Chi mastery

  With the mastery of dog or other animal to human as any lifeforce you gain ability to work and manipulate everything as you want with a little bit of effort. Its efficient enough to work a form into another form or a solution from a problem by controlling reality. This is a self done technique to improve the mind and body without much excercise. Chi is the female life force alongside Han as the male lifeforce as yang/ying. With this lifeforce is an advanced focus technique to make an easy usage by manipulation. As you atttempt this, relax and feel the energy of yourself to form inside as lifeforce and coax it to being felt by memory, want, negative or happy feeling. When its pooled inside is gene pool, think the right genetics to cause the correct genes if you think to create another shape from the person. So use it as desired through a focus method. This is meditate to create as you think to create what you focus energy, as a wish to create the form or shape by feel to shape yourself then is think a shape then feel chi energy work the changes to create the shape. The moon in any shape can help cause this effect so think energy to shape itself then energy shapes things. You that want to shape yourself are considered energy right? Correct whatever is the answer if you can shape yourself then work your body or work with things you still shape yourself. So we can choose to shape yourself better that is from worse or whenever you have a shape to shape by the feel.

  This uses Kungfu or human effort to gain ability where wushu is martial arts. Kungfu is in anything, ae the theory of thinking in which the person goes over all the facts till they gain an opinion. To begin focus in yourself, and awaken an inner awareness by meditation with a mantra of "kum-jala" and think on "bring awareness". Try for ten minutes till you feel awake, after this feel your lifeforce and think on the what you want to achieve and start to move or have an idea. The lifeforce will effect your trial of movement with how you want when you think of it. So when you work, you do ten to fifty percent better or more production with a standing meditation. That is focus your mind and work at something while holding your lifeforce . This can replace food and sleep need as you focus on it.

  Next, that kungfu is easy compared to thinking on what you know and expanding on it with the lifeforce being focused. This will expand your knowledge with very little tries. The way to enhance is use the lifeforce and the weapon or item at the same time with focus through the item as its used called, "Aura of glory", and its considered awe inspiring. The "force focus" is to hold out your hand and feel the focused lifeforce to push forth with added emotion and with this there might be a push away effect except for the strong willed.

  The ability to channel lifeforce into a force ball and toss it forth could be useful after you get away from the person or to assasinate someone. Feel the force of your body to allow life to gather and push out the hand or fingers to send a part, of the energy toward the victim or air and cause any effect by stating the words, or feeling it when the victim is affected. As for air being the target it can be used for the causing of air effects as barriers, portals or other things you need to know about.

  In cases of problems, as in angry, or unconvinced crowds. To convince the crowd try, to focus lifeforce with feelings of hardness or conviction and project forward, sometimes speaking out. To keep yourself young, focus the lifeforce, to remake the body young, in a standing meditation or standing trance mantra of "yeut" (yee-lute), as long, as you want and you may use normal meditation ae pretzel stance, as well. This page describes aura and meanings with others for the purpose of aura manipulation.


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