The perfect jade prison

  The perfect jade prison is the prison of dreams within jade or quartz, plus its a cavern that is carved from rock walls within a volcano with the rock wall filled with jade. The gemstone is empowered by the heat, there is so much of the precious stone it grants visions of glory if the right type by influential vibrations. Now in this prison people sleep in a room that does give dreams of fortune only after they earn it by whatever they do. The rock people rule this area.

  The jade, instructed by thinking to it quartz or emerald makes the person have dreams of absolute prosperity training, said person seems to know a better way than to steal, thieve, or murder by reflection of their desires in prophetic dreams. They become wealthy because of the dreams in mind and what makes the desire to do these evil things is the lack of those things which they need in life driving them to gain by illegal means.

  Your means is used to read the moment that you ask something in dreams, so you will easily get a manifest or think to appear. This is as if a hollogramic projection by thought with sight and feel by what, this is "as" where you think you are then you know to ask as you were or are some area where you are. As you are aware now is their idea, think as the energy is gone from the trouble leaving calmness.

  What happens, in it, is that they think, and understand, also during sleep is when they recieve the vision that they cannot deny but must either wake up or endure thus they give in to the dreams as prophecy, The dreams come every night so they must sleep sometime and if they deny the dreams they go stir crazy but they end up asleep anyway. This is only after the person changes because of the dreams and they are ready for it that these dreams turn prophetic plus only when said person feels ready will the person find themselves returned home by the souls willingness where they think they return.

  The secret is that the person starts dreaming 2 to 10 days into making themselves comfortable there so they earn respite and the dreams come as a soothing release to the nightmare of daily living plus even after release the person will have prophetic ability. This only works if you or they had a reason to be in it. What I think doesn't matter there, but what I do does matter so yes I can agree with this concept.

  This can look like anything, so if I think then focus by words or idea thought and you or I create. That is how you use this idea. So if your there then you might want know how to return yourself from the jade prison, this is useful to think your an object and sent to somewhere. That is all you need to do. This in and of itself is a unique idea.