Modular spell system

  This is a modular spell system that is easy to use and very powerful, this won't work for everyone so I caution use with care and try to remember this.. The words to know are the root and root elements and stems strung together by a " ' " and separate by a space as well or to mix and match root and root element with stem, and pronounce as in English or no Anglish. The examples are below. In an idea that your ideal that are aspects exist, then you can get what you think or use what is existant by what your will creates by your standards with your subconscious use.

  The energy for this is raw chaos. Gotten from examples by earthsea. This uses psionic ability to channel the raw chaotic energy as the source. Thus no psionic ability equals no effect or not seen action as you may need poder or personal power to help it become. To get an effect use the words strung together as in pel'mel un'el'keg for rage or destroy not actively and/or quick. Created by Skyhawk 2004.


a = not, active, age, in action, actively, by, of, year, from, free, reject, no, at, enactment, negative, do, the one
amur = amer = glamour, dazzling, prospect, mana use
azur = azer = laser, radiation, burst
bel = great, able, and shape
bel-peol = to cause a Arbiter effect or reasoning, reverse reasoning, appeal to get and understand things that are there
bod = body, item
buid = to transact, transaction
daz = daze, transfix, mesmerize, hypnotize, suggest
dik = (to) mix, combine, generate, generator
dup = dupe, convince, connive
e = from, be, is/are, from, it, energy, open, exception, and make
E'muk = caprice, boast, grudge
E'puk = clarity, clarify, compromise, clear
enn'ur = adjen, innured, immunity
fobi = forbid, deny, restrict, created fear, coating
fixhea = fix, repair, heal, hale
hing = build, frame, hang, made
izur = izer = sizer, inconsiderate, small, large, quicker or slower (think and you decide)
kamur = camera, picture, depiction
li = ae = likeness, like, similar, as is
mel = breakthrough, destroy, fight, rage, berserk, calmness
muk = muddy, mess, watery, muddy substance
pacee = perception, sight, vision, see, pacing
pel = trace, remnant, remainder, pelt, combat
pemur = pemer = equilibrium, equivalent, a equivalence, a being, higher self
rem = remove, ream, dream, tel'aran'riod (telling arrangement of ordered events), created ideal that in life consists on and of things that don't exist
riak = torture, disrupt, pain, tel'aran'riak (telling arrangement of torture), deathlike
sanh = sahnn as activation of usage manipulation, created impulse that ends in ability created by energy
sham = shame, fake, faker, unreal, creative lie
shiv = shiver, sliver, crystal sliver
stoak = stoke = storm
stum = stone, fumble, stumble, fumble, trip
syt = shift, translate, transfer, reallocate, deallocate no rephilbriate
t = person, the, she, it, thing, there, that, this, those, of, choice create
tel = telh = tell, sound, discuss, make by focus
vey = conveyance, convey, devising, devising by creator, olay
veyl = conjunction, conjoin, convergence, summon, displacement by molecules or those you hit or touch shift by will and no energy touch

Root elements

Positive elements (These are unstable, experimental and very disruptive if felt yet some aren't)

pel'urr = aether, mind
pel'slep = sleep
pel'e = earth
pel'muk = mud, runny, loose mess, throw up
pel'ae = lava
pel'aer = heat
pel'a = fire, light
pel'are = firewater
pel'ar = water, manipulation
pel'ear = cold, ice, freeze, stopping
pel'er = air, psychic
pel'eer = earthair, support, gravity
pel'ea = lightning, energy
pel'amek = luck, event, happenstance
pel'amir = pel'arir = job, work, a view
pel'amor = love, feeling
pel'emek = life, positive, existence
pel'emik = grounding, business, cooperation, friendliness

Negative elements (These are very stable yet somewhat non disruptive and solid or noticed)

pel'eta = ether, spirit
pel'u = void, substance, raw material, dark, shadow
pel'drik = drink
pel'fud = food
pel'elais = poison
pel'dees = disease, plague
pel'kao = pel'erariak = chaos, disorder
pel'uriak = insanity, death, disrepute
pel'eu = absence, wild, nothing, neutralize, silence
pel'au = blackfire
pel'eau = blackice
pel'reau = black lightning
pel'erar = time (fast, normal, slow), event
pel'crerar = corruption, bad, corrosion, coruptb


cret = create, make, remake
cus = curse, undying, irremovable
e = tuk, took, tuck, fold
ele = el = element, material, active (isa, slow effect)
elek = killing element, active killing (fast effect)
empp = empower, person empower
ekuk = erar = energized, transfer
etuk = euk, fold in, give in
eg = keg = charge, extra, wave, form shape (possibly animal similar to dog or cat humanly shaped)
en = n = unn = at, undo, not
heg = halt, hedge
meg = merge, combine
neg = reverse, opposite, oppose, negative, renege
redir = redirect, relocate
revas = reverse, opposite, revise
sild = nedo = shield, not, undo
un = constant, eternal, forever

Root and Stem examples

pel'ear ele = heat element, heating
pel'un sild'el = void shielding, substance shielding
pel'er eg = time charge, time wave
hod pel'eer ele'eg = earthair constraining wave, support constraining charge
pel'ais en'eg = undoing poison charge
hod pel'eta elek = spirit hold active killing
pel'ur revas'cus'el = trace reverse undying actively
rem'stoak pel'er el'redir = remove storm by air actively redirected