The lango
The modjuusys (modular spell system)

The languagge systemma

  For this language to work as denominational lango or "lango", Use anglais, english, or similiar with the a-z to replace the ending but not the root. Now to continue, the associations are to make it easier to work with the defined intents. For correct speiling and use, state it out loud and otherwise kiss(keep it simple stupid). So use the root of the english or english like word and proper nouns should be left alone.

-a = active, a- (negative), action, on, physical activity, verb, -er,
-e = extra meaning of, personal idea, extra, cut, energy, noun, -s, -es, -us, -eus, -ius, -ion.
-i = description, and, show, express, interest, include, adjective, -ly, -n. -in, -ian.
-o = otherwise, intent, object, to (action), adverb, -ed, -or.
-u = personal action noun, idea desire, you, understood, pronoun, -ic -ue
-y = enact, interaction, after effect, wild, to (interactive moment), action verb, -ing, -al,-en, -iem -ey.

Issa = being or be or is/are or was/were or exist, unna = un or not or notta or nothing or zilch, or zero, zieo or zyl. Say the vowel at end with flat versing like "addiggo" is add and go. Use double letter consonants as in gg of reggy with single vowel at the end of a word. The example is raggo for ragged. Pronounce the vowel at the end of the word even if normally silent.

  The "-", "'", "`" is specific as in minor concepts shown;
"-" = minus sign or negative or not or action intent or with or and or "." or -ing, Example: "adda-ladda" said with a short pause.
"'" = apostrophe or forward tick or additional or "*" or -es or -s and pronounced as ui(oo-ih). Ex: "makka'likka" (makka-oo-ig-likka) or (makka-ui-likka).
"`" = back tick or interaction or advent or separation or feel and action verb or -ed, pronounced as bti(b-tih). Ex: "makka`sensei" (makka-bittih-sensay).

  For how to pronounce the word try this chart like bayany (bai-any) or other strange words and in other words use what makes sense. Try to speil it out till it works and remember the data case exists eleminating the "of, or, the, a, an, and" in normal speech. pronounced the voels seaparated and the consonants together.

Ex: Go torrento makko issa apple turnoverre.
  Meant as: Go talk or chat to make exist an apple turnover.

Ex: Relatte makke scourge leavvo.
  Meaning: Relation makes scourges to leave.

Ex: Livvo lividie-lifestylle. Lovvy a solutro offo issa unna polutte, so issa politti issa preferro.
  Meaning: Live lividie(forever) with a lifestyle. Loving a solution of being not poluted, so being   polite is perferred.

Ex: Livve longa periodde onna situationne-makka gooddi relatte.
  Means: Live longer periods on situations and make good relation.

  The roots are of a latin root sound and from suffix statements to shape the phrase. Along with Pig Latin as its Mechanism to form its function. Pig latin is written work words with "ay" as seen and as above I took it as a example.

Pig latin

  Here is the entire course for PIG LATIN 101....PIG is DROP first letter now you have IG, now put the letter you dropped at the end and add AY so you have IGGYpay...IGPAY is the correct pronuncation but IGGY-PAY is regional dialect.


  Off this language and others, I built a powerful speil system called modjuusys. The words to know are the word root with root and root elements separate by `'' first and then the stem separate by a `'' as well, and pronounce as english. The energy for this is raw chaos. Gotten from examples by earthsea. This uses psionic ability or raw energy as the source. If a psionic ability then it won't unless a visualization is used. Thus no psionic ability equals no effect or not seen. To get an effect use the words strung together as in pei'mei'unelkeg for rage or destroy not actively and quick. Created by Skyhawk copyright 2004 and copyright Earthsea 2004. Due note, albeit this laguage is powerful, don't forget to wait as some spells take instancy to 3 minutes. Do not try to use this against the author (spellhawk) or (samantha) as it will backlash even if you to say it, effect, to not let it backlash in any language. Its located here, in the modjuusys doc.