How to become a human lithovore

  What does lithovore mean? It is the ability of eating rocks, soils, and metals. When one does this, said person will do it willingly and with great discipline. Willingness comes from survival and discipline to keep from throwing up. When all is said and done the tranformation will be complete. Be warned: you might find that there is possibility, of you you getting an urge, to eat nearly everything, in sight. By thought you do or nothing is done, this transformation is due to the ideal that makes with an energy in an idea not unlike what you can think into what is 'extisting' is exiting and stimulating the nervous system with rhythmic energy that in thought is as though what you think.

  With thought you can use things but drugs lose thier ability, as if to effect the stimulating body and you can get very relaxed. Their will is their way and as we are what can create a relaxation, you view and are intending as with thought of 'wat' as if they think you can create as their will is our energy. An with a thought is a concept that in use is our way to do or not as if you use what is and if not accept you get better with results.

  The process is thus: when needing to eat, Say to yourself, while focusing on the need to eat and the desire to survive, "I will transform into a human lithovore! I will now be able to eat rocks, soils and metals! Let this be now for survival!" Then swallow a small pebble whole while imagining the pebble as a piece of food. Use discipline to NOT throw up the pebble. The sacrifice of this pebble swallowing will force a magical transformation due to the need to eat, the desire to survive and the completeness of the words that were spoken.

  The qualities of rocks compared to food. Rocks contain alot of essential minerals, water, and vitamins without the fat of food. Different rocks contain different minerals. Lava rocks are the richest mineral source. Sanded down pebbles are poorest in minerals. Food has fat, vitamins and minerals. Uncooked food has no fat at all. Cooked food has more fat than minerals and vitamins. One person cannot gain weight from being a lithovore. One can gain from cooked food. Do not eat normal food after this ritual for 1 hour or the stomach will rebel. The body will swell about 1/3 of its own bulk. So, it is only understandable to use this human lithovore technique as a last ditch effort.