Shizuka's mind and body rant  

  I learned something amazing about thoughts and the mind. Like the conscious mind is as a watch gate for the subconcious which is connected to the universal mind. Universal mind has everything and contains anything. Everything thing in the environment is just an energy example of the table which is nothin but protons and electrons from the inside and we humans manipulate it through oyour thoughts everyday. The universal mind is what gives us what we desire through the subconscious and everything around you is just an effect of your mind as an illusion of your mind. Yes, that's true as that means you are actually controlling your environment and making what you think of it so if you think now that you are perfect and your body is healthy and impress your subconscious with it, it will happen. Its like body manipulation, where that would happen to work.

  It always works as someone said who read a book by this author in 1926. He said it was amazing but he forgot the name. He said that these diseases that come upon us, come because we are afraid of them and that fear opens a bridge for the diseases from where they are. Actually the bacteria or the virus doesn't give us flue because it is unintelligent matter, it is your fear that it will cause flue, that allows your subconscious to make your body react that way. Also going to the gym doesn't give us a good body, its the visualization of a perfect body that we do while we are in gym that gives you the body we want. So without going to the gym you can have the body, this in an area unregarded you want just as if by visualization and belief you create by feel or what is in what you think or create as spiritual faith. This is in energy by the wave, as changeable by feel use even if by focus.

  I always somehow found a loop hole in the mind to use this method to change my body. So going on, just by constantly impressing your subconscious on your desire of anything. You allow it to manifest itself in reality. You've to visualize, believe and feel that you have what you wanted and that you will have it. An thats the way. It changed my life. I gave me self-confidence in myself.