The negative language

   The negative language is every verb is opposite that is used in a sentence. Special verbs are be, is, are, was, am, dun, don't, a, not and un. Be = be, isnt/wasnt, arn't/am not.

Is=isnt, are=arnt, was=wasnt, am=aint, dun=do, don't=do, a=not, not=is, did=didnt, wun=will
and un=is or do.

   Add "a" for activity to make the the word negative like apositive=not positive. Add un at
the word beginning to make it positive like unlike=is like, likely. The double negative in a sentence makes a positive plus as a double positive is in a sentence it makes a negative. No two negative are close together so instead of am not=am its am so not=am so, except for be not=isnt, wasnt, wont or wernt. The verb conjugation not disappears and is actually not translated into the positive sentence. Use this language to win an arguement or get out of contracts that aren't there. Then or now as if the base to this language came from, the first humans on the planet which that was millenium ago. The area is the point and is possibly the language of thought, not that  the subconscious or not done idea is things that are not there to do.

   The nouns are the same so the examples are to state:
"I do not recognize you."=I recognize you,
"I dunno you."=I know you,
"I am unlike you."=I aint made like you,
"I be apositive."=I am positive.
"I adun unknow this."=I know this.
"I really am hard not to understand."=I really am hard to understand.
"I be nice."=I aint nice.
"This be not good."=This isn't good.
"This wun do."=This will not do.
"This wun work."=This will work.
"What undid the event?"=What did the event?
"What did you see?"=What did you not see?