General magic rant

  This rant is just point of view and to be read as opinion. This rant started with a quote from someones words on a aim channel.

It just seems odd to me that there's so little public evidence of Magic, even though it's like. so obvious. Not including ghosts...Well yea theres evidence by trying. I know that, obviously, but the way I see it It's just that you'd think that something that's been around since the dawn of time would be ... HARDER TO HIDE from the general public than it is. Something so large is easily overlooked, and it takes spirit and fire /heat energy to do it efficiently its just done to us but the fire energy is drained making it colder around the room area per spell. So its simply not practical under many usages where the physical thing can take its place. Thats just an opinion, but its why magic is overlooked technically.

I think my view on it is that if it's so easy to spread around false religions, why isn't it even easier to spread around something that's been proven time and time again and has been around since the dawn of time. And yes, when religions start off, they are false. So pass it as a religion namely Wicca, one of the religions least popularly accepted and most often portrayed falsely as 'devil-magic', and Druidism, one of the most mysterious religions but least accepted unless proven good.

If magic were smaller in size then it would be more noticeable proof size meaning time used in use. Eh, which seems backward as HELL to me. It's just the thing of "if it were smaller, it would be more noticeable" I know what it means about time used, it'd be more obvious if it happened faster instead of over time. But still, It's easier to notice a raging fireball, like the sun, than it is a small spark in the distance, isn't it? Using that logic, should'nt it be easier to notice something that's in effect every waking second of our lives than it is to notice something that's only been around for, what, maybe 2,500 years (Christianity in it's various forms) and designed to be unnoticeable. It is more noticeable like that. When it is noticed, however, its a mystery. Like a poltergeist being banished by a phrase with an ability and directed by a focused word.

On a separate note, the following quote from The Footprints of God by Greg Iles, the philosophical theme of the book is taoism, He just had a seizure, and what brought it on was that he touched a religious stone in Jerusalem, forget the name of it, but you can touch it with one or two fingers by sticking them into a hole in the ground and onto the stone.
"Do you remember anything? The seizure at the church?"
"I remembered kneeling, then thrusting my fingers through a hole in a silver plate. A current of energy had shot into my arm, straight up to my brain, a current too intense to endure. I felt as though my mind were a tiny glove, and the hand of a giant was trying to force its way inside it. My body began to shake, then..."
"I remember falling."
"Do you remember anything after that?"
Then he goes into a flashback.
"I fell toward the floor, but before Ireached it, the boundary of my body melted away, and I felt an oceanic unity with everything around me: the earth and rock beneath the church, the birds nesting among the stones above, the flowers in the courtyard and the pollen they loosed on the wind. I was not falling but floating, and I saw that a deeper reality underlay the world of things, a pulsing matrix in which all boundaries were illusory, where they pollen grain was not distinct from the wind, where matter and energy moved in an eternal dance, and life and death were but changing states of both. Yet even as I hovered there, floating in the world like a sentient jellyfish, I sensed that beneath that pulsing matrix of matter and energy lay something still deeper, a thrumming subtrate as ephemeral and eternal as the laws of mathematics, invisible but immuntable, governing all without force.

The thrumming was deep and distant, like turbines churning in the heart of a dam. As I listened, I discerned a pattern, more numerical than melodic, as of an undiscovered music whose notes and scales lay just beyond my understanding. I tuned my mind to the sound, searching for repetitions, the elusive keys to any code. Yet though I listened with all my being, I could not read meaning in the sound. It was like listening to a rainstorm and trying to hear the pattern of the individual drops as they hit the ground. Something in me craved knowledge of the underlying order, the vast sheet music that scored the falling of the rain. And then I understood. The pattern I was searching for was no pattern at all. It was randomness. A profound randomness that pervaded the seeming order of the world like chaos. And in that moment, I began to see as I had never seen before, to hear what few men had ever heard, the voice of-- "
<end flashback>
"David? Can you hear me?""

What annoys me to no end is that, for Taoism to be such a widely known religion, there's barely any information on what it really IS. I mean, the Tao Te Ching is in a million languages but they all say "the true Tao is one that cannot be explained in words". I understand it fully. It is for the most part, almost exactly what I quoted above. That and the thing of 'just be' - don't try too hard, but don't give up, either. Just do it. No regrets, no hesitation, just do it, and it'll work out in the end. One reason I'm so good at magic. I just do it. No regrets, no hesitation thats very efficient.

"The occult community in mind was the usual New Age, crystal-gazing, tarot-turning, palm-reading crowd you see in any large city. Most of them were harmless, and many had at least a little ability at magic. Add in a dash of feng-shui artists, season liberally with Wiccans of a variety of flavor and sincerities, blend in a few modestly gifted practitioners who liked mixing religion with their magic, some followers of voodoo, a few Santerians and a sprinkling of Satanists, all garnished with a crowd of young people who liked to wear a lot of black, and you get what most folks think of as the "Occult Comunity. Of course, hiding in there you find the occasional sorcerer, necromancer, monster, or demon." From "Dresden Files, Death Masks" book five.

Raven Wolf Claw and Spellhawk