site.

December 22 2002

Whell check this out. I am redoing my site! I`d gladly hear some advice and words of wisdom about the new colors.
There`s gonna be some more stories, and hopefully some new art!
There are project sites, Table Top
There are some PHOTO`S OF ME, in About me
I have shrinked the links list

November 22 2002
Does it at all surprise you that it ook so long after the next update. Even after my shitty promise I didn`t hold?
Tought so
Anyways I started to do some test to underline how grim and depressed I am. And indeed as the test pointed out I am one who people like to call a Goth
I won`t rant my whole live here. Just go to About me, and you`ll see for yourself

July 21 2002
Hello every I`m back from a long time NOT updating. Today will be full moon, today I shall ask the love of my live to be mine so wish me luck
Beside that I have finally decided to work on my site again. I have thrown away all the useless junk and added some new things.
Its not much yet, I am still working.

May 10 2002
After a long silence here I speak again. Allot has changed. I have remade my site and fully dedicated it to Furcaida
What Furcadia is you ask? Whell go look around my site and you`ll know soon enough!
I hope you like the new backgrounds. Enjoy the site!

February 17 2002
Whell its update time. Much hasnt happend lately if you ask me, its kinda whell...Boring!
But I did get some affliates request so I put them all up, I think...
That woud be all for now :)

December 31 2001
Third update this month wow ^^
Anyways I ahve a couple of things to say! HAPPY NEW YEAR YA ALL! And be save ;)
I have written a story about Celtor and Mailstrom you can read it in the link bellow Enjoy!
Part 1: The beginning

December 22 2001
*gasp* 2 updates in ONE month! I`m impressed LOL! Anyways I awnt to say Go to Lord of the rigns the movie is GREAT!
another thing is, MM is being remade into something allot better and with a kick under my arse the beta will be out in December or January. I`ll keep in touch!

December 1 2001
I deserve to be kicked, last new update was a while ago :/, whell lets get to the goodies! I have a new site in the links! And i`ll have a game (intro) uploaded soon in the downloads!
I have decided to start collecting warhammer, I will be collecting the Dark Eldar since there uncommon and the`re cool :)
That will be all for now, I`ll try to keep up :)

October 7 2001
:/ I havn`t posted for ages again :/
There is just one short newsflash rigth now. My game (Mortal magic) Is available as Beta. If you want to be a beta tester contact me at jan@offierski.com
thank you for your time

July 8 2001
I have decided to do my best in updating as often as I can! Well I have added some links and finished the coloring of my site. I added a new link to the menu named Projects; here you can find all ym projects. I added some info about the secret project

July 5 2001
Well it has been a long time since I posted news. I have joined a group named the RPGWolfpack, you can go to our site at my link page. Well I changed the site as you noticed. New colors and new background. I also have new pictures so go check them out. I am not longer knows as Celtor but as Mailstrom. I am working on a secret project right now and the secret will be released on 10 July 2001. OEP is almost DEMO and Earth 2560 has been stopped. Maybe I will continue it one day. I hope you enjoy my new lay-out.

June 24 2001
Well it has been a long while till I updated but here it is! Another update! The biggest thing is that today is my birthday! I am 14 now :) That's all for today

May 10 2001
Okay people once again haven't updated for a long time......
But here is the update I got rid of the Digimon site since I don't watch it anymore and have deleted the download page as well. I'm working on the demo of Earth and OEP. I'd like to tell you that Celtor is dead........
BUT!!!!!!! A new one has born!!!! He is an orcish Sorcerer (I love that combination). Id also like to enounce that OEP is about the old Celtor`s live. I also am volunteering to review games made by other people Demo's and Full versions. The first one coming out is Zorrow made by Digge, you can find these reviews and previews at Games. This is one big update is it :) Hope you will enjoy my site more now :)

March 25 2001
Hi all! I haven't updated for a while but here is the update! The menu has a games link now, here you can find all my projects made in RPGM2K. I got a new project Orb of Eternal Power, this game is very unknown to you all cause no one (except me) knows what the game is about and I rather keep it that way till the Demo comes out! And for all the people who want Earth 2560 well the project is closed till OEP

February 27 2001
Hey hey! My site is running a little longer then a month now! Sorry that I did not update! But I made some major changes! Visit Earth 2560 my big pride!

January 30 2001
Well.........As you have seen my site isn't changing really much that's cause I don't have much ideas :) If you have any just tell!

January 16 2001
Hey all! I am still working on my site, I updated almost every site so go check it all out! I have am working on the RPG page right now, if you have any comments just send a e-mail!

January 15 2001
Hi all! My site ha been up for a day now (wow). There isn't much yet but I hope you all enjoy that what you can find :) The Digimon page is the most finished page of all and the Dungeons an Dragons page the least! I hope I will get a good idea on it :)