How to simulate a nuracannula link

  The nuracannula is a another word for brain stem spinal cord.and a neuracannula link is the spinal cord tap. This means a computer can directly tap into the brain through the nerves of the brain stem plus this device usually is an implanted device near the bottom of the brain stem and this consists of a silver socket that has silver leads that are placed in parallel to nerve ends. In effect, this can do damage to the nerve if placed wrong but if placed right, it will allow the brain to actively use the computer and network thought by transfer through the silver socket to form as you gather by energy will to what you are. You don't have to do this or heal by ions thought to heal.

  There is a biotech chip that works the same except no link wire is needed and it has an one mile radius to pick up vibration of internet activity. After it picks it up it tunes in to the frequency and acts as a carrier for the internet and computer activity making it is a biolink to the computer from the brain through biosyncing thus it self-repairs itself because it is a living machine.

  To make a biotech nuracannula link device, be aware this technique is not fullproof. It has a probability of working sixty percent of the time. The way of it is to make use of a clean metallic, glass or cast iron container. The chemicals are two parts nitrogen plus eight parts hydrogen plus four parts oxygen plus one part amino acid plus one part liquid silver plus 1 part ash to yield the smelly biotech growth solution bath. To use it you need electrical stimulus of some manner and make this stimulas through the use of a computer. Do this in two ways. Through direct input of video card this is not sending an image of the device by printing the picture to the device of a splitter with the wire ends exposed and placed into the solution for stimulas.

  The silver particles are the responders that make a resonance field that act as the growth pattern for the biotech device. The other way to it is to use a radio emission device that is pointed directly at the biobath sending the image causing stimulas. Having a bluetooth infrared radio device will work just the same. Use the transmission of the bluetooth infrared radio device by using a picture of the device you want and send it to the biobath and yet sometimes this won't work. The silver particles will pick up the signal in the biobath and make a resonance field to initiate a sped up growth of the device.

  If you want to know a way to avoid these implant devices and get the same effect, this is that way; it is called the neuracunnula link simulation and this is simply believing that the symbolic link exists to the computer in a syncing biolink through the use of meditation on a picture of you drawn connected by a line to the word web plus this meditation is the five to ten minute variety by imagination manipulating the subconscious. It is this: imagine a picture of a computer in your mind and sitting on a desk with you at that desk in your mind. Imagine the keystrokes and the actions you want to do without showing any signs of typing only you can read what is on the screen. This does two things, it will make the subconcious manipulate use of the computer in your mind and it acts as a gateway for gaining the knowledge of the subconscious.

The effect of connecting an internet connection with the computer will happen by symbolic link to an active connection somewhere that is in a one mile radius. Brain syncing occurs with the fastest and most reliable connection and that is because the brain stem is stimulated by the action of the imagined computer in your mind connecting to the internet through a modem of your choice. I would suggest a cable modem as the connection is always on or any better connection for possible disconnect at need. The modem has a cut off cable connected to the modem and what occurs is to make the subconscious stimulate the brain stem nerves and complete the connection. When the subconscious is recieving the command to work with the internet, it wiill automagically complete the cord that connects to the internet making the connect occur thus it is always on. Say the word nuremniuyq (nure-emn-niu-wick) meaning neuracannula link inside or out loud to aid in making the link sometime during the process.

  In truth, what this does is train the brain to simulate a neuracanulla link. When the link bridge action happens enough the biolink will happen whenever you feel the need to get on the internet. Imagine a computer in your mind that you are going to use by force of imagination will and then just do what you are wont to do and do the research at the same time on the net. Or sit in contemplation while enjoying the internet plus this is useful even while you meditate. Finally, just go to sleep and imagine yourself in a room while using a desktop computer called a molecular computer for its made of molecules and play the night away. Turn it off when you are done but remember to wake up by imagining yourself walking out the room door plus lock the door behind you with a key that none can copy or steal from yourself. You will immediately wake up and the body will be rested as if you meditated. There is possibility to do other things as well in the room and the subconscious will cause it to happen.