Lughorn transform

Lughorn water transform

 This is an idea of mine to work with the ability of time, where the use is psychic ability. This is an interesting wave by feeling the point of time or some event, that we seem to have a thing for by feel. So to have a thought of this by psychic ability, this is just the use of the cause. If you think 'lughorn' at the water your about to drink, it creates the water effect. Just remember, this usually is reserved for a larger figure person. Where a slenderer person can move about and still get the effects of a lughain.

 Thinking on a point to put psychic ability at the water, enables it to transform you or others into a lughain, this is like a point to name the water ability and think 'add or subtract to mine', becoming aware to get it added to your old abilities. This adds abilities to your own set of mental traits or mind ability, that you can use by thinking a suggestion and use is the subconscious.

 Add in here, you can infuse the water with an ability charging, only you could also steal or copy an afforementioned one by thinking "this is surmountable" to the water out of an idea for a drink. If you have one nearby, just remember that this is what is an interest to it. Thinking a point and getting a point done. So I think energy intrigues it and water infuses it.

 Some lughorn are telepathic, where they think to others and get response and some aren't where no response occurs. Some are overly large and some are slender, so I think it depends on what you do such as thinking to eat less you are less in size. If you thought "slender lughhain" at water and drank it then waited. You can become like one that is psychic, possibly dead yet alive and slender as you wish to remain slender.

 You could transform into another being entire and  by thinking of what you do. its just like a normal charge only your gonna say 'lughorn transformation without the weight' that is done since they can gain weight, easily. Charge the drink or soda, think as you feel the energy within go to the drink. Think to the hand to pass a charge. That is all a russian way of energization for a drink that I observed.

 See this is used by putting your fingers around the glass or can. Then the energy if the thought is yours, flows through the drink as a thought you think energizes the drink and you have a thought focused and energized drink after that. This is that energy which is from your thought, that electrolyzes the moment you think to the drink.

 In other words, this is think then imagine, the flow then occurs. Thinking to create an energy flow and think by imagining the stream of energy go through the fingers to the thumb or think at the drink till its colder and heavier. Thinking "the lughorn an transform" as idea that you think to create a transformation by feel, thought is used in concept that this is for the full effect.

Time travellors

 Didn't you know that a time travellors body is somewhat immune to drugs due to charged effects and household goods, it only gives them a vision till the drug wears off. Due to energy as it acts like drugs so the body gets used to it. The energy infuses the body, and causes immunity, sometimes a vision can kill. The worse the drug the worse the vision. Sometimes a vision lasts a long time.

 You can get real live results, as some worse visions are real. So drink vanilla extract in water mixed with sugar or sugar substitute or pop and theres your mild diuretic "feel good" drug. No sodapop as sodapop contains caffeine and thats your vision. I don't really drink anything with caffeine so add to the fact a time travellors body is immune to death like a lughains body by name that uses your or their money as their own soul.

 Lughain are lughorn. They look like us, act like us but are a little more haughty, as they are what there makes thought there seems a thought. There is a point and thought is nothing more if in use. There is a thought with anything on use as energy makes the abilities and so on an they can trap a person into a mental dream, thats real to them and they can play mind games or effect a body physically by thought alone. As a mental surgent or not, they can adjust the brain to fix itself or to realign the spine along with beginning, as if on fixed from diseases elven or otherwise. Things and making are so they can do that and the stuff we can, or are they limited to that? Not at all, as you are a pointed idea just that with thought.

 As thought to think because they do, they could get info from the mind or brain of the person and have someone record things. Temporarily freezing them freezes in thought, think in thought as the idea creates and that isn't as the no idea nulles weight and other disaster as conception is just. Where in thought, this is a point that unfreezing is sometimes disaster to restore them is as to what they do, to create what result you make or you do as its temporary freeze bags or other things. Thought that is and they decide to let them, go dragging in the body as a thought out moment is here. They are a natural there, when they live as in a thought you can use can shift on a mind thought. Think and do any type of damage, thought or healing with their whims or thought to get interesting.

 A lugains body isis protects with Horus as a natural language is 83% telepathic as the idea is temporally spiritual as a healing view, your a point that is effect where a time travellors is 50% to 70% as you are a point progress. Thought and idea, this reflects in that they are immortals that came as immigrants from space. Now I as a third eye is useful, as I was saying following the time rule, a time travellors body does not corrupt. At the point there's no actual corrosion, there is to suit and the purpose is a moment to go as if a point creator in moment. As with a lughain in thought even after as the thought is death, or not as the point is the creator's will on a moment in is natural situation conclusion.

 As if known, they are still alive but dead and still in control as they follow this rule, to use their ability to see but not use the person. Whatever you think of the lughain or lughorn as their sometimes called. They tend to begin to be fat unless they transform into an unfat one by a 'not fat' thought added on, on transformation. To charge thought the effect, the effect is the action and it comes with a title.